LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: As Battles Are Set, Plots Begin to Thicken (August, 9th 2017)

Welcome all to another action packed Lucha Underground report. Whether you know the details from last week or not, i will give anyway, as recent failings came to be recognized from Dario Cueto regarding the Worldwide Underground. He presented the stable minus Johnny Mundo a chance at redemption, pitting Taya, PJ Black and Ricky Mandel in a six person tag team match, where the victors would capture his prized Aztec medallions, keys to a future Gift of the Gods Championship showdown.

In fact, the heel stable just so have the first match of the night, beginning with the entrance of the Rabbit Tribe prior to the entry of the Worldwide Underground, accompanied only by Jack Evans while Mundo is nowhere to be found. Mandel tries to channel his inner fanboy by doing Mundo’s entrance but the fiance of Mundo, Taya, shows no impressed reaction over it. Taya is up first for the stable against the man adorned by his checker board outfit, Saltador. Saltador captures Taya in a waistlock to begin with, one that Taya reverses. Saltador breaks free, crawling under Taya and shoving her near to a corner by her rear. Taya doesn’t take kindly to these actions, tagging in PJ to continue the work for a fair bit. After some back and forth action between PJ and Saltador, Mala Suerte is tagged to give the Rabbit Tribe an upper hand, but only shortly as roles reverse, with Taya tagged in to continue the momentum.

Taya begins by slapping Suerte hard in the face, before taking him to a corner where some elbows are thrown. She ruthlessly kicks the side of Suerte’s left leg, aiming a second elbow afterward before executing an irish whip into an opposite corner. Taya doesn’t get to continue her offense in that corner, blocked as she charges by Suerte’s back elbow. Suerte uses the moment of separation to clobber PJ off the apron, but its also enough time for Taya to regroup, as she nails an attack to Suerte as he tries to rest in a corner after. She readies a double knee strike into the corner, but Saltador and Paul London throw themselves in in defense and seemingly taunting her into delivering her offense to them. She does so, delivering the running double knees to all three tribe members. Taya tries to cover the legal competitor Suerte afterward but her first pin of the match gets broken by both Saltador and London on the count of two. Taya crawls to her corner and tags Ricky successfully, with London also tagged in for the Rabbit Tribe. The Rabbit tribe ends up taking the win when Saltador takes out Taya and PJ on the outside, leaving London in the ring to pin Ricky after momentum shifts to them. Saltador, Mala Suerte and Paul London win the match.

Post match, Mundo and his new assistant meet with the defeated members and Evans in the back, with the mouthy new manager voicing he and Mundo’s sure disappointment at their embarrassing loss. However Mundo has decided not to fire any of them, but demands the stable step up as he tries much to remain Lucha Underground Champion.

The Underrated Texano was also up against the still so popular Pentagon Dark this week. Famous B and Brenda, who have been eyeing Texano while also causing some trouble over time, got a look in on this match but any interventions after the match lead to the victor Pentagon breaking boths arms.

Our next Luchadora appearance isn’t until the last segment of the night, as Catrina brings herself to Captain Vasquez. It appears Vasquez has summoned the less than pleased Catrina, warning her “The Gods” are coming, those Catrina declares do not fear her. Vasquez brings up the Gauntlet being used currently by a more villainous than ever Cage, and the item will soon possess Cage. Catrina doesn’t see this as her problem, but Vasquez is far from impressed at this, revealing her half of the ancient medallion, the second held by Catrina. She claims she gave Catrina life on two occasions, but Catrina is more frustrated about being stuck between two dimensions. Vasquez goes back to the topic of the issues with Cage, and that one man is able to take away the Gauntlet from him, the man answering to Catrina, Mil Muertes. She suggests she brings to her the Gauntlet and she will hand over the second half of the medallion that gives her her “life” back. Catrina warns her how such a move will stop Vasquez from being immortal, but its made clear from Vasquez that she does not fear death, but the gods, who Catrina promises will soon fear death themselves, a thousand at the hands of Mil Muertes. She comes to an agreement with Vasquez, but the biggest surprise is revealed, as just before vanishing to a distant place, she addresses the scheming thought investigator as MOTHER. Now that is a massive development.

(Ricky Mandel, PJ Black and Taya w/ Jack Evans vs Mala Suerte, Paul London and Saltador 02.13 – 09.53)

(The Worldwide Underground Segment 10.08 – 11.21)

(Texano vs Pentagon Dark feat Famous B and Beautiful Brenda 30.22 – 41.09)

(Catrina and Captain Vasquez Segment 41.12 – 43.16)

Thoughts On:
Tag Team Match: Overall i find myself not interested in the Rabbit Tribe, as they seem to just be “there” for me and i don’t understand their characters and purposes too much, but its rare to see them go up against the Worldwide Underground with Taya in the mix, and the match played up to Lucha Underground’s agenda of portraying their women as fearless by competing on the various occasions in intergender action. The shock for me was the Rabbit tribe winning, though maybe it might not be so much a shock with clear tension presented amongst the group. Where do the entire faction go from here? Where will they go if Mundo loses the title? That remains to be seen.

Catrina/Captain Vasquez: Theres been some intriguing developments with this particular character of Vasquez that i may or may not have covered in the past few months, but shes gone from an assumed normal human investigator to a key part in the advancements of Lucha Undergrounds angles. It appears through the shocking revealed relation that Catrina is the daughter of Vasquez, both immortal beings, one more fearless than the other. Vasquez fears the Gods while Catrina does not, but will blood be thicker than water? Will Catrina truly insist on helping her family when it may seem that Vasquez may have taken her normal life from her through the obtaining of the other medallion half? Thats if what this is all about. Clearly Vasquez is wanting the Gauntlet to match up to/to be more superior than the Gods, whoever these may be, so how long will this new Cage vs Mil development run and will it tie in with the Catrina/Ivelisse angle that has been on a long hold?

– Catherine


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