GFW AMPED ANTHOLOGY PART III RESULTS: Another Triple Threat Sets Up for a Grand Finale (October, 13th 2017)

Welcome Everyone to the third installment of the GFW Anthology Series. The second part of the series that aired last month did not feature a women’s match, meaning we sourly had to wait another month not just to see this match, but to see a former Knockout back on our Television Screens, Katarina Leigh. The Women’s Superstar formerly known as Winter took on Mrs Joey Ryan aka Laura James and Amber Gallows (Amber O Neal) in the second qualifying match to determine who faces the prior victor, Christina Von Eerie, for the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship.

Amber was actually introduced earlier in the show by GFW Co Founder Karen Jarrett, but the segment hasn’t made its way online just yet. They found themselves interrupted by Joey Ryan and also IMPACT Alumni Kenny King rather than the fellow women’s contenders, but nonetheless Amber, the first Lady of the Bullet Club, came across as the popular babyface and got an introduction heading into her match.

Whichhhh im going to get to….Right Now! Out first for the last women’s match before the inevitable final is Katarina Leigh (sadly not being accompanied by the music of her former character, Winter). Stepping out after is a fellow heel, Laura James, then finally Amber, who back in the day, managed now WWE Superstars Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Amber tries to two (censored) Laura and Katarina before the physicality gets underway. Laura wants no part in it, and while Katarina seems to be joining in on it, its all one big hoax, as Katarina strikes Amber moments in with a kick to the midsection. Our Women’s Triple Threat is underway.

Katarina forearms Amber in the back, whipping her over to an opposite corner after. Katarina teams with Laura briefly, trying to whip her into Amber, but Amber moves from the corner, and along the way, takes down Katarina. Laura seizes Amber while shes in the midst of executing forearms to Katarina, setting her up and connecting successfully with a fisherman’s suplex, enough to get a two count on Amber. Katarina soon returns to the ring, kicking Amber, as does Laura. Laura and Katarina coincide with each other as they both work through choking Amber against the second rope, sending her to the mat after. The two execute a double team whip to a far corner, missing the double clothesline to Amber as she dodges upon making her way back. Amber duplicates the two women’s offense with her own double clothesline, sending them down. Amber chops and forearms Katarina before having a whip reversed. Amber is sent to the ropes, kneed by Laura from behind as she meets the ropes. Amber knocks Laura straight to the floor in retaliation, turning and stepping into Katarina’s big boot that follows. Katarina tries to capitalize on this with a pin attempt, scoring a near fall.

Katarina continues to work on Amber, nailing a backbreaker. Laura also joins in with a knee to Amber, and the double team work resumes. This includes attempting to fully wear Amber out as Laura and Katarina lock in a double submission. Katarina loosens her Boston crab and taunts Amber face to face while Laura has locked in a camel clutch still. Laura connects with a suplex while Katarina taunts the watching Vegas crowd. Laura goes to pin Amber but its broken by Katarina, with Laura throwing herself in during Katarina’s own pin attempt to break hers, leading to clear dissension after their well done teaming. A Shoving match ensues between Laura and Katarina and Katarina seems to set up for a Samoan Drop, but instead Amber sends her, as well as Laura, down to the mat with a kick. Amber attempts to pin Katarina after, getting a near fall on the IMPACT Alumni. Amber goes for a neckbreaker after but sees Laura heading towards her. Amber brings Laura into her arms also and connects with a neckbreaker and DDT combo. The impressive combination doesn’t put away Katarina after, as she breaks out of the pin attempt following by Amber at two.

Amber finds herself upright and goes for a clothesline, one Katarina, the target, ducks under. Katarina goes for a possible full nelson lock but Amber slips free, climbing under Katarina then once back to her feet, hitting her with a superkick. Amber delivers a kick after to Laura, following with a facebuster, known otherwise as the Amber Alert. With Katarina out due to the infamous superkick utilized by also Bullet Club Members, the Young Bucks, and Laura out on the mat due to Amber’s follow up finisher, Amber capitalizes on the connected ending move to try and pin Laura, doing so successfully. Amber wins the match and moves on to face Christina Von Eerie to crown an inaugural Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion.

(Amber O Neal vs Laura James vs Katarina Leigh; Triple Threat Women’s Championship Tournament Qualifying Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
To be fair, on first watch i forgot the spoilers so i forgot completely who was going to win this match, but Karen’s endorsement of Amber in the segment i will try to find at a later time kinda gave away who was getting the shining moment, though it could have also gone another way. Personally i felt Laura and Katarina were/are the stronger in ring workers in this match, and i also find the airing time ironic considering the publicity the (current) Bullet Club are getting via the Jimmy Jacobs Ordeal, the Cease and Desist with the Young Bucks and the Cody Rhodes comments on Roman Reigns. But anyway i thought it was a nice match, though i preferred the prior match with Mickie, Tapa and Christina. Its also great to see Katarina back on TV Screens, and im aware shes still working in the ring to this day. I Wouldn’t have minded her winning but ill be watching the final nonetheless.

– Catherine


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