GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: One Will Soon Bow Out (July, 13th 2017)

Welcome all to the GFW IMPACT Wrestling report, two weeks clear of Slammiversary may i add. So last week didn’t give the Huge Gail Kim announcement like i thought it may so apologies for the inaccuracy, but anyway this week its all set. The IMPACT Hall of Famer hasn’t been seen in a ring for a fair while and has promised for the announcement to be “a long time coming”. Is it complete misery awaiting or good news on her in ring future? Well…

Gail Kim, shown earlier walking backstage with a somewhat promising look on her face, is introduced by Jeremy Borash and the 6x Knockouts Champion heads out to the ring to make her awaited announcement. The former Knockouts Champion is welcomed kindly by the IMPACT Zone, thanking them and JB. Gail makes everyone aware she had to take hiatus last year and over much of this year due to injury, so she was graciously offered the chance to speak tonight. She cant speak enough over how shes got the chance to perform for millions across the globe, giving her soul, body and mind non-regrettably to perform. With that in mind, Gail has made her decision to retire at the end of 2017 as an in ring competitor.

She thanks the girls shes worked with over the years, the friendships shes forged. She thanks IMPACT for allowing her the chance to be her, also giving thanks to the fans for allowing her to attain her position in the business. Before she goes out, she intends to still compete and go out on top, with nowhere other than IMPACT Wrestling to go out on top at. This concludes Gail’s announcement, as the multi time Knockouts Champion leaves the ring.

Moving forward, and with news that Grado’s citizenship is expiring, the Scot is needing to marry a lovely lady in order to remain in the US. He attempts to butter up Ava, Amber Nova, McKenzie, Rebel, Sienna, Allie and Rosemary, but none take this, with Braxton even walking in on Grado’s one chance to invite Allie out.

One Knockout he hasn’t had chance to chat up is the still unstable Laurel Van Ness, who will be in competition against Ava Storie. Ava is already in the ring while Laurel gets a full entrance, all by herself with no Kongo Kong or Sienna in sight. Once in the ring, Laurel tries to lunge at Ava early, ending up being rolled up by Ava, who gets a near fall on the still heartbroken former bride. Ava quickly takes her back down for the second pin attempt, ending with another near fall result. Ava wraps Laurel in a body scissor, also turning her over with the hold still intact, getting a one count this time as Laurel gets herself just about upright. Ava channels her inner Liv Morgan with the continual roll ups across the ring, one getting a one count and the last a near fall. This leaves Laurel dizzy and she eventually tumbles to the mat, left for Ava to again try and pin. Ava gets another near fall as Laurel suddenly seems to realize where she is and forces herself into focus.

Ava delivers plenty forearms to Laurel before having an irish whip reversed, with Ava sent back first into a corner. Laurel charges forwards towards Ava, blocking the fellow Knockouts attempt to use her boots to block, yanking her away from the corner and onto the floor back first. Laurel goes for a cover following this, getting another near fall that she clearly doesn’t come across happy over. Laurel uses the opposite corner turnbuckles to her advantage, sending Ava into them. She applies a stretch temporarily, placing her foot against the back of Ava also to use it to drive Ava face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Laurel chokes Ava after against the second rope, and after a few kicks, she attempts the curbstomp though Ava moves to avoid it. Ava blocks another kick from Laurel and connects with a neckbreaker, creating also some separation between the two. Ava charges towards Laurel, blocking her attempted kick and sweeping her to the mat. Laurel rolls away to the outside, attempting to retreat but Ava is quick to follow behind and forces her back in the ring.

Laurel is first back in the ring, Ava following behind slowly. Laurel knees her as she tries getting back in the ring, and a second knee follows before Laurel connects with a hangmans DDT. Laurel doesn’t go for the pin yet, having a little saunter around the ring before bringing herself to the middle to ready and connect with the curbstomp. Laurel wins the match.

Laurels time in the ring isn’t done yet, as Grado, joined by Joseph Park, heads toward the ring with another Knockout target to butter up. Laurel finds the arrival of the pair, Grado specifically odd, and once in the ring, Grados attempt to invite Laurel on a date begins. Grado wonders if Laurel would be interested in a date, but before she can answer, even to Netflix and Chill (WHYYY?) out comes Kongo Kong, forcing the two lads into retreat.

(Gail Kim Segment)

(Grado, Joseph Park, Ava Storie, Amber Nova, Sienna, Allie, Braxton Sutter, Rebel, McKenzie Mitchell and Rosemary Segment)

(Laurel Van Ness vs Ava Storie feat Grado, Joseph Park and Kongo Kong 17.44 – 26.52)

Thoughts On:
Gail Kim’s Announcement: For years, IMPACT have made many attempts to focus the Knockouts Division around Gail, even when not crucial, but regardless of how she has been booked over others for a time, the news was incoming at some point and as a longtime fan of Gail, knowing how fast months can go, its best to enjoy Gail’s ring work while one can still see it. Its evident here that Gail is going to go out as Unified Champion then either lose it on the night of her last match via some shenanigans (maybe the introduction of a first women’s feast or fired match or the women having a ladder match for a contendership contract that is later capitalized on?) or vacate the titles to allow exposure for the rest of the Knockouts. I Truly Hope since IMPACT don’t seem to be returning to England anytime soon that some indy company over here snags her at some point so i can see her compete before she goes away for good. For her contributions in the evolution of women’s wrestling, Gail can be thanked for it, helping to put the Knockouts Division on notice to fans outside of WWE to also create another suggested platform for fans of women’s wrestling, even when the Knockouts Division has had its sour moments. We can thank WWE for giving Gail her platform to become and evolve as a wrestler and TNA/GFW for allowing her to continue on as a wrestler and perform with no shackles attached, to her full ability like they allowed with Taryn early on. To Gail, Thank You.

Laurel/Ava: A Little longer than some of the Knockouts Matches on regular programming recently, and its nice to see Ava back and being used, even if its still enhancement for now. What both intrigues me or confuses me is the new storyline for Laurel. Shes clearly at her lonesome without the need of Sienna now from the looks of things and Kong is her equally unstable support, so what happens to these two with Grado back in the picture trying to turn Laurels life around? Does she break away from the current persona or will Kong be the reason she remains the way she is and Grado takes the full on punishment for his pursuit, while Abyss makes another return as Kong’s biggest IMPACT opponent to date. Does Allies possible involvement in the storyline lead to Braxton either having to support Laurel due to sympathy for her broken state or does he turn heel if Allie chooses to support Grado and Laurel either due to Allie sympathizing with her despite what shes done or because he may think Grado and Allie have a secret romantic affiliation? I’m not sure myself but personally i feel Braxton and Allie will be getting involved and i sincerely hope IMPACT aren’t making a stupid decision if they even think of splitting Allie and Braxton up.

– Catherine


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