WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Onward to the Battleground (July, 11th 2017)

While RAW were delivering the fallout to their most recent Pay Per View, the Blue Brand of Smackdown have their own coming in just over a weeks time. The Suitably titled Battleground (in no need of attention drawing names like the RAW brand) has yet to have a women’s match for all to view, but that and more will be arranged in this very episode. Lets get right to it…

Shane is in the back on the phone to Daniel Bryan, but soon ending it when in the presence of a visitor, the Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi. Naomi has much to wonder over who she will next defend the Smackdown Women’s Title against, hopefully not against Lana for a fourth go in her case. Charlotte steps in and shares these same views, while her off screen BFF Becky Lynch steps in with the hope that Shane was going to utter the name of Becky Lynch as the next challenger. This prompts Natalya, Tamina and Lana’s arrival, as Natalya insists Lynch is very much wrong with her speculation. Shane reveals he called all women to the office to discuss what lies in wait for the Women’s Division at the Battleground Pay Per View, announcing that the next challenger for Naomi will be decided in a five way elimination match featuring Natalya, Tamina, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Lana. Charlotte is again dumbfounded to find that Lana has wormed her way into competition, but Tamina steps in for her new ally, warning the former RAW Women’s Champion to shut her mouth. Natalya wonders also why Charlotte is complaining when continually declaring herself as (Genetically) Superior, accusing her additionally of getting opportunities handed due to her last name. Lynch is quick to also defend Charlotte while firing the same accusation at Natalya due to her relations to the Harts. Shane recognizes this tension to soon be broken down in the ring, pitting Becky and Charlotte tonight against both Natalya and Tamina. The future contenders dismiss themselves and Carmella briefly drops by, documents with her that intend to end Ellsworth’s supposedly unjust suspension. Instead Miss MITB is left fuming when Shane not only doesn’t overhear her claims but tears up the paperwork right in front of her. Nice Try Mella’.

Moving forward now to the in ring competition and out come Becky Lynch then Charlotte. Natalya and Tamina enter separately also. No Sign (right now) of Lana to cause trouble. After a little Charlynch moment, the two’s newest tea sipping moment, Charlotte retreats to the apron and Becky is the decided opener on the babyface side against Tamina. The Two lock up and a vicious Tamina takes over early with various shots to Becky, only delivering more as Charlotte looks on. Tamina whips Becky back first into a corner, going for a splash that is diverted by a countering big boot from Becky. Becky tries to spring into comeback mode with a dropkick, additionally connecting with a kick to Tamina’s face. Leg and elbow drops follow from Becky before the BFF tags in and steps into the match, Charlotte. Charlotte and Becky trade their next Charlynch Tea Sip following one single patented knee drop to Tamina from Charlotte, then following that is Charlotte’s first pin attempt of the match, one Tamina kicks out of at a count of one.

Charlotte applies a front facelock, having a follow up whip reversed by Tamina though Charlotte makes a landing on the ropes, utilizing them to float over and avoid Tamina’s oncoming corner splash. Charlotte tries to force Tamina away from the ropes but eats an elbow, but not just that as Charlotte is also headbutted into the heel corner. Tamina tags Natalya, hooking Charlotte to take a single blow from Natalya afterward before her retreat. Natalya sends the back of Charlotte’s head into the canvas, stepping over the generational rivals body to taunt Becky face to face. While Natalya is busy mocking Becky, Charlotte kips up and after avoiding a forearm from Natalya, the traditional flair chop is utilized. Becky tags in, connecting with an axe handle to Natalya’s arm, a leg lariat and back kick quickly following. Becky floors Natalya with an exploder, trying also to dropkick her and Tamina on the outside as Tamina comes to check up on the tag partner. Both avoid this, and the heels take momentum as Natalya launches the lone Becky on the outside into the steel steps.

When we return, Natalya is very much taking advantage of the earlier assault, trying to wear out a Pained Becky in the middle of the ring with a headlock applied. Becky tries to create separation with an arm drag, also trying to desperately dive to her partner though caught in the arms of Natalya before she can reach over. Natalya rams Becky back first into the heel corner, tagging Tamina in for a brief double team, in the form of multiple kicks. Tamina then snapmares Becky from the corner and reverts to her own headlock and eventually a chinlock. As Tamina holds Becky and the momentum, out comes Lana for a closer look, or to cause trouble of course. As the Ravishing Russian looks on, stern face also locked on, Becky escapes the grip of Tamina and connects with a knee to the powerhouse. Its only a fairly brief comeback for the Lasskicker as shes sent down by Tamina’s fiery clothesline. Tamina knocks Charlotte from the apron, proceeding to isolate Becky further in the heels corner by also utilizing Nattie to help her attack Becky in that corner while a shouting Charlotte is restrained by the referee. Natalya tags back in, taunting before trying to splash Becky in the corner, diverted by a boot. Becky fends Tamina off also with a forearm, crawling under Natalya to make the desperate move to Charlotte, again blasted by Natalya as shes just inches away. Becky manages to muster the energy to break out of a sharpshooter attempt and at last she makes the needed tag to Charlotte.

Charlotte comes blazing in as she knocks down Natalya, also forearming Tamina off the apron. She returns to Natalya, firing her signature chops at the Queen of Harts, whipping her to a corner after and firing another chop as she makes her way back. Charlotte boots Natalya in the jaw, securing a knee drop after then using her partners exploder suplex on Natalya, just as Lana climbs to the apron. Charlotte tries to lunge at Lana, who retreats quickly before she can take a hit. With Charlotte turned away, shes blind to Tamina’s tag to Nattie, who reverts back to laying out on the apron right after to sell the earlier suplex from Charlotte. Charlotte turns back to Nattie, ready to lock the figure four when Tamina, the legal competitor, kicks her. Tamina’s signature move gives her the surprise three count, pinning Charlotte. Natalya and Tamina win the match.

From that shock moment to a more brutal one in the back. Maria Kanellis, who was searching for Sami Zayn for an apology earlier in the night, ends up in an encounter with him alongside her husband. Despite recent buttered up comments, Zayn eventually reveals hes against Maria and Mike’s ideals, far from pleasing the loved up couple. In turn, Maria can only reveal that with love comes hurt, as Mike smashes glass over the head of the former NXT Champion.

(Naomi, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Lana, Tamina, Natalya, Shane McMahon and Carmella Backstage Segment)

(Tamina and Natalya w/ Lana vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch)

(Sami Zayn, Maria and Mike Kanellis Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Really enjoyed this match, not only because of the enjoyable Charlotte/Becky moments, as you can tell the two are having fun with their work together at the moment, but because of the booking of the match’s outcome. Its been overdone in regards to Tamina guarding the back of others but this time shes getting the outside help courtesy of Lana, who has proven over her many years that she flourishes as a manager while her ring work is still steadying its way up. To See Tamina not only get development through teasing an alliance with Lana last week but to pin a top Smackdown prospect has come across as a shock this week and gives me hope that she is being built as the top threat. Shes really gotten to showcase herself in the recent ladder matches and is going on forward here, so with Lana and Charlotte’s own tensions rising, i expect Lana to face quick elimination at Battleground before possibly costing Charlotte the match in aid of Tamina. However with Summerslam providing big fight feels and money matches, a safe bet would be for Charlotte to run through everyone again and end Naomi’s currently record setting reign, though right now im on board with it being stalled for a personal Tamina vs Naomi feud.

– Catherine


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