GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: The Love Buster Kongo Kong (August, 3rd 2017)

Welcome to a new GFW IMPACT Wrestling report and its a similar story to this weeks Lucha Underground in terms of lack of women’s wrestling but rather story developments featuring them instead. Our Unified Knockouts Champion Sienna and former contender Rosemary are Missing from the TV Screens this week, but we get a follow up in the case of whether love is truly blossoming between Laurel Van Ness and Grado, while love may be dissipating for the loving couple of Braxton Sutter and Allie.

Its safe to say Grados Plans may not sprout for another week, as Kongo Kong is in a rage no thanks to Grados attempts to flatter his girl in the past few weeks. In backstage segments, Kong randomly targets and batters Standby Richard Justice and former IMPACT Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards while Laurel can do nothing about it. The viciousness of Kong’s attack backstage leaves Eddie sidelined from a singles bout with Eli Drake.

Grado, meanwhile, comes out victorious in a six man tag as he, Suicide and Braxton Sutter overthrow Fallah Bahh, KM and Mario Bokara. He calls Laurel to the ring afterward, with the flattered former bride being escorted by Joseph Park upon acceptance. Grado, once Laurels in the ring, tries like the past few weeks to propose to Laurel, with even Allie, who supported the boys from ringside during the earlier tag match, wishing for a yes answer, jumping about on the apron and trying to urge a happy outcome. A Non Understanding Braxton Sutter, however, yanks Allie away and takes her away from the scene, to the happiness of clearly no one. Out comes Kongo Kong after, actually being stood up to by Grado. The momentum doesn’t last long however, as Kong takes him out then proceeds to attempt the ending splash, though Laurel throws herself in between the chaos to simmer Kong’s rage, allowing for Park to pull Grado to safety. Is Laurel beginning to show concern for Grado or is she saving Kong’s rage for an actual in ring showdown?

We aren’t going to get that answer just yet, but answers are wanted backstage from Braxton. Braxton assures everyone that Grado is a good guy, but he believes he can take care of himself. Allie argues against it, believing Grado could have done with some help, but Braxton just rather believes that his decision got both out of danger.

(Laurel Van Ness, Kongo Kong and Eddie Edwards Backstage Segment)

(Grado, Braxton Sutter, Allie, Joseph Park, Laurel Van Ness and Kongo Kong Segment)

(Allie and Braxton on IMPACT #LastWord)

(Karen Jarrett and Bruce Prichard on IMPACT #InsideOut)

Thoughts On:
Laurel/Kong/Grado: This segment was a rinse and repeat of the past few weeks, with the exception where Grado tried to find his inner courage and actually went up (really briefly) against Kong only to be shown what the powerhouse is capable of, and this time Laurel intervened, a confusing development but a development nonetheless. Is Laurel actually going to revert to her old, not emotionally beaten up and wrecked self, this time with no heel ego but rather a babyface persona, truly in love with Grado, infatuated more by Grado fighting against Kong to show his love? Or is Laurel just messing with Grado only to make her feel more the hurt she felt because of Braxton through having Kong do the work? Does Laurel stay heel and feuds with Alisha over the newly spawned Eddie situation or was this only a way to write off Eddie due to another possible legitimate injury? Thats a question still yet to be answered.

Allie/Braxton: This is the development that worries me regarding the seeming change in Braxton Sutter. Yes hes been a babyface for a while, but his wedding segment earlier this year drew massively and there’s so much more they can do with him and Allie, plus as intriguing as these developments have been over the weeks I Personally don’t like how they are going about the possible heel turn of Braxton, having seen the possible reasoning and direction from that segment, as it would be more logical for him to turn because Allie is being kind, or maybe in his case weak, for supporting Laurel and wishing her and Grado happiness despite her strained past with Laurel, than just suddenly having a random hate for Grado. Plus if the duo split, where does this put Allie? If Gail and Sienna is the next Knockouts Title feud is she left off TV or in random feuds until the title is passed to its next owner after Gail inevitably wins it, or does she actually stay with Braxton, going heel and losing the crowd reaction she gained herself? I Just hope the creative team know what they are doing long term with both Allie and Braxton…

– Catherine


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