GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Destination X Marks the Spot for a Long Time Veteran (August, 10th 2017)

In Coordination with the latest IMPACT airing hours ago here in England, welcome to a new GFW IMPACT Wrestling report. This weeks features the last content of the most recent television tapings, also hyping matches for the Destination X Themed Edition of IMPACT for next week. A Match for the Brutal Sienna’s Unified Knockouts Championship has been decided by Karen Jarrett, but the champion herself is unaware of the identity of her new opposition, weeks clear of a big victory over Rosemary. Who will it be? Less nattering, more revealing ey?

In fact, Sienna isn’t even waiting to find out what “Miss Karen” has in store for her. The Champion seats herself in the middle of the ring to open the show, separate titles dangling on the ring ropes. She plans to take the show hostage unless Karen Jarrett meets her in the ring, a demand very much accepted by Karen, who on her way to the ring, makes it clear whats known, that she doesn’t like her, nor never has. Sienna has heard enough of Karen’s distaste, going straight to topic by asking who Karen has lined up to challenge her for her titles at Destination X. Karen doesn’t mention by name, but the special opponent is someone who is always ready.

Out comes The Most Recently Inducted IMPACT Hall of Famer Gail Kim, cleared for competition but set to retire later in the year. Gail, revealed as the opponent of Sienna, has noticed how Sienna has openly ran her mouth about being the presumed greatest Knockouts Champion. She credits Sienna for being great six weeks ago when she dethroned the long reign of Rosemary, but she isn’t much now, nor will she be next week when they meet over the Unified Knockouts Title. Gail announces that alongside her intentions to beat Sienna, she intends to retire with the Unified Championship. Gail turns her back to possibly leave, but gets ambushed from behind by an angry Sienna. Sienna goes for the AK47 but Gail slips free, firing a clothesline at Sienna before attempting to execute the finishing Eat Defeat, to no avail as Sienna bolts from the ring. Gail isn’t watching Sienna flee from this fight, as she heads to the apron and dives onto Sienna, taking their heat to the outside. Gail is briefly restrained but manages to break free to meet Sienna back in the ring, hit by a running knee from the champion. They scrap on the mat and by the ropes, leading to another official getting involved to only again fail to cool the tension in the ring. Sienna eventually escapes from Gail, but has left the titles behind, which Gail grasps and showboats with to end their brief fight, as a possible hint of the ending for next week.

The next Knockout related moment comes following a match that pits Joseph Park and Grado as Handicap Opponents against a recently angered Kongo Kong. Kong gets the win, looking to take out Grado for good after the match, but Laurel dashes down the ramp, hitting the ring and demanding Kong off the turnbuckles. He does as ordered but seems to still be fired up, as if the need to brutalize Grado remains. Laurel recognizes this and slaps the beast across the face, but cant be saved by the Scot when he scoops her up. Whatever was planned for her doesn’t work out as down comes an unexpected face, Tyrus, to stare out Kong. Laurel wards Kong off, dragging him to the back to avoid further fighting.

(Karen Jarrett, Sienna and Gail Kim Segment)

(Kongo Kong, Laurel Van Ness and Tyrus Segment)

(Gail Kim on IMPACT #LastWord)

Thoughts On:
Gail/Karen/Sienna: I Wasn’t a fan of Karen promo wise this week but she did what she did to set up the next challenge for Sienna. I Knew who it was due to spoilers, but wouldn’t have minded an unexpected opponent/surprise. But with Gail only having some time left until she departs entirely from the business, getting her in the ring as much as possible is inevitable. Next week can go either way, with Sienna retaining, further pushing Gail’s desire to retire with the title, given more roadblocks along the way. This could be via KM or even Kongo Kong by ditching Laurel, causing Laurel and/or Tyrus to get involved to cause a disqualification, or the new yet to be revealed 2 signed Knockouts could debut as a factor in the matches outcome. Either way Gail can win the title later this year, as Sienna’s last reign was just to enhance one of her feuds, meaning her spotlight and development was minimal, lets not have a repeat but rather give her a longer and more memorable reign to award her development this year as a singular character.

Kong/Laurel: I Completely forgot Tyrus was getting involved with Laurel and Kongo Kong until i saw the show, and to be honest, i was kind of disappointed to see Laurel leave with Kong after the tensions displayed. But they are clearly prolonging something, whether that is Kong’s feud with Tyrus, stalling Laurels development by throwing more spotlight on him, or Laurel’s possible face turn. What does this new development mean for Braxton and Allie as well? Either way its unpredictable at this point where Laurel is going in regards to whether she stays with Kong, joins Grado or just turns face as a continual breakout character.

– Catherine


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