WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: No Extinguishing The Momentum of Team Glow Fire (August, 1st 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown Report. Summerslam is on its way and rivals are bound to meet in the ring in some other way prior so this week feeds us a little tag team action as Smackdown Womens Champion Naomi joins the Inaugural Champion Becky Lynch to take on the Contender to the Championship Natalya and the First ever Miss Money in the Bank Carmella.

But before that it seems we are served a hint of the future for Sami Zayn. Zayn takes a shocking defeat in a match with Aiden English, and his former rivals of Mike and Maria Kanellis appear on the stage as he soaks in the loss, rubbing it in. Maria declares to the defeated Sami with Mike at her side that they love each other, but also love that Sami lost. Safe to say this rivalry is far from done.

Topic wise, we move to the women’s tag team match next, with Miss Money in the Bank Carmella and Championship Contender Natalya already awaiting in the ring as we get the separate televised entrances of Becky Lynch and the Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi. Opening for respective sides are Natalya and Becky, once tag team partners turned foes in the closure of last years Money in the Bank Pay Per View Women’s Tag Match. Natalya manages to quickly takedown Becky to open the match, with Becky quickly reversing into a headscissor. Natalya kips up, freeing herself from Becky and staring her down before further competition ensues. The Two lock up, and Natalya takes charge after overthrowing Becky’s reversal, catching her in an arm wringer. Becky uses various reversals to outsmart Natalya, though eventually forced to release when Natalya sticks herself between the ropes. Becky taunts Natalya, who demands for her to be backed up before trying to lunge at her, scoring a kick to the midsection. The Smack talk after doesn’t go a long way as Becky arm drags Natalya to the other side of the ring in response, adding a back kick to the arsenal once Natalya is back on her feet.

Natalya tries to whip Becky to a corner, reversing her own whip in turn, but Becky floats, avoiding Natalya’s corner assault. Becky executes a drop toe hold to bring Natalya to the mat, then applying a front facelock and leaving her rendered useless for a short time as she pulls her towards the babyface side, where Natalya’s future challenger and current champion Naomi awaits, making a successful tag into the match. Naomi flies over the top rope, rolling Natalya via a sunset flip. As Natalya gets to her feet and turns back to the opponent, Becky surprises her with a leg lariat, then leaving Naomi to do her bit of work. Indeed Naomi does work, as she executes a single leg drop to Natalya, getting the first near fall of the match. Naomi tries to coax Natalya into more competition, but the Queen of Harts demands a time out instead. She tries to step away from the fighting champion, placing herself between the ropes before Naomi can try anything, and as Natalya makes it clear she wishes not to battle Naomi, wishing to do exactly that is Carmella, as the Princess of Staten Island tags in.

Carmella goes for a clothesline after taunting Naomi, missing the target and taking hard knee strikes. Carmella blocks Naomi’s third strike attempt and slaps her across the face, which isn’t received well by Naomi, as she responds with a hard inziguiri. Naomi then gives Carmella a taste of her own medicine, sliding over to the Money in the Bank Briefcase holder and giving her a slap to take. Naomi goes for her possible GTS variation only to be pushed over to the ropes by Carmella, but on the way back Naomi utilizes her knee again, striking Carmella’s jaw. She then avoids Natalya’s attempted blindside and nails a forearm to the contender, but Carmella capitalizes on the blatant but failed assist to send Naomi back to the mat. Carmella drags Naomi by her hair to the heel side, tagging in Natalya. The two execute a double hair mare followed by both briefly targeting both of the champs legs before Natalya tries to capitalize on the unions teamwork with her follow up pin attempt, only getting a near fall however on Naomi than the desired result.

Natalya wraps Naomi in a side headlock as Carmella shouts some smack talk at the struggling champion, who only begins to gather potential momentum through some support via the WWE Universe. Naomi separates herself from Natalya with an arm drag, trying to make a huge leap to Becky but being caught by Natalya just as she remains inches from the inaugural champion. Naomi gets slammed to the mat by Natalya, who also cheapshots Becky, sending her crashing to the floor. Rather than go to pin, Natalya readies the sharpshooter, soon locking it in on Naomi. To her shock, Naomi channels her inner courage and inner fighting champion spirit to force herself to the ropes rather than give in right away. As Naomi embraces the ropes, she doesn’t notice a snappy Carmella tagging herself into the match. Carmella demands Natalya away then locks the code of silence on Naomi, just after she had to take the sharpshooter. It doesn’t work wonders for Carmella as so thought as Naomi reverses into the Slaymission while Becky also prevents Natalya’s interference. Carmella eventually taps. Naomi and Becky win the match.

It may only be a temporary celebration for Naomi however as Carmella looks for retribution over that loss, booked to face the champion in a non title match next week, notably also over the champion she has pinned twice.

While absent from Television, we did get an exclusive segment between Lana and Tamina. Lana tries much to apologize for letting Tamina as well as herself down with the loss to Becky and Charlotte last week, but looks to make up for such a defeat, having challenged Charlotte next week to singles competition. Tamina looks stunned, and also rather outraged.

(Sami Zayn vs Aiden English feat Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis)

(Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Carmella and Natalya)

(Tamina and Lana on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Naomi vs Carmella/Natalya: While it wasn’t anything memorable, i guess it makes sense to pit the champion and contender in some sort of match against each other that isn’t the singles match itself as a throwaway, giving a preview of Summerslam. Kudos to how they booked Naomi here with not tapping out instantly to the sharpshooter like most opponents, fighting as much as she can to reach the ropes, looking like a fighting champion that never backs down. The inziguiri and sliding slap to Carmella gave brief shades of Naomi’s heel run, though in sync offense to respond to Carmella’s own viciousness. Also noticeable that Becky briefly limped in this match and heres to hoping she isn’t hurt as working furthermore while hurt can only make things worse. It seems (ruling out next week with Carmella possibly winning) that the Money in the Bank defeat curse is hitting Carmella as it is with Baron. Ive said it before, ill say again. People will lose interest in the MITB holders if they keep losing, as it wont present them as any sort of legitimate threat, and even if built to be relevant post cash in, the fans may still have loss of interest by then. Please WWE. Dont put either of these two on a losing streak.

Tamina/Lana: Though i was confused as to why they weren’t a part of Television this week, i guess the main event length and how the post match shenanigans being aired after the show online says much about how Smackdown went over time wise this week. Nonetheless its good to see WWE still recognize the partnership of Lana and Tamina, and im sure the Tamina/Lana tension is still ongoing and heading towards eruption with Lana losing next week, unable again to prove herself. Ill be surprised if Tamina takes the babyface route, but im more than sure the losses for Lana is a sympathy builder towards a new babyface run.

– Catherine


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