WWE RAW RESULTS: Almost Giving Everyone A Chance (August, 7th 2017)

Welcome all to a new RAW report as the road to Summerslam continues to narrow, with just over a week to go. With this comes an amount of sudden change and the whole flipping the case situation as an injury inflicted to Bayley from last week has rendered the original contender to the RAW Women’s Title unable to compete at the second biggest pay per view of the year. With that in mind, two triple threat matches are to take place, with the victors of each match squaring off next week to crown the replacement contender to Bliss’s RAW Women’s Championship.

The first triple threat features unlikely opponents as Sasha Banks takes on former rival Alicia Fox and a woman who has been waiting overly for opportunities, looking to take the biggest opportunity since her main roster return, Emma. But first we hear from a saddened Bayley, who has watched back the footage from last week where Nia had managed to hurt her shoulder to a point. Bayley cant help but express disappointment that she will officially miss out at Summerslam on regaining her title, and furthermore expresses how she was aware she was injured when her shoulder faulted last week. She admits that last week was about proving Bliss wrong by beating Nia. She would be a happy person, but per her injury, she cant find it in her to be happy at this time. She adds how she felt angry over the course of the week but thanks the WWE Universe for contributing to her emotions being upped, for making her happy. Moving forward, she chooses to support Sasha Banks in her quest to replace her as the contender, to quite some boos. Speaking of Banks, out comes the real life bestie as she awaits in ring competition. Out second is a newly solo Alicia Fox, then Emma, who receives a nice pop for her entrance. Before physicality can even get underway, each woman’s target comes out to view the competition, the reigning champion Alexa Bliss. The RAW Women’s Champion perches herself at the announce table, glaring at the competition about to ensue in the ring as the bell rings.

After some motioning, Alicia decides to go for the first shot on Sasha, missing as Sasha instead forearms her in the face. However, having her back turned to Emma, it helps the heel to attack Sasha from behind, which she does. Emma targets the left shoulder of Sasha then attempts to whip her, though Sasha clenches the rope, preventing her from running into any follow up attacks from Emma. Emma charges towards Sasha, but is launched to the floor by Sasha. Again having her back turned to a heel costs Sasha, as she turns to take a sudden big boot from Alicia. Alicia goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Sasha.

Alicia whips Sasha back first into a nearby corner, attempting to kick her against it afterward but missing Sasha. Sasha takes advantage of Alicia’s temporary stuck position to roll her from the corner, with the pin attempt getting her a one count on Fox. Sasha throws a high knee straight at Alicia, taking to the ropes to execute her next offense only to be tripped by Emma from the outside. Emma then forces Sasha to the outside, then catapulting her into the apron. With Sasha out for some time, Emma switches focus to Alicia, kicking her as she tries attacking her between the ropes. With separation created, Emma takes advantage and hits the ring, taking Alicia down and throwing forearms at her. Emma goes to cover Alicia and gets a near fall, with pro Emma support being voiced from the WWE Universe in attendance as she tries to hold momentum.

And Emma does very much try to hold momentum, planting Alicia face first against a corner turnbuckle, reverting to a vicious choke afterwards. Emma taunts the viewing WWE Universe, but Alicia uses that time to regroup and she comes back with a forearm to Emma, not all she can deal as she knees and forearms Emma with her now trapped against the corner. Alicia tosses Emma by her hair to the other side of the ring, performing her own taunt before returning to utilizing offense, connecting with a Northern Lights Suplex to the Aussie. The move gets Alicia a near fall on Emma. Alicia tries to continue momentum only to be tripped by Emma into the second rope, taking an additional dropkick from Emma as she tries to find her footing some feet from the ropes. Before Emma can cover Fox, Sasha emerges suddenly with a hard hitting Shining Wizard, hitting Emma with it. With Emma and Alicia regrouping in opposite corners, Sasha channels her momentum as she executes a melee of double knee strikes. Alicia eventually fights back with a back elbow, but double knees send her to the mat. Sasha doesn’t even get to a one count in her next pin attempt per Emma’s interference. Emma throws Sasha to the outside and covers Fox, very nearly getting the win as Alicia breaks herself off from the mat just after the count of two.

Emma shows much venting after this close result, rolling Alicia away from the ropes in the next pin attempt, but again failing to put Alicia away. Emma throws Alicia to a corner, crushing her with a corner crossbody afterwards. Sasha intervenes in Emma’s next pin attempt, dragging her out of the ring and executing a forearm to the face. Sasha returns to the ring to battle Fox, rolled suddenly into a schoolgirl package. This gets Fox a near fall. Sasha blocks Alicia’s running clothesline, trying to connect with the Backstabber only for Alicia to escape the set up. Seeing Sasha’s position, Alicia readies the finishing axe scissor but Sasha catches her along the way, diverting her attempt and connecting officially with the Backstabber transitioned into the Bank Statement after. Alicia doesn’t get chance to tap as Emma hits the ring again, breaking the submission by rolling up Sasha, again getting a near fall to her dismay. Before Emma can do much more, Sasha has her hooked in the Bank Statement, and despite her valiant efforts, Emma taps. Sasha wins the match.

A Hard quest comes next for Dana Brooke and multi time champion Mickie James, as the second triple threat serves them Nia Jax. Entering first is former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James, then Dana with not even half an entrance, then the last entrant Nia Jax as the final opposer. Alexa Bliss is also back at the announce table to view the secondary qualifier, or most likely to witness the destruction of her most unlikeliest opponents at the hands of Nia. Mickie and Dana are thwarted in their opening shots to Nia when the bell is rung, with even Mickie being swung across the ring. Mickie tries to rebound with kicks to Nia, then holding her in a side headlock position. Dana takes to the ropes to attack Nia with Mickie holding her in position but Mickie’s body is launched right into Dana courtesy of Nia. Nia can only be planning annihilation with the next move, pushing Mickie into a regrouping Dana, attempting to squash both of them against a corner only for them to cleverly move from harms way, leading to Nia’s shoulder meeting the corner post.

With Nia out briefly, its just rare opponents Mickie James and Dana Brooke in the ring, and Mickie battles Dana’s forearms with slaps to begin their encounter. This turns into a scrappy forearm exchange, eventually turning into a battle of kicks. Dana goes for a vertical suplex only for Mickie to slip free, blocking a running elbow and sending Dana down with a neckbreaker as Sasha Banks looks on in the backstage area. Mickie capitalizes on the round of offense to try and pin Dana, getting a near fall as Dana finds herself up at the count of two. A Singular kick from Mickie weakens Dana, who is drawn towards Mickie in wait for the finishing DDT. However Nia has climbed back into the ring, clobbering Mickie by ploughing into her while Dana escapes any form of contact.

With Mickie outside, Dana is left to battle Nia, beginning with a flurry of forearms. Nia is sent to a corner via a dropkick, additionally taking the handspring back elbow that follows. Dana runs the ropes as she continues her momentum, readying the next assault only to take a nasty clothesline close to the ropes by Nia. Nia releases herself of Dana via a fallaway slam before being driven downward to the mat via an appearing Mickie’s seated senton. While Nia is down, Mickie jumps onto the fallen Dana for a desperate pin, but Nia springs into action, axe handling Mickie to break the pin. An angry Nia chucks Mickie out of the ring, but has her back turned to Dana, who leaps onto her back, forearming at her while positioned but only briefly as Nia uses her power to drive Dana into the corner back first. Dana recovers, attempting to jump back on the back of Nia. Her grip loosens amongst the scrapping so Dana reverts to forearms only to be driven to the mat by Nia, who executes a leg drop to the fallen Dana to secure her possible contendership spot. Nia wins the match, set to meet Sasha over the Women’s Championship Contendership next week.

(Bayley and Sasha Banks Segment)

(Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks vs Emma; RAW Women’s Championship Contendership Qualifying Match)

(Dana Brooke vs Mickie James vs Nia Jax; RAW Women’s Championship Contendership Qualifying Match)

(Dana Brooke on RAW Fallout)

(Sasha Banks on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Alicia/Sasha/Emma: I Found Alicia to be off timing wise at times, almost to the point where i thought she wasnt going to kick out of Emma’s pin which isn’t like her at all. Sasha had a lot of momentous moments, though her forearm to Emma on the outside and her shining wizard also to Emma looked lethal upon impact. Overall, and i say the same for the other qualifier, these matches were set up for the clear non too shocking outcomes, but what goes down frustrating over this whole match is how over Emma was and how they let her take the fall over a supporting veteran like Alicia who has been fine with putting so many names over over the years. Felt like deliberate placement from WWE but maybe (and hopefully) im wrong.

Dana/Mickie/Nia: Where Alicia was off, Nia was off the grid. Nia, as much as i like her, came off brutal in some spots, and im not sure whether its excellent selling by Dana or otherwise but that clothesline was too close to the ropes and i have a feeling Dana wasn’t supposed to take the spot there, nor land how she did. I Would have liked to see Dana and Mickie team more in this match, though both worked well at times against the powerhouse, and what intrigued me most in this match is the Dana/Mickie face vs face exchange. The two were really going at it, and it was a nice presentation between two fresh women who have never gone one on one before. But like before, the outcome was set and predictable, for Sasha and Nia to be elevated while the others have no chance, as even the fans could see based on set up because they’re used to the usual being elevated over those they hope to see get a chance at this rate. Based on social media on monday, a lot of fans wanted surprising outcomes, from Mickie vs Sasha to Mickie vs Nia even, but if Bayley vs Sasha is incoming, how much longer do the less used women have to wait to show their growth/abilities? Especially if they could be the two individuals enhancement opponents during the whole angle. But of course that depends on Bayleys recovery time and a heel victory at Summerslam may just open opportunities for others.

– Catherine


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