WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Controversial One Is Back to Create Another Roadblock for the Champion (August, 8th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown report, with women’s action expected per last weeks hype, as we learned that Naomi would be pitted against Carmella in singles action, mostly likely revenge for Carmella’s defeat last week, while Lana also looked to prove herself to Tamina by challenging one of the biggest names on the women’s roster, Charlotte.

The first of these two matches happens early in the show, as a solo Charlotte without her Tea Generation X Bestie Becky Lynch, battles Lana, solo without Tamina’s accompaniment and guidance. The former RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte is first to enter, followed by the entrance of the confident Ravishing Russian. As Lana completes her entrance, we get a recap with how the match came about, per the segment that didn’t air officially on last weeks show that saw Lana out how inspired she is by Tamina, and to fight like her, her first order of new business, to fight like her, and to be even better than her in charisma and beauty, is to challenge Charlotte. Tamina’s reaction following this announcement shows complete confusion and disapproval.

The bell rings, and after some pacing, Lana goes after Charlotte, capturing her in a waistlock. Charlotte manages to send her down to the mat, releasing her grip quickly. She tries to taunt Lana into fighting her more and Lana succumbs, attempting a boot to Charlotte which is blocked. Lana tries begging for mercy, before trying to slap Charlotte, missing on all occasions. Charlotte swings Lana in the other direction, ducks a clothesline attempt and executes a drop toe hold that sends Lana jaw first to the mat. Next come the famous flair chops, before Charlotte ends up scooping a snappy Lana near to the center of the ring. Lana wriggles free and tries to roll up Charlotte from underneath, but Charlotte stays adjust, not so much her underwear for a fair few seconds. Charlotte goes back to business, launching Lana into a nearby corner. Lana begins to writhe, and after avoiding a boot in the corner, she angrily seizes Charlotte and applies a side headlock to the former RAW Women’s Champion in the center. Charlotte forces Lana away by pushing her to the ropes, going for an arm drag afterwards only for Lana to stay in upright position. Lana transitions into a possible backslide set up, but Charlotte, seeing her strength is too much for Lana to perform such a move, lets out a brief cackle before outsmarting her with her easy backslide, though the opposer shows resilience in breaking free from the pin attempt at the count of two.

Charlotte reverts to taunting Lana again, receiving a slap for it. Lana soon pays for it, taking a huge big boot from Charlotte. Charlotte takes Lana by the foot, setting up and executing the figure four into the eventual figure eight. Despite the nice outing, Lana is done, tapping out to the signature Flair Submission. Charlotte wins the match.

Charlotte is not the only one finding Lana’s effort laughable, as Tamina has a familiar cocky expression when she meets a disgruntled Lana in the locker room. Lana recognizes that, telling Tamina despite her frustration, to let her gloating out of her system. Tamina mocks Lana on her past words, on how she said she was going to be more charismatic and more ravishing than her, on how she could be that by challenging Charlotte, while seeing that outcome didn’t turn out too great. Lana admits defeat indeed did happen and after hearing Tamina further mocks her, she asks her in a defeated tone to exit. Tamina isn’t done with her verbal outrage despite Lana asking her to leave, noting that Lana will never perform like she can, and even if she cant be as ravishing as Lana, she can at least note that Lana’s ascension wasn’t through in ring ability, but through ambition. Now she asks that Lana helps her find hers. Her Ambition or her title shot?

The next match is just like the other, pre announced and hyped as Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi, who is scheduled to defend against Natalya at Summerslam, takes on the outside threat of the official Miss Money in the Bank Carmella. Out first for the second singles women’s match of the evening is a lone Carmella, maybe not so lonely with the accompaniment of her briefcase, but lets not forget the other troublesome accompaniment she had, and may see again. Next to enter is the Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi, ready for the non title affair.

The two lock up to begin their match, with Carmella getting the first shot via a hard knee to the champs midsection. Carmella gives some trash talk, though it ends quickly per Naomi coming at the unsuspecting foe, knocking her down with a running inziguiri. Naomi shows her disgust at Carmella’s attitude further with a running slap, shades of last week, and its not long before Carmella rolls out, wanting to avoid further action for a time to regroup. As Carmella does so, we go to a commercial break.

We return to see Naomi and Carmella in the ring with Naomi setting up a slam that Carmella slips free from, dragging Naomi downward to the mat by her hair. Carmella tries to capitalize on Naomi’s tumble with a pin attempt but only getting a near fall. Carmella works through Naomi with a side headlock applied as Natalya keeps a close eye from the backstage interview area, watching also as Naomi channels the crowds support for her to counter against Carmella via a backbreaker. Carmella gets back to her feet, trying to attack a recovering Naomi in her corner, blocking her double boot. Naomi gets retribution with an inziguiri while holding the ropes, avoiding also a clothesline attempt from Carmella and sending her down with a spinning clothesline. A Second and third follows before they meet again in the center, this time setting up for Carmella to take her barrage of kicks, which she does. A Follow up roundhouse is dodged by Carmella, who sends Naomi to the ropes. Naomi comes forward and plants her with a sit out jawbreaker, trying to follow up her assault in the corner but being sent by Carmella over the ropes to the apron. Naomi scores a high kick which creates separation, giving her time to scale the turnbuckles and make her way up to the top. However before she can make any descent onto the opposer, Carmella is up and knocks Naomi, causing for her to take a crash on the top turnbuckle.

Carmella brings herself to the middle ropes, trying for a suplex but being unable to draw Naomi into position. Instead Carmella is sent off the ropes by Naomi with a shove with Carmella trying to rebound via trying to tilt her off the turnbuckle via her legs, only to watch Naomi divert that attempt too. Carmella rebounds again, throwing a forearm directly at Naomi and tugging at her hair, but the ref is forced to come between. While Carmella debates this, Ellsworth appears from under the ring and tugs at the rope, causing Naomi to take a nasty fall. Carmella capitalizes off the unseen assist to deliver a superkick to a battered up Naomi, covering her right after. Carmella wins the match.

Natalya, who had a close watch of the match, is surely as mad over Ellsworth’s return to the scene as her future challenger Naomi. She confronts the heel and his fellow heel Carmella backstage after the match, announcing sarcastically how nice it is to see Carmella, before voicing her fury at Ellsworth getting involved in her own business. Ellsworth sees right through Natalya’s sarcasm, but Natalya is having none of his insults, as she warns both of them to stay away from her title match at Summerslam. Both try to assure Natalya she has nothing to worry about, before wishing her luck at Summerslam, with no essence of realism whatsoever.

(Charlotte vs Lana; Lana and Tamina Backstage Segment)

(Naomi vs Carmella feat James Ellsworth; Carmella, James Ellsworth and Natalya Backstage Segment)

(Naomi on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte/Lana: A Very rare showdown and an enjoyable match nonetheless. It was nice for Lana and Charlotte to attempt reversals on one another, something we don’t really see from Lana in terms of technicality. Lana’s selling has also improved and Charlotte, as always, shone here. It was inevitable to see Charlotte win to continue Lana’s round of losses, which surely has to be leading to something. It seems to be a part of her character, hence the segments where shes teased continually for her ambitions, so maybe Tamina and others berating her is leading to some sort of sympathetic build up and a babyface turn while Lana continues to improve? Based on the post match segment, i have a feeling Tamina is playing with Lana’s head, using Lana’s loss as punishment to force her to help her. Usually a powerhouse doesn’t need help, but Tamina’s taken losses over time. Is she wanting help with a title shot or to take down Charlotte for good? Intriguing nonetheless to see where this goes.

Naomi/Carmella: These two have had another good match, though maybe not as lengthy. My only negatives were the crowds ignorance towards the in ring competition and more towards just wanting Ellsworth wholly in the spotlight. I Get he may have some fans but Toronto has been weird with their selection of favorites this week. Also maybe its WWE strategy not to let the heel Natalya get pops in the home country, but she deserved more than a backstage role this week. I Know promos aren’t her strongest point but the Natalya/Naomi feud has one week left on it and needs some serious heat to it because right now it feels like shes just there and that Carmella is the main threat. Ok she is with the briefcase but we need reminding of how good Natalya can outwork her opponents as a heel and how vicious she can be on top of other things. We need reminding why she is the contender and why she is Naomi’s threat. C’mon Smackdown.

– Catherine


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