Your Monday Post #184: Paige vs Charlotte for the WWE Divas Championship at WWE Survivor Series 2015 (November, 22nd 2015)

Welcome All. A New Week dawns with the closure of last nights TLC Pay Per View and we are now on the road to Survivor Series. One of the top four Pay Per Views of the year, it often delivers to its audience numerous tag team matches with survival implications, and with the brand split existent, will now pit the two major brands of the WWE against one another. While the women past and present in WWE have played a part in Survivor Series Style Tag Team Matches over the years that wasn’t the case in 2015, as instead the build was towards another clash between heated rivals that year, then Divas Champion Charlotte and the newly villainous Paige.

The Animosity between Paige and Charlotte began following Charlotte’s legitimate Divas Championship victory at Night of Champions. While sitting out of the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View due to the former champion Nikki Bella’s rematch clause, Paige, who had rather quietly hated Charlotte rather than be in awe of one of the big three arrivals in the division that year, rekindled her feud with the New Divas Champion right after as the newly crowned contender. The Former PCB Member challenged the former main roster comrade Charlotte for the Divas Championship at Survivor Series in a debated false finish when Charlotte submitted Paige for the victory, even with her hands under the bottom rope. This lead to a demanded rematch at TLC, and in turn, reversed characteristics, as Paige, beginning to see through the professed Cheater Charlotte, was outwitted by Charlotte and the dirty tactics of father and manager Ric Flair, turning Charlotte heel while continuing her first ever Divas Championship reign.

– Catherine


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