WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Retribution for the Defeated vs the Veteran (August, 4th 2017)

Welcome all to this past weeks main event report. I Had intended to write this up yesterday but the week has started off pretty busy, but here i am and ready to review a rematch coming out of a rare singles match ever to happen in WWE, as Emma and Mickie James battle in their second ever encounter in a WWE ring.

Entering first for the singles contest is former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James, then her opponent, being served a rematch against James, a woman also very much wanting a chance at stardom and elevation in the WWE, once contender to the NXT Women’s Title, Emma. When the bell is rung, the two women lock up and Mickie takes over fairly quickly, wrapping Emma in a side headlock and reverting to a takedown. Mickie eventually releases the headlock, all thanks to Emma’s headscissor reversal. Mickie kips up to break herself from Emma, and with that the pro Emma chants get started. Emma and Mickie engage in a second lock up moments later, this time with Emma taking the lead by targeting Mickie’s left arm. Mickie cartwheels out of a hammerlock and manages to arm drag Emma, going right into a cover after, the first of the match which results in a one count. Emma sweeps Mickie before she can even get properly to her feet, trying her own pin attempt which ends similarly. Mickie rolls Emma up following her escape, ending again in a one count.

After the continual attempts to outdo each other, Emma trades a smile with the veteran, offering to shake her hand. Mickie accepts it, but sees the heel trickery of Emma coming, avoiding an oncoming forearm. Mickie hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Mickie continues her attack on Emma in a corner, having an irish whip reversed afterward. Mickie hits the opposite corner chest first, and Emma sets her up in the tree of woe position, left defenseless to take Emma’s corner crossbody, or so thought as Mickie manages to force her body upwards to avoid. Clambering downward to the apron, Mickie nails a kick to Emma before sending her fully down to the floor with a diving clothesline. Emma is out on the floor, having taken the impact of Mickie’s clothesline as we go to a commercial break.

We return to see action has returned to the ring with Mickie unloading with offense to Emma. Mickie goes for her finishing DDT only for Emma to escape, drawing Mickie towards her after to eat a back elbow. Emma runs the ropes, going for the next offense to continue momentum, only to have it be derailed by a countering flapjack. As Emma recovers from her landing, Mickie scales up the turnbuckles all the way to the top, connecting moments later with her seated senton with Emma back on her feet. Mickie goes for the next pin attempt, getting a near fall. Mickie gets back to her feet, but before she can do much else to Emma, Emma trips her into the nearby second turnbuckle. Emma capitalizes on the head first landing to cover Mickie near the corner, getting the surprise three count. Emma wins the match.

(Mickie James vs Emma)

Thoughts On This Match:
Technical at times but i prefer their previous encounter. It had times of equal momentum, but the finish felt abrupt, but not as bad as one of the main event finishes that Summer took vs Brie. I Wouldn’t be surprised if this match happens again just to get their talents out there, but with Dana not included here, its clear that angle has been scrapped and that this just may be a brief angle outside of the flagship shows, a continuous battle for supremacy. Either way, its great to see Emma take a win, just a shame they cant let that happen on RAW.

– Catherine


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