Cattie’s Catch Up: Asuka vs Emma at NXT Takeover London (December, 16th 2015)

Welcome all to a #GiveEmmaAChance Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. Social Media has provided outcry from far and wide from fans of a certain talented Aussie Women’s Wrestler, Emma after recent treatment from the WWE has seen her seemingly punished for wishing to be as equally used as her fellow wrestlers, also taking some questionable losses as of late. Theres no doubt Emma is insanely talented, if not on par with some of the best on the individual rosters, and NXT was not only the platform for her introduction and growth as it was for Bayley, but to grow her into an even bigger character that on the main roster, should be given more better treatment than what it has. This very same villainous side of Emma, that has even met her first ever rival Paige on the main roster on occasions, took on one of the most fearless individuals on the NXT Roster back at the first and only NXT Takeover London Pay Per View, Asuka.

The Match between Emma and Asuka was inevitable, as Emma watched her protege and ally at the time Dana Brooke be eviscerated by Asuka in the Japanese Sensations debut at NXT Takeover Respect, an act of retribution and revenge from Asuka after the villainous duo wrecked her WWE introduction. Emma would get a close look at the dangerous offense of Asuka she had yet to clash against, with NXT Takeover London providing Emma the platform to see the in ring abilities of Asuka up close. Sneakiness from Dana Brooke by trying to supply a foreign object that Asuka eventually snatched from Emma almost got the Empress of Tomorrow Disqualified, but eventually it didn’t come to be, and the duos chance at further embarrassing Asuka came to an end as Asuka picked up the win over Emma.

– Catherine


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