GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Something Wicked This Way Comes (October, 12th 2017)

Welcome all to what is actually a Knockouts packed episode of IMPACT to report. Maybe its to make up for the one storyline related segment we got last week, but anyway there’s plenty hype this week, and even the badass chick of LAX Diamante is getting involved to a height! Lets see what goes down in the IMPACT Zone this week shall we.

LAX, joined by Diamante of course, are opening this weeks episode. The faction no longer hold the Tag Team Titles per OVE taking the belts most recently, and LAX, Konnan especially, aren’t wasting time in utilizing their rematch clause. OVE step out and have them name the time and the place, to which Konnan suggests they have their showdown as a 5150 street fight. Diamante even gets involved by announcing that OVE aren’t just facing two particular members in this announced match (at Bound for Glory) but every single one of them (which would mean Diamante too but i believe shes out injured for the rest of the year???). The segment closes with LAX one upping the new champions, standing tall and currently holding momentum on the shortening road to Bound for Glory.

A Little later we’re onto the next moment involving a Knockout. Rosemary is out for action against Hannah Harper, who some may remember as the Competitor Anna Fields that faced Bayley on Monday Night RAW back in Late September last year. Hannah is already in the ring while former Knockouts Champion Rosemary gets a full entrance. If anything Hannah seems taken aback or a little freaked out at the oddness of the Demon Assassin, but eventually has enough of her taunting and attempts to forearm the former champion, who blocks it as quick as she comes. Rosemary forearms Hannah towards a corner, hammers her with more in that corner, whips her to an opposite corner and then has her momentum stalled for a moment by Hannahs back elbow counter. Hannah goes for another forearm but is kicked in the midsection, lifted onto both shoulders of Rosemary’s and sent to the mat via her red wedding finisher. Thats it. Rosemary wins the match.

But the fallen opponent isn’t what is most on Rosemary’s mind, but who she wishes to meet more inside the IMPACT Ring. She cant be anymore pleased at finding an opponent who shares a love for her brand of violence, thus by name, she calls out Taya to have a future “dance with the demon”. Adorned in Blue, Taya soon comes out, showing no fear in the face of Rosemary. Taya speaks no words but rather counters Rosemary’s attempt to get physical with her early, stunning her surprisingly with her own form of mist, then scooping up the screaming Rosemary and leaving her laying for a second time per connecting with the Road to Valhalla. Another message of complete fearlessness is left from Taya for the Demon Assassin in the wake of her newest attack.

After a brief Moose related segment, the ring is graced again with the presence of Knockouts, this time Taryn Terrell is out to speak on something. Taryn is, as noted, a contender to the Knockouts Title alongside Allie and her current and past enemy Gail Kim, which she mentions after coping with not having the fan adulation she hoped upon arriving in the IMPACT Zone. She questions why the fans back Gail Kim, questioning also Robert being married to her. She mentions that once the fans and Robert see how pathetic Gail is at Bound for Glory, the couple will find themselves on a new reality show, Divorce Court.

Out comes Gail Kim, but seemingly promising not to get physical with Taryn. Gail is just out to talk, and the first thing she wants to remind Taryn is how well she knows her and how her mind games wont work because of it. Gail shares how she is a true believer in Karma, so Karma will likely slap Taryn in the face before she does. Gail seconds that thought to bring the Karma early, slapping Taryn hard across the face and taking her to the mat. Gail stomps away at Taryn, who manages to make a successful escape, leaving the full physicality most likely for Bound for Glory.

Sienna, Caleb Konley and Texano of Lucha Underground (and AAA) are also scheduled to team against Allie, James Storm and Dezmond Xavier. McKenzie is scheduled to interview Team Sienna before they step also into the six sided ring, but Sienna’s quick anti McKenzie actions follow suit, snatching the mic from McKenzie while flanked by Konley, Texano and her cousin KM. She puts focus on herself, saying theres one reason shes here, to prove shes the Greatest Knockouts Champion of all time, and what a way to do it by throwing around a helpless Allie tonight. She quickly exits the interview after demanding Texano and Konley stay out of her way.

Before we can get to that however, we see Taya cackling over the attack on Rosemary backstage. This is followed by an announcement from Jim Cornette in his office, that Taya and Rosemary will be going one on one next week in the Six Sided Ring.

Grado also appears to be late to the IMPACT Zone, and while he struggles making his way closer to Universal Studios, along comes Joseph Park in a car, joined by a female entourage including Aria Blake, Salina De La Renta and Kaci Lennox. Joseph insists the women are just interns as they all flock around him, up until Salina takes notice of Grado, buttering up before asking Joseph if Grado is the “meal ticket”. Grado takes offense to the term despite Joseph trying to switch topics, also calling him over for further duties in the process. (So does anyone see more into this interns thing and that these women are secretly fighting to get a spot in IMPACT through Park or Grado, and that if so, whoever does is going to mix up with Grado and Laurel at some point if Laurel doesn’t turn on Grado at Bound for Glory? Sure the women may have been props here, but maybe there’s something to it? Who Knows?)

Now to the six person mixed tag team match, beginning with the entrance of soon to defend Knockouts Champion Sienna (joined by KM) then Caleb Konley (accompanied by X Division Champion Trevor Lee) and lastly Lucha Underground and AAA Star Texano to complete the heel side. Allie enters first for the babyface side, notably without Braxton Sutter, then X Division Star Dezmond Xavier and lastly IMPACT Original James Storm. The sides eventually pick their starter, in this case the Knockouts as an excited Allie is set to take on Sienna, who gets the opening shot by clubbing her from behind.

Sienna kicks Allie hard against a nearby corner, whipping her into an opposite one in preparation for a corner splash, only for Allie to escape it, leading to Sienna colliding with the corner instead. Allie takes advantage and clotheslines the Knockouts Champion against the same corner, hitting another before having her chance at unleashing further offense thrown off when Sienna makes a tag to Texano, who indicates to Allie that he wants James Storm in the ring, which he pretty much gets.

Sienna tags in later in the midst of Texano having momentum, crushing an already groggy James Storm against the corner. She gives Storm some kicks as well, switching up to a choke after provoking Allie to get the referees attention on her and turned away from herself and the assisting heels. Texano tags in to the unhappiness of Sienna to pick up where he left off. Towards the finish there’s some Knockouts involvement, as Allie hits a codebreaker to Texano as does Storm. Allie then takes Sienna down to the floor at ringside while Conley is in the ring with Xavier. After Trevor Lee brings an abrupt end to Xaviers hopeful finish, Storm gets the win for his team via the last call to Caleb. Allie, Dezmond Xavier and James Storm win the match.

(LAX, Diamante and OVE Segment)

(Rosemary vs Hannah Harper; Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie Segment)

(Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell Segment)

(Taya Valkyrie Backstage Segment)

(Grado, Joseph Park, Aria Blake, Kaci Lennox and Salina De La Renta Segment)

(Dezmond Xavier, Allie and James Storm vs Caleb Konley, Sienna and Texano w/ KM and Trevor Lee)

Thoughts On:
Rosemary/Hannah: The Match felt like and probably was shorter than Rosemary’s entrance itself and IMPACT cutting the match as a whole from their YouTube (as much as i appreciate how much hype they are putting into Rosemary’s feud) really cuts off the chance to look at the talent of a possible Knockout prospect in my opinion. But I Like how the post match segment was conducted as they have managed to make Taya look strong in every interaction they’ve made with Rosemary, showing that Taya’s character is a true threat to someone who was once the main threat and most dominant force in the division, Rosemary, per her several month reign and undefeated streak that once existed. Dont worry folks, if you think next weeks match announcement means there’s no slot for these women at Bound for Glory, no need to fear. I Think the Pay Per Views hype packages hint enough that these two women are going to be on the card and pretty much shed blood.

Gail/Taryn Segment: Personally i felt like this was a rushed segment and shared too many similarities to the Striptease segment Taryn did as the Dollhouse leader, utilizing a seductive voice while jabbing at Gail’s personal life. Its been an absolute pleasure having Taryn back in the Knockouts Division, as i feel she left at the peak of her career and as one of the best heels in the division, so maybe its the known viciousness of Taryn in the ring thats currently missing, though its understandable that we might not see much from her in terms of expanded in ring work because of how long she had been away from the ring, but also like Ive said before, Taryn surprised us at Slammiversary years ago, and may be readying for Bound for Glory and taking sickening thuds and bumps like before once again. Either way the segment served its purpose, for Gail to get her revenge on Taryn and to get her own bit of momentum heading into Bound for Glory.

Mixed Tag: Again another thrown in moment to utilize the Knockouts, which i appreciate. I Thought it was booked well in terms of Sienna taking out her frustrations on Allie post Bound for Glory announcement and Allie actually not being pinned in the culmination of the match but someone else instead while protecting Sienna also heading into Bound for Glory. I Also feel like there’s more we can see from KM and Sienna as a unit than it just feeling like KM is just there and not the scary guy he first came across as, but i will admit i do find his character entertaining when utilized and he could make for an interesting babyface as could Sienna considering they both have a comedic, charismatic side to them.

– Catherine


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