WWE NXT RESULTS: Large Challenge Number One as the Queen of Rings Looks to Put Out Ember’s Flame (July, 26th 2017)

Welcome all to an all new NXT report, and while this weeks action is pretty brief, it features a rare appearance from a favorite former Knockout this week. Ember Moon, the woman believing she is destined to meet Asuka one more time over the championship Asuka cost her her first chance at, has been on a roll by defeating two top women in Peyton Royce and Ruby Riot on her way to contendership. But the road isnt over yet and in her way of ascension is a more imposing opponent height wise, in the Queen of Rings Lei’D Tapa!

Ember heads to the ring for the shows opening contest, but rather than have Tapa already awaiting her in the ring, Tapa has her own entrance, slowly staring down Ember with absolutely no fear as she makes her way into the WWE ring for the first time. She shows no fear additionally when she clobbers Ember with a hard lariat, sending her crashing to the mat to open the singles match. Tapa uses her power further from there, tossing her with ease to the other side of the ring and stomping her down in the corner on that side of the ring. She shows clear disgust over the fans adulation of Ember, delivering a big headbutt to their hero. Tapa then demands Ember up, charging at her just as she gets upright in the opposite corner but soon being booted by Ember. Ember teases a tornado DDT with Tapa hooked in her grip, but turns it into a vertical suplex, also seemingly easily lifting the more taller Tapa to do so. Ember then delivers a running dropkick to completely send Tapa off her feet and to the mat, and though Tapa gets up, shes met with kicks from Ember, and a hard right hand meets the jaw, sending Tapa back down. Ember then nails the eclipse once Tapa is upright, scoring the three count. Ember wins the match.

As officials check on Tapa, Ember has a mic in hand and makes it clear she wants Asuka at Brooklyn. Asuka has gone on about wanting competition, and her competition stands right in the ring, wishing to give her all she desires. Ember adds that shes been on this journey before, but she isn’t afraid to do it again, not even afraid to clash with the undefeated Empress, who she is ready for. However she just has one question for Asuka, whether she is ready to face her.

Meanwhile the saga between Sanity and the Authors of Pain, the most unlikely of enemies continues. The Authors of Pain seem to have a match awaiting, but their opponents awaiting are ambushed instead by Sanitys Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe while Nikki taunts the champions and Paul Ellering on the ramp. With the easy opponents cleared off, the tougher await in the ring and the Authors show no fear in stepping in the ring with them, with a brawl ensuing. The Authors end up getting the upper hand, but Killian just wants to continue the fight, which will await for another day clearly.

To (again) other business, Andrade’s recent lady friend, Zelina Vega (i thought it was Zolita?) meets up with No Way Jose outside Full Sail. She admires how Jose tried to handle his business last week, doing what he thought was right, but in turn he has intervened in her and Andrade’s business, lighting a fire in Andrade that he cannot dance around.

And lastly, Afterbuzz Alumni Christy St Cloud interviews William Regal in his office. The NXT GM confidently announces to the WWE Universe that Ember Moon has been granted her one on one rematch with Asuka at NXT Takeover Brooklyn for the NXT Women’s Championship.

(Ember Moon vs Lei’D Tapa)

Thoughts On This Match:
First of all, as a fan of Tapa, its great to see her in a WWE ring, giving her a chance to show her in ring abilities since being a clear alternate not used in the Mae Young Classic. What stands out from Embers recent opponents and overall enhancement opponents is Tapa’s size and powerhouse status, creating an all new challenge for Ember. That allowed for Ember to utilize different offense, in reference to the tornado DDT into the vertical suplex, also showing herself as more of a threat to Asuka just by lifting a defined powerhouse and knocking her off her feet with ease. The Promo was more intense than past promos and while Ember may not be the best on the mic, she really showed her desperation to face Asuka through that promo. It could have done with Ember using the anger displayed in that and in the match being used on Asuka by Asuka appearing and trying to snub a fight only to get one, but i guess that intensity is being left for Brooklyn itself. But if Takeover is ending the women’s title match how i think its ending, then i hope WWE sign Tapa for a future rematch with Ember though unlikely not just because of the influx of women coming in but because of Tapa’s MMA Commitments.

– Catherine


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