GFW AMPED ANTHOLOGY PART 1 RESULTS: Introducing the Women of the Global Force! (August, 12th 2017)

Welcome all to the Global Force Wrestling Amped Anthology report. So i was hoping to get this out as soon as it aired, but i didn’t find it online until midweek. The GFW Amped Anthology replaces for now the usual IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only Monthly Pay Per Views, and the Television tapings taped all the way back in 2015 have now surfaced on Television per the Global Force Wrestling Takeover over the company once known as TNA. So yes, to those aware or unaware, the content is old and many of the talent have gone on to other prospects in life since, but we get a look in at the beginning of the growth of what would have been GFWs singular women’s division nonetheless.

Karen Jarrett, the co founder of her husbands company, is out a few hours into the show, assuring the audience that amongst all the hype GFW is bringing, women’s wrestling will also be included. Her Pro Women’s Wrestling Message is cut short however by the arrival of a disgruntled Royal Red and his wife, former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout LeiD Tapa. Red gets immediately on with voicing his displeasure at the promotion received for one of their competing women tonight, Mickie James. He Wishes better for the Force of GFW, LeiD Tapa, but Karen silences him. Karen turns her attention to Tapa, stating she doesn’t need her husband to speak for her unlike Tapa, and she suggests Tapa backs off her husband and forces on herself, as shes just received a triple threat match vs Mickie James and Christina Von Eerie, one that will be a qualifying match in the GFW Women’s Championship Tournament. Karen steps out, and out come Christina and Mickie for Triple Threat action.

Theres some trash talk between all three ladies to kick-start the match, but is doesn’t really get amped up (no pun intended) until Christina shoves at Tapa. Tapa shoves away Christina and this opens a chance for Mickie to give her offense, throwing forearms at the taller LeiD Tapa. It ends a similar way for her, as she gets shoved just like Christina. We go to a commercial break just as Christina tries to fight back against Tapa.

We return to see Christina on the back of Tapa, but not for long as Tapa brings her over her shoulder, taking her to the mat. She takes her by her hair, elevating her upward before dropping her again with force to the mat. Mickie runs back in, getting in a few knee shots before Tapa’s strength comes into play again, shoving away the former WWE Women’s Champion with ease. Tapa taunts over her continual dominance but faces an attack from both sides, courtesy of Mickie and Christina. They both try an irish whip on Tapa, who instead stays grounded and counters their attempt. Tapa tries to send both over the ropes but the two move some distance away, leading to Tapa falling over the top rope. Tapa manages to keep herself on the apron but a double kick courtesy of the two eventually takes Tapa to the floor. With Tapa briefly out, the two celebrate their teamwork before locking up as the two athletes left in the ring currently. Mickie executes a hammerlock, attempting a whip after that Christina reverses, sending Mickie to a corner. Christina goes for a corner splash but Mickie blocks it, seizing her with her legs after and executing a top rope hurricanrana. Mickie turns the attention back to Tapa quickly, seeing her ascending to the apron and sending her back to the floor via a forearm, then switching back to Christina, dropkicking her before she can attack again. Christina forearms Mickie and sets her up on the nearby second rope, where she performs a choke briefly. Christina is then seized by Tapa, though fighting her off with kicks and a spinning back-fist.

Mickie comes back with offense, targeting Christina with a clothesline then stalling Tapa’s attempt to again snatch momentum with a jawbreaker. She weakens Tapa further with some kicks as she tries to regroup by the ropes, before taking Christina away from the other nearby ropes, sending her face first into another corners top turnbuckle. Mickie adds a high knee to the midsection to her corner offense to Christina, continuing to throw shots, this time forearms as Christina clambers to the top turnbuckle. Mickie is ambushed from behind by a charging LeiD Tapa, who brings Mickie onto both shoulders after, using a groggy Mickie’s body to also attack Christina. Christina remains poised on the top turnbuckle, also picked up by Tapa who now has both on her shoulders. Tapa takes both away from the corner and connects with a massive double Samoan drop. Tapa goes for a cocky pin on Christina to capitalize on the big maneuver, but only manages to get a near fall. She tries pinning both at the same time after but both show resilience, kicking out in unison at the count of two.

Tapa switches back to offense, first executing a strong whip to Mickie, then doing the same to Christina towards another corner. Tapa goes on a clobbering spree, double splashing Mickie and Christina against adjacent corners. Tapa looks to continue the momentum, seizing both again in preparation for something else, but Mickie and Christina utilize teamwork, headbutts, slaps and forearms included. Mickie and Christina go for a double running back elbow but Tapa still stands after they connect with the maneuver, thus it takes a running chop block from Mickie in unison with a diving clothesline from Christina to bring Tapa down completely. Mickie attempts to pin Tapa but doesn’t even get a one count as Christina runs over, yanking Mickie off the fallen body of LeiD Tapa. Christina tries to pin Tapa herself, getting a near fall per Mickie’s similar intervention. This ticks off Christina, beginning a forearm exchange between the two in the middle of the ring. This concludes in a double forearm doing damage to both, before Mickie takes the momentum with a flapjack to Christina.

Mickie kips up but finds herself in the hands of the returning LeiD Tapa again. Tapa takes her into the air but Mickie connects with a dropkick on the way back down to create separation. Mickie kicks a charging Tapa and sets up and connects with her famed finishing DDT, but she doesn’t get chance to put one of her enemies away as Christina chucks Mickie out of the ring before any sort of pin attempt can happen. Christina awaits for Tapa to get to her feet, then blocking the attempted oncoming attack from Tapa with double boots. Christina connects with her finishing top rope backstabber to floor Tapa and get the three count. Christina wins the match, advancing in the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship Tournament, to be joined by either Katarina Leigh aka Winter, Amber O Neal or Laura James as the three compete in the other Triple Threat qualifier, set for airing in the near future.

(Karen Jarrett, Royal Red and LeiD Tapa Segment; LeiD Tapa vs Christina Von Eerie vs Mickie James; Triple Threat Womens Championship Tournament Qualifying Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Not a bad match at all but on first look or on paper, many may have expected the veteran Mickie James to win, making Christina’s win truly an upset. It was also a nice showing from Tapa post IMPACT departure, especially with the double Samoan Drop, and with her being the beast of the match, the idea of the triple threat set up for teamwork to be utilized from Christina and Mickie, which i enjoyed though of course, because of the stakes in the match, they kept to the every woman for themselves scenario. I Only wish the crowd had reacted better to the forearm exchange between Mickie and Christina but i liked the match, the overall atmosphere and the invested commentary team. It makes me wish GFW could have been a singular competitive company outside of IMPACT and WWE but it didn’t take long after the tapings for me to realize despite the continual teases that the company just weren’t taking off, therefore the only chance to expose the then company is through the merger decided by the Jarrett’s. But regardless of how late its been and how long its taken, it gave us an enjoyable women’s match for sure and since i actually forgot Winter worked briefly for GFW, i cant wait to see her in action again.

– Catherine


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