LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Temptations of the Dragon (July, 26th 2017)

Welcome all to a new but rather brief but new anyways report on this weeks Lucha Underground episode. So none of the three Luchadoras featured this week were in action, but there were developments nonetheless. Lets see what exactly went down shall we?

The First Luchadora appearing on screen is Kobra Moon, leading Drago into battle. To remind all, Kobra managed to manipulate Drago into turning on his comrades Aerostar and Fenix, costing them the Trios Championship now belonging to Kobras intimidating reptilian tribe. Drago battled the popular Pentagon Dark, with Pentagon eventually obtaining victory. Pentagon even showed “Cero Miedo” by superkicking Kobra Moon just as she looked to check up on her fallen ally. Even Aerostar, throwing himself into the fray to try and save Drago in another possible attempt to turn him back to their side, would suffer at the hands of Pentagon and his damaging arm breaker afterwards.

After leaving the chaos behind, Pentagon heads around the backstage area to be confronted by Catrina, who reminds Pentagon of the past rivalry he had with Mil Muertes, something neither beings have forgotten. Catrina questions furthermore how lucky Pentagon will be if he advances in the Cueto Cup, but if so Mil awaits, looking to end not just his chances at taking the Cueto Cup, but to end Pentagon entirely. With her short message sent, Catrina disappears back into the dark and Pentagons issues with them will be furthered at another time.

The main event sees the well respected Rey Mysterio battle Worldwide Underground member PJ Black. Chaos ensues sometime into the main event, featuring interference’s from Jack Evans and the Worldwide Underground leader and current champion Johnny Mundo, as well as El Dragon Azteca. Aztecas attempt to clear off the stable doesnt last long as even Taya throws herself into the chaos, launching Azteca into a ringside guardrail. The remainder try to capitalize off the momentum found and bring PJs body over Reys for a sure pin, but to no avail to their dismay as Rey shows his fighting courage, kicking out of everything given to him at two. This leaves the Worldwide Underground stunned, stunned even further as to watch PJs momentum suddenly switch to Rey, who eventually picks up the main event victory.

(Drago w/ Kobra Moon vs Pentagon Dark feat Aerostar 14.27 – 26.30)

(Pentagon Dark and Catrina Segment 27.03 – 28.18)

(Rey Mysterio vs PJ Black feat Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, El Dragon Azteca and Taya 28.19 – 44.23)

Thoughts On:
Kobra/Drago/Pentagon: Ok so i aren’t surprised to see Pentagon win again in the temple, even though Drago, now under the reptilian tribes affiliation, could have done with some momentum to display his new found ruthlessness and to showcase what makes the tribe more of a threat with him a part of it, rather than just dominance lying wholly on Vibora. But props to Kobra for not really being a prop here and for taking the post match spot with Pentagon showing his zero fear by mixing up with talents of the opposite gender. Theres been not too much developments story wise with the Reptile tribe over the weeks so lets hope we have some on the way.

Pentagon/Catrina: Another filler feud for Mil and Catrina before Ivelisse eventually returns to the temple to renew her angle with Catrina. At least this gives Catrina and Mil something to do as well as not only guaranteeing one hell of a match with Pentagon and Mil but it doesn’t effect Catrina’s oncoming angle either. Will Jeremiah or even Ivelisse herself play into this? Well i haven’t seen spoilers for the particular episode so who knows?

– Catherine


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