WWE NXT RESULTS: Team Almas and An Iconic Duo Have Issues Ahead of Them (August, 9th 2017)

The Road to NXT Takeover Brooklyn The Third Installment is narrowing, and our Takeover card seems close to set. As known, Asuka and Ember Moon are to face off for the NXT Womens Championship, but the official signing for that match is left to next week, but this week has some women spotlighted nonetheless. Lets see how Zelina Vega can influence the extension of the Takeover Card and what is possibly in store for a much missed Iconic Duo.

The Aussies are first to be spotlighted as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce mess around in the back, about to present to the fans their first makeup tutorial. However they find themselves disgusted at Ruby Riot hanging around in the background, enough to end it completely. Whether Ruby heard their comments or not is to be known, but the two may have a tough opponent to deal with if so…

Meanwhile the former Knockout formerly known as Rosita, now Zelina Vega, manages Andrade “Cien” Almas for a match with No Way Jose that has been a small few weeks in the waiting per confrontations. Almas gets the win, influenced to unleash more brutality through Vega’s demands. After watching Almas win the main event of the show, Vega approaches the announce table, asking if they saw Alma’s victory. She questions what the biggest opportunity could be on the yet to be complete Takeover card, then after some short thinking, name drops a man yet to perform solo on a Takeover Card, former Tag Team Champion Johnny Gargano. She announces that Gargano has an opponent now for Takeover, in the form of Andrade “Cien” Almas.

(Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and Ruby Riot Backstage Segment)

(No Way Jose vs Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega 48.58 – 58.55)

Thoughts On:
Peyton/Billie/Ruby: So the Iconic Duo have been away in ring wise for a while, desperately in need of a fresh angle. The Takeover card is looking stacked so will they make the card? Maybe so? Maybe not? But it looks like there’s indeed developments with the duo and Ruby Riot, who has also been left feud-less with Sanity’s transition into the tag title picture. Personally i can see Peyton vs Ruby go down, and while i wouldn’t be shocked for the more newer to the scene to win like most cases nowadays, Peyton could do with the win to establish herself as Embers first contender should she win the title. At the same time, based on current NXT Live event booking, Billie and Peyton have crossed paths with the newly cleared Kairi Sane, so i also wouldn’t be surprised if Kairi debuts as a tag partner for Ruby to be introduced to the NXT Women’s Division, and with her immense tenure in the business as well as popularity, her intro will be surely soon nonetheless right?

Andrade/Vega: Rumors earlier this year suggested Andrade would be heading to the main roster, where he would either be big or take a slump like a lot of well known NXT superstars. I Honestly don’t know how it would have turned out, but Andrade has played enhancement alongside Tye and even after his departure, putting over others while taking a mass amount of losses over time. The introduction of Zelina Vega as his manager isn’t only interesting to women’s wrestling fans but to those wondering where it takes Andrade direction wise as she adds an all new fire to his character and an all new layer. Im not a massive fan of Almas but have major respect for his in ring work and i hope this isn’t a run where he loses nonetheless so people look back and say “well even Zelina’s introduction did nothing for him”. I Wont be surprised if Gargano wins at Takeover as this is his comeback following the huge betrayal by the injured Ciampa, but either Andrade wins to get under Garganos skin, something Ciampa can taunt him on in the future so his big win can come at the hands of taking Ciampa out, or Raul Mendoza, the recent opponent of Garganos, causes a distraction set up by Zelina to form a stable and a new force for the tag division, which i could get behind. More tag teams in NXT and character development for the less used is better than minimal or nothing.

– Catherine


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