WWE NXT RESULTS: And Joining Royce and Sane at War Games Is…. (October, 18th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks NXT Report. I Was planning on getting this out earlier today but have encountered on and off internet issues over the course of the day. Anyways, to the actual focus. Right now NXT has two of four contenders lined up for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship. Kairi Sane earned her opportunity to compete at NXT Takeover War Games (Houston) via her Mae Young Classic Final Victory, while Peyton Royce most recently overcame Liv Morgan and Nikki Cross in a triple threat qualifier. Another Triple Threat Qualifying Showdown takes place this week, pitting Ruby Riot against Sonya Deville and a highly likely contender in Ember Moon. Who will be the third lucky lady to take their place at NXT Takeover War Games? Lets question no further.

For another week in a row, the women are opening the show, Sonya Deville first entering for the announced triple threat qualifying match, then Ember then finally Ruby Riot. Out of all three competitors, Sonya has yet to compete for the NXT Women’s Championship at an NXT Pay Per View, and is currently undefeated coming out of her reintroduction. The women come face to face following the ringing of the bell, seemingly debating who kicks off. Ember outstretches a hand, suggesting a test of strength. Ruby joins in and the two await Sonya’s inclusion. Sonya takes both ladies hands then gets in a cheap-shot to Ruby, breaking it up. While Ruby is brought onto her knees, Ember tries to put the imposing foe Sonya out early, rolling her up suddenly and getting a one count, sent over to Ruby along the way. Ruby takes advantage of the landing of Ember to roll her up, also failing to pin. Sonya has Ruby roll through then charges at Ember, who evades via athleticism before becoming the target of Ruby’s headscissor takeover. Ember disappears from sight and Sonya targets Ruby singularly, bringing her down to the mat with a big lariat. Sonya goes for a pin attempt following this, getting a near fall.

Ruby loosens herself from Sonya and tries to take back momentum with an arm drag. Ruby kicks Sonya a number of times and gets a chance to take Sonya to the mat this time with a running dropkick. As Sonya had earlier, Ruby goes for a pin attempt, also getting a near fall. Ember rolls back to the ring and gets caught, as does Sonya, in a double corkscrew. This rids Ruby temporarily of Sonya, delightfully coming face to face with Ember, who originally was meant to join her in combat at NXT Takeover Chicago over Asuka’s once NXT Women’s Title had it not been for injury. Ruby goes for a forearm but Ember ducks her attempted offense, going for a suplex but not even managing to lift Ruby quarter of the way. Ruby arm drags Ember and a clothesline counter ends in both women separating themselves from each other. Ember and Ruby are face to face again, but have to turn their attention to a different matter fairly quickly, as Sonya emerges on the apron. The two take Sonya to the floor, resuming their own combat. Ruby makes multiple attempts to dodge offense from Ember and takes a back kick once upright, though a follow up kick is blocked. Ruby throws a hard forearm at Ember then runs the ropes. Ember doesn’t follow too far behind, and once Ruby turns to face the opposition, all she can do is watch her come down per her middle rope crossbody execution. Ember tries to capitalize on the aerial maneuver, scoring a near fall on Ruby.

Sonya is about to scuttle back to the ring again when Ember throws Ruby right in Sonya’s path, launching the fellow competitor into Sonya’s midsection. Ember hits with a dropkick to Sonya to get a near fall again. Ember makes a brief climb over to Ruby, trying to pin her considering her own fall, but it only ends the same way result wise, but broken up by Sonya and her running axe handle. Ruby is out of the ring and Sonya takes up time to strike at Ember, utilizing a number of kicks. Sonya stands tall over the fallen Ember while Ruby also has yet to fully regroup on the outside as we come to a commercial break in this Triple Threat Qualifying Match Up.

Sonya still holds momentum when we return, suplexing Ember against the mat. She executes a second to Ember before targeting Ruby, hitting the same suplex to her as well. Ruby brings herself upward in a corner to avoid a charging Sonya, additionally hooking onto Sonya with her legs and driving her into a turnbuckle in the same corner. Ruby then avoids an oncoming clothesline by Ember and sends her into Sonya via a hurricanrana. Ruby looks to target both in the corner, but a running knee only meets Sonya’s body as Ember moves to safety. Ember throws Ruby out of the ring then tries to pin Sonya, getting a near fall once more. Ember goes for her middle rope crossbody again but as she makes the downward flight, Sonya takes her down hard with a spear. Sonya looks to win right there, covering Ember, but Ruby has made it back to the canvas and she drops by to break Sonya’s pin.

Ruby throws forearms, running the ropes after to only run into a forearm by Sonya. Sonya duplicates Ruby’s efforts, only taking to the opposite ropes before being hammered by a hard forearm from Ruby. Ruby utilizes the same ropes as before, but is struck by a knee from Sonya on her way back. Sonya hits one fist after another to Ruby, showcasing her striking abilities as Mauro mentions. Ruby pulls at the ropes as Sonya charges towards her and Sonya falls through the ropes and to the floor. An idea comes to fruition fast for Ruby, scanning the ropes. She plots and goes for a suicide dive but is struck by Sonya before she can execute the dive to the floor. As Ruby gets a short time to recover, Ember is back up on the outside, hitting a knee to Sonya. Ember plans to possibly send Sonya back to the ring but is sent into the apron by Sonya per a reversal. Sonya goes for what appears to be a possible superman punch off the apron but Ember jumps high and kicks Sonya mid flight. Meanwhile Ruby has viewed the collapsing competition from back in the ring and has made an ascent up the turnbuckles. She dives onto Sonya and Ember, but seems to do damage to her leg along the way. Despite limping, she is able to take Ember back to the ring, avoiding the attempted offense after by Ember and hitting the pele kick. It takes some effort to crawl over to Ember, considering the pre utilization of the possibly injured leg. Ruby doesn’t even get to pin Ember, dragged away from the fallen former contender by Sonya.

Sonya channels her inner Jack Swagger by prizing the hurt Ruby in an ankle lock. Ruby tries to use the ropes to force Sonya to break, but the match remains under the No Disqualification rule, cancelling out the ruling of rope breaks. Ruby tries to crawl away from the ring but Sonya doesn’t allow this, dragging her to the center and hooking in the Ankle Lock one more time. As Ruby highly struggles against the hold, Ember has began an ascent up the turnbuckles, and with Sonya turned away, she doesn’t see a suspecting Eclipse finish coming. Ember lays out Sonya with her finishing move but Sonya has smartly rolled out of the ring and Ember is forced to make a last moment dash to Ruby. Ember pins Ruby and wins the match, becoming the third contender to the vacant NXT Women’s Championship up for grabs at NXT Takeover War Games, the same championship Ember believed was in prime position to be taken from Asuka by her in the twos heated clashes.

William Regal, NXTs Humble General Manager, is seen backstage not too long after this qualifying match. He appears to have news regarding the crowning of the final contender when he is interrupted by a joyful Billie Kay and bestie and current contender Peyton Royce. Billie is adamant that Regal is about to announce her as the one joining Peyton at NXT Takeover as the remaining contender, but Regal instead breaks the news that the last contender is to be decided next week in a women’s battle royal, with Billie as well as Lacey Evans, Sage Beckett and Bianca Belair as notable names set to compete for this golden opportunity.

(Sonya Deville vs Ember Moon vs Ruby Riot; Triple Threat Number One Contenders Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Darn You NXT for putting two women who are two favorites who i wanted in the Takeover Match at the same time in the same qualifying match. Regardless, it was another good outing featuring the future of NXTs Women’s Division, and while i sulk at the thought of Sonya losing, Embers shortcomings against Asuka made me feel like she really deserved this, and furthermore the win at Takeover if not Peyton as a secondary pick. Whats interesting that i don’t think was picked up in the spoilers (haven’t looked at them in a while so cant remember) is that Sonya got interestingly protected here by not being pinned despite taking the ultimate finish. Instead Ember capitalized on Ruby’s own tumble and even her injury to take the win, and with Ruby vs Nikki seemingly out of the way due to both having a babyface status, a part of me wonders whether this brings forward a Ember vs Ruby feud, even over the NXT Women’s Championship. Sonya also doesn’t get a high length of time in her matches, the squash ones most notable, so this was a much better, more well timed outing for her and the spear and diving/superman punch (i believe it was that?) off the apron right into Embers high kick looked insane. My one worry for Sonya is the signing of Shayna Baszler and their similar backgrounds. While i welcome Shayna’s belief to work her way from the bottom in her dot com interview, i feel she may get pushed over Sonya once introduced, which i feel would be unfair considering Sonya came into NXT first with the defined and utilized MMA background and should eventually be portrayed similar to that of Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey amongst others as an absolute fighter and the woman everyone who steps into the ring with should fear. I Hope there’s a hopeful future for Sonya as i think she has a fantastic and intimidating character. She just really needs a feud that sets her on her next path, that people will remember, one that wont see her losing and disappearing afterward either. Anyway onto next week…as excited as i am for the final qualifier, my heart kinda sunk when Regal stated the battle royal next week was to give other women a chance, when in actuality, it presents an opportunity for a former hopeful. Ill say no more but keep an eye on Bianca amongst others next week as im hopeful this match gives certain ladies a good outing.

– Catherine


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