LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Former Gift of the Gods Champion Turns the Tables (July, 12th 2017)

Another week in the temple, here we go. Catherine here, and its time to review this weeks action on Lucha Underground, featuring one of my all time fave Luchadoras of the promotion Taya up against a very vicious Jeremiah Crane. Will Taya go on to be the furthest woman advanced in the Cueto Cup or will Crane be a step closer to crushing his ongoing rival, Mil Muertes? Lets find out shall we?

The show opens with the band performance then its right to the ring. Melissa takes it away (as to quote Matt Striker) and announces the first match, Crane vs Taya. Crane is already awaiting action in the ring while Taya, who got to comment earlier this week on the built match up, gets a full entrance, and without any Worldwide Underground accompaniment. When the bell rings, Crane is all set to attack, charging angrily towards Taya but she motions at him to stop in his tracks. Flirtatious actions turn to trickery as Taya slaps Jeremiah across the face. This provokes Jeremiah, who responds with a boot to the face. He isn’t done there as he dives through the ropes onto a groggy Taya, then setting her up atop a chair to take a running senton that completes his ringside lap. Jeremiah readies a powerbomb but Taya hangs to the upper guardrails, managing to separate herself from Crane before diving off the rails herself onto him on the ringside floor.

The action returns to the ring as Taya snaps and beats down on Jeremiah with plenty fists. Taya tries to strike him in a corner but Jeremiah dodges in time, throwing a high knee right at the side of Taya’s head. Another kick delivers pain to Taya but she gets herself up and hammers Jeremiah in an opposite corner with a running elbow, double knees following up. Taya yanks Jeremiah away from the corner for the first pinfall, but Jeremiah kicks out at two, resulting in a near fall. Taya’s cockiness kicks in, like shes urging more competition from Jeremiah, proceeding to kick him in the face. He remains upright despite the more kicks given, and as he tries to clench at Taya, many slaps come his way. Jeremiah uses the same offense against her, knocking her to the mat. Despite the hard blow, Taya breaks out of Jeremiah’s follow up pin at two, resulting in another near fall.

Taya regroups in a corner, mustering enough energy to boot Jeremiah to block an oncoming corner assault. Crane blocks the second one from Taya, forearming her against the corner, bringing her onto his shoulder after only for Taya to reverse into a hurricanrana. Taya goes to cover Jeremiah and gets another near fall. With Crane down, Taya rises to the ropes, also gathering the energy of the crowd but before she can do anything aerial, making her own place in the crowd is Sexy Star, mouthing at Taya. Star only looks on as Taya gets attacked from behind not once but twice, watching further as Taya is buckle bombed into an opposite corner. Taya reverses a possible powerbomb attempt and bridges into yet another pin, resulting once more in a near fall. Taya takes the botox injection followed by the finishing piledriver from Jeremiah and eventually takes the fall. Jeremiah wins the match.

Taya is barely up after her hard fought effort, stalked in the ring by Sexy Star, who has snuck along with her some brass knucks, the same Taya tried to frame her with not too long ago. Star takes Taya out completely using the brass knuckles then leaves the ring having done her work.

Also joining the vicious Jeremiah in the Cueto Cup is Mil Muertes, again asserting dominance as he (with Catrina at his side) overcame Paul London to advance in Cueto’s specialized tourney.

Moving from that, Beautiful Brenda is back on the screens this week, hanging out with Texano as she gets to work on trying to bring him onto her and Famous B’s side. Meanwhile a hard fought main event again focusing on the Cueto Cup concluded with Fenix taking the victory over Marty the Moth, though Moth would attack Fenix after the match while Mariposa tried to hold off hinted love interest Melissa Santos. The brother/sister pairing would then release Santos after Marty concluded his assault on Fenix.

(Taya vs Jeremiah Crane feat Sexy Star 02.16 – 11.39)

(Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs Paul London 13.28 – 02.21)

(Beautiful Brenda, Texano and Famous B Segment 02.39 – 04.28)

(Fenix vs Marty the Moth feat Mariposa and Melissa Santos 05.11 – 21.27)

Thoughts On:
Taya/Jeremiah: A Really hard hitting match with props to both. Taya’s selling of Jeremiah’s moves made him look absolutely brutal, overpowering her at any chance while Taya also came across at times as fearless by taking whatever given then fighting back despite knowledge of his instability. As for Sexy Star, well its logical for her to get revenge for the finish in her Cueto Cup Tournament match, but it seems to be a more darker Sexy Star as of this week. First she KO’s a ref, presumed due to frustration over the finish, then she stalks the rival after an outing as a hard fought athlete and KO’s her with no remorse given and much more antagonistic body language. I Cant tell if shes just a vengeful babyface delivering the Karma to Taya over her intervention before, or going down the heel route, which she has been with alongside Taya before as partners. Either way, while i didn’t see Taya ever being babyface in LU and while i feel Taya will remain heel for the rest of her LU Tenure, shes massively over with the crowd and a babyface turn wouldn’t hurt.

Fenix/Marty/Mariposa/Melissa: So i guess Mariposa and Marty are suddenly back as a unit and that whatever feud they had was short term? Either way it must have been due to the ongoing angle and Melissa’s presumed in ring debut (as she has actually worked in a ring before) and im all for seeing that since LU needs more female in ring competitors and it leaves Fenix with a way to even the playing field. I Have a feeling Mariposa will turn and continue her feud with Marty after a possible loss due to Marty “weakening” due to his Santos obsession but lets see where this goes.

– Catherine


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