WWE NXT RESULTS: Is Asuka Ready for Ember Moon? Is Anyone Ready for Sonya? (August, 2nd 2017)

Welcome all to a pretty action packed NXT about to be reviewed. We get plenty women’s appearances, whether it be to develop the ongoing feud regarding the NXT Women’s Championship or development for the outsiders looking to one day grasp gold. Asuka has an unexpected meeting with her NXT Takeover Brooklyn Opponent, a fully healed Ember Moon plus Sonya Deville looks to extend the new found win streak!

We first see a formally dressed title wielding Asuka making her way to the ring during the first half of the show. Once inside the squared circle, The Very confident record breaking NXT women’s champion very much knows that she will meet Ember Moon again, this time at NXT Takeover Brooklyn and is even more confident that she will beat her again. She declares that Ember isn’t ready for her, but it seems the future opponent disagrees, walking down to the ring to give her response.

Embers reactions once in the ring say enough, showing her disgust at Asukas disrespect as she reminds Asuka that she has been doing everything in her power to get back into the hunt since the dirty finish back at Takeover Orlando caused by Asuka cost her her singles chance at the championship. While shes heard Asuka say over that Ember isn’t ready to face her, she disagrees, declaring herself as already being ready for a showdown with Asuka and that the WWE Universe know the same thing. Furthermore Ember adds that under all her arrogance, there’s a belief deep down that Asuka herself isn’t ready for Ember. After a brief staredown, Asuka returns to smirking, extending her hand suddenly to the challenger after in a sure form of trickery confirmed as Asuka then pulls away her hand from the future opposition before delivering a hard slap to the face. The two go at it, and after some forearms allow Asuka to take charge, she tries to execute the same throw that had hurt Ember before. Turned away from Ember, Asuka doesn’t even notice that Embers utilized the ropes to prevent a potential crash and has headed to the turnbuckles, stunning Asuka suddenly with her finishing Eclipse Maneuver. Rather than pose with the title she looks to gain, Ember respectfully declines, wishing to hold it after a certified victory.

From one hard hitting showdown to another, we next see NXTs potential answer to Cris Cyborg in Sonya Deville, as Deville competes against a new (unsigned) face in Jenna Van Bemel, who has cooked up a social media storm with similar looks to a certain former RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte. Deville shows disrespect early on the opposer, avoiding locking up with her and instead taunting her to throw the first shot. Sonya even tries to coax Jenna into hitting her with arms tied behind her back, unable to defend herself from a potential hit from Jenna, only to evade that as well. After the slight joking around, Sonya evades another attempt at offense from Jenna, taking to the ropes and clotheslining Jenna in the center on the way back. Jenna surprises Sonya with an eye rake then as she tries to make it back to the ring, knees hit the chest courtesy of Sonya. Sonya drives a knee into Jenna again, this time in sliding form, sending her towards a corner. She attempts to continue offense in the corner but Jenna blocks with a forearm.

Jenna goes for a forearm, avoided by Sonya who gives her a shot to the midsection before having the follow up whip reversed. Jenna then crushes Sonya with a running splash in the corner, catching her amid Sonya’s next offense only for Sonya to roll her towards the other side of the ring and into her finishing submission, making Jenna tap not too much later. Sonya wins the match.

(Asuka and Ember Moon Segment)

(Jenna Van Bemel vs Sonya Deville)

(Sonya Deville Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Asuka/Ember Moon Segment: Kudos to WWE for allowing Ember and Asuka to meet via promos weeks before Brooklyn rather than the week prior or last minute like some championship feuds have worked out. This was also the strongest mic work seen so far by Ember, her ferocity and portrayed drive to be champion working well against the arrogance of the champion. Also while some can wonder why they let Asuka take the Eclipse before Brooklyn, its easy to say its Payback for never getting the chance at Takeover Orlando, and to create a preview of the Brooklyn Rematch as well as to show Asuka is not so strong when up against Embers finisher, which she sold excellently should i add. I’m really excited for this match as well as to see how the next era of the women’s division will go should Asuka drop and move forward to the main roster, though i can hope Peyton gets a match with Ember before she possibly heads for a promotion as well.

Sonya/Jenna: Jenna Van Bemel, first of all, looks fairly similar to Charlotte, mostly with the facial features and the hair, so i was taken aback and stunned when i first watched this match because of how she looks alike. Shes also a wrestler i haven’t heard of before unlike most that come into NXT as enhancement for the rising stars so it was a short but nice introduction anyway. Sonya also showed more personality in comparison to her last matches, and on first watch, i thought she was portraying the heel here but it seems either both were or Jenna was based on Jenna’s retaliating eye rake which came off heelish. I Wish we could have seen more offense from Jenna and i wasn’t a fan of the pacing, but i liked the finishing transition and couldn’t be anymore excited to see how far Sonya goes as WWEs possible answer to Cris Cyborg as Mauro so said.

– Catherine


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