WWE RAW RESULTS: Contender Meets A Familiar Face On the Road to Summerslam (July, 31st 2017)

Welcome to the newest RAW report as the road to Summerslam narrows more. Speaking of Summerslam, Bayley is our certified contender to the RAW Women’s Championship held by Alexa Bliss, but could her road to possible redemption that she has wanted since Payback hit an unfortunate bump in the road courtesy of her opponent of the evening Nia Jax? Lets find out…

….Or not just yet. First we have an appearance from Maryse as she, The Miz and his Miztourage of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas stand by for a new edition of MizTV that features former American Alpha Member turned “Son” of Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan. JJ ends up flooring the heels after demanding they show no more disrespect towards the RAW GM and possibly in turn setting up a future bout between himself and the IC Champ..

Now we get to the RAW Women’s Title story developments, with some comments from the current champion Alexa Bliss before any physical action. Alexa first sarcastically congratulates Bayley on becoming her future challenger, but its all because she views her as the same Bayley she beat before. Alexa then addresses secondly the BFF of Bayley, Sasha Banks, stating she doesn’t wish to face Banks again, adding that any speculation of Bliss getting herself intentionally counted out in her first PPV meeting with Banks is false. Alexa finds it more laughable that Sasha had lost to Bayley, envisioning how infuriated Sasha would be watching Bayley on a TV getting the Summerslam match she thought she would have. With Sasha on a promotional tour, Alexa is aware that Bayley has no one at her side when she goes toe to toe with Nia Jax, and while the not so great friend in Sasha Banks is away, Alexa sees a massacre coming in Bayleys match.

Jumping next to the match and out first is a smiley Bayley, the noted Number One Contender to the RAW Women’s Championship. While she has a challenge coming in Alexa come Mid August at Summerslam, tonight she has a big challenge in Nia Jax, who enters right after the “Hugger”. Once both have stepped into the ring, the bell is rung and Bayley and Nia, once NXT Takeover London opponents, are face to face.

Bayley gets the first shot with a forearm to Nia. Nia tries to block Bayleys attempt to escape in any direction by pacing at each direction but Bayley goes directly at her with a kick, with Nia getting mad after the follow up knee strike meets her nose. Nia seizes Bayley by her hair and forces her onto the apron but Bayley is back in as quick, having Nia caught between the ropes, dealing a shot to the back of the bigger competitor. A Seething Nia turns to Bayley, clothesline ready but missing the target as Bayley ducks under, though Bayleys own retaliating offense is then blocked by Nia, who headbutts her to the mat. Bayley manages to get back up, throwing some forearms at Nia but struggling with an irish whip into the corner as Nia stays grounded, reversing the whip with ease to send Bayley to the opposite corner. Bayley uses her speed advantageously to climb the ropes easily, attempting to float over the follow up offense from Nia but being caught in her grip instead. Bayley reverses into a potential sleeper but as quick as it comes, its thrown off as Bayley is sent over Nia’s shoulder to the mat. Nia throws Bayley to the outside and Bayley is left clinging the right shoulder as we go to the commercial break.

We return to see Nia working through Bayley courtesy of a full nelson lock though Bayley manages to free the right arm, using the right elbow against Nia by attacking her with it. Nia sends Bayley towards the ropes, with Bayley running back and dodging an oncoming clothesline, though nearly caught in a slam set up that she luckily slips free from by sending Nia towards a corner. Bayley sends her back into the same corner with an elbow from behind, striking her in the corner more to try and wear her out. Nia manages to leave the corner and regroups to attempt to attack Bayley in the same corner, with Bayley escaping, going for a running back elbow but being caught by Nia. Nia channels her inner Beth Phoenix with a Glam Slam variation, and the impact leads to Bayley rolling to the floor, holding again the earlier shoulder. While Bayley is showing visible signs of being hurt, Nia is just fully mocking the opposition, tying her hair into a ponytail similar to Bayleys. Bayley musters the strength to slowly return to the ring, taking stomps instantly from Nia. Nia whips Bayley into a corner then crushes her against it, taking her back there with stronger force this time, with Bayleys hurt shoulder taking much of the impact. Nia turns to see Bayley trying to regroup on the outside, attempting to go after her but being kicked away by the opposition who tries to create a little separation. Bayley is forced to her feet by Nia but she fends her off again before avoiding being caught again by Nia by forcing herself under the ropes. However it doesnt work as Nia clasps her and brings her back upright, soon launching her to a corner, which the hurt shoulder meets first. Bayley escapes the corner and uses her legs this time to fight back against Nia, also using her left arm to throw elbows before shes sent back down courtesy of Nia’s sudden clothesline.

Bayley fires up again after summoning the strength to get back to her feet, sending down Nia with a running bulldog that follows Nia’s elbow drop attempt. Bayley dropkicks a crawling Nia towards the ropes, and a stunner and high knee does its job in sending Nia to the outside. Bayley soon joins Nia on the outside by diving onto her and briefly taking her out. Then out of nowhere comes Alexa, charging at Bayley and also being taken out by the babyface contender. A Raging Bayley beats down on Alexa, but she has her back turned from Nia, who takes it upon herself to launch Bayley into the barricade nearby. Nia looks to inflict even more damage after, rampaging towards Bayley and looking to send her crashing into the steel steps, but Bayley evades and Nia takes the brunt instead. With Nia on the floor, she is eventually counted out. Bayley wins the match via count-out, also sucker punching Bliss before she can try avenge Nia’s unexpected loss.

And while the bookers seemingly evaded letting Dana Brooke on the show as they did with Emma, development for Dana wasn’t entirely missed out on. The babyface female superstar was approached in an exclusive segment by Titus O Neil with seemingly a tease for Dana to join “Titus Worldwide”.

(The Miz, Maryse, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Jason Jordan Segment)

(Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment; Nia Jax vs Bayley feat Alexa Bliss)

(Dana Brooke and Titus O Neil on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Bayley/Nia: Okay so this match on the main roster is getting as overdone as Alexa vs Bayley but each meeting presents the underdog vs the powerhouse/David vs Goliath story that Nia and Bayley sell so well as opponents. It was also nice to see Nia have her own Glam Slam variation, a throwback to the time of WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, showing there’s only more to be shown in Nia’s arsenal. The Match also did its job in making Nia look dangerous and overwhelming at times, with luckily no pinfall finish but rather the count-out, keeping Nia out without fully taking her out or being defeated in an unbelievable fashion. The Alexa interference wasn’t surprising, but allowed Bayley her expected short moment of retaliation and retribution against her, channeling the animosity needed to keep this feud going and intriguing. My Only issue was the pre match segment from Alexa, because even though it was fantastic promo work, the whole line given to Alexa where she states there’s no one to back Bayley outside of Sasha Banks proves WWE just couldn’t be bothered to throw in Mickie James or Dana Brooke to play any part in this feud, and even if they aren’t meant to be, isn’t a “Women’s Revolution” meant to exploit all the talents on the individual rosters?

Dana Brooke/Titus: Ok so despite that last paragraph, maybe Dana is getting some build. What will she do in Titus’s stable if she so chooses to join it? I Dont know. Will Emma convince her that shes better than that and that they are inferior to either make Dana leave them thinking shes better or to infuriate Dana to retaliate against her? Will there be any follow up to this at all? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

– Catherine


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