WWE RAW RESULTS: From Tables, Ladders and Chairs to the Reigniting of Brand Wars (October, 23rd 2017)

Welcome all to the post TLC episode of RAW Report, and what a load of encounters we got regarding the women following up from the Pay Per View that saw three women’s bouts, all solid and of decent length. Stemming from Emma’s anger at her Pay Per View loss, the villainous Aussie challenges the newly debuted Asuka once more on this weeks RAW, Alexa takes a chance to brag about defeating veteran challenger Mickie James, A Triple Threat sees high Survivor Series implications and….the Smackdown Ladies have some inner animosity to unleash?

Emma’s rematch against Asuka is first up in terms of women’s related moments on this weeks episode. Though Emma isnt the officially announced opponent as they instead hype that Asuka is making her RAW in ring debut, Emma had been shown fuming in a backstage exclusive in the closure of TLC about her loss and seemingly requested a rematch with the strong empress. Jumping to present day, the charismatic former NXT Womens Champion makes her way to the ring, followed by the entrance of also former NXT performer, Emma. Emma is argumentative and visibly frustrated upon entering the ring, which leaves Asuka also far from impressed before their opening lock up.

Emma channels her aggression in the opening lock up, but Asuka reverses last moment to press Emma against the ropes. Before Asuka can legally break, Emma gives her a helping hand (or shove most definitely) in forcing her release, and Asuka is again shown to be unhappy with the heel opposition, who blindsides her with a quick kick. Asuka targets Emma’s arm briefly before unleashing her known kicks, shoving Emma after her retaliating forearm. Asuka rolls Emma into a cross armbreaker but Emma is luckily very close to the ropes and with her feet exactly there, the Empress Submission gets broken early on. Emma has her arm snapped against the top rope by Asuka, who then sends the opposition to the floor with her running hip attack. Asuka makes her way to the apron to try and collect Emma, but this leads to the execution of momentum reversal as Emma sends Asuka shoulder first into the corner post. Emma pushes Asuka back to the ring, following quick behind her and going for a pin attempt, also luckily moving her leg away from underneath the rope in great ring awareness. Emma gets a one count on Asuka.

Emma drives her elbow repeatedly into Asuka’s shoulder before her next pin attempt, getting a near fall this time on the former NXT Women’s Champion. Emma switches up to her brief stretch, also standing on Asuka’s hair in that time, then connecting with her double underhook suplex. Emma also capitalizes on the combo and gets another near fall on Asuka. Asuka counters a choke-hold by Emma and tries to place Emma in the Asuka Lock. Emma elbows out, attempting a clothesline after but she ends up being caught by Asuka, who goes into a fast backslide pin attempt. Emma’s shoulders don’t meet the mat thus no count is made, and after both women raise themselves into upright position, Emma swings at Asuka and takes her down with a hard clothesline. Emma goes for a pin attempt once more but finds the Empress is still fighting as she kicks out at two.

Emma whips Asuka hard into the corner post, doing the same to Asuka in an opposite corner. Asuka counters the third attempt but ends up turning round into a forearm by Emma. Emma whips Asuka back to the earlier corner but Asuka raises herself onto the middle rope. Asuka connects with a sudden missile dropkick, engaging in a forearm exchange once back on her feet that Emma gets control of. Asuka slaps Emma in the face, dodging her attempt afterward and hitting a load of chops and back fists. Asuka continues the momentum with a German Suplex, re-using her hip attack to attempt to end the match but getting a near fall in the follow up pin attempt instead. Asuka goes for a roundhouse but Emma dodges, ending her current momentum run by sending her face first into the nearby corner. Emma further presses her against the turnbuckles via a boot from behind then rolling her up. It gets broken and before Emma can initiate any response, shes seized by Asuka who locks the Asuka Lock. Emma, despite the aggressive secondary outing, eventually taps and Asuka wins the match.

The next segment sees the RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss out to talk. The Reigning Champion is no part of the Survivor Series traditional tag, instead set to clash with Smackdowns Women’s Champion Natalya per Kurt Angles ruling. Bliss brags first on putting away the veteran Mickie James at TLC, and is adamant she will defeat Smackdowns Crazy Cat Lady Natalya in the new battle for brand supremacy at Survivor Series. While there are two brands, she wants to remind all there is only one Goddess and furthermore is rattled that she had her best performance to date at TLC but didn’t get the chants or respect that AJ Styles one WWE Clash with Finn Balor did. She tries to force the crowd to chant You Deserve It to her for her performance but doesn’t get the response wanted. Mickie James then steps out, not speaking a word but instead physically assaulting Alexa. After leaving her laying via her finisher, Mickie lets out her words, stating Alexa deserves it (in meaning to the attack more so).

Later on, Bayley and Sasha Banks meet Kurt Angle in the back. They praise Kurt Angle over the successful in ring return at TLC, but the discussion is now relating to Survivor Series. While Kurt looks at Sasha and Bayley as examples of good captaincy at Survivor Series, Alicia Fox isnt happy to overhear this. She reminds Kurt of her status as a long tenured performer, also referring to herself as the smartest. She looks to pick out the Survivor Series captain funnily enough in a game of rock, paper, scissors but Kurt says it will be decided in the way RAW does it, booking Sasha vs Bayley vs Alicia with the winner taking charge of RAWs women’s survivor series team.

So to the triple threat we go to sometime later, with the entrances of Sasha, Bayley and Alicia Fox. As mentioned, the winner of the said match captains the yet to be revealed RAW Women’s Team for Survivor Series. Alicia is also in need of comeback momentum after being submitted on the prior night at TLC by Sasha Banks in what was a physical effort. Momentum on the side of Sasha means she may be seizing more by becoming the captain at Survivor Series but will be forced to also battle the bestie Bayley for that spot, noting that fallouts have happened before during in ring competition.

Alicia takes shots at the horsewomen first, kicking Sasha then forearming Bayley. Alicia quickly targets Sasha again, this time with a dropkick, then escaping a suplex attempt by Bayley with forearms. Sasha creates separation between Bayley and Alicia by jumping onto Alicia’s back, but gets sent over the shoulder of the former Divas Champion. Clearing Sasha off briefly, Alicia then connects with a Northern Lights Suplex to Bayley, bridging into the first pin attempt of the match and getting a one count on the former RAW Womens Champion. Alicia switches focus back to her rival Sasha as she strikes with a hard forearm, executing a second northern lights suplex after that leads to another pin attempt, one Sasha also kicks out of as Bayley had. Alicia applies a rear chokehold to Sasha, taking some fists from Sasha. Alicia retaliates with a forearm, fighting Bayley off also as she attempts to seize Alicia as she stalks Sasha. Alicia clears the ring of Bayley by throwing her through the ropes and to the ringside floor. She turns her attention back to Sasha but before she can do anything, Sasha hits her with a kick. Sasha rams Alicia into the very corner she rested up against before, but ends up back in that corner, driven into it head first by Alicia’s counter. Alicia whips Sasha toward the ropes then takes a knee from Sasha as she makes her way back. Bayley makes her way to the ring, assisting Sasha in dropkicking Alicia out of the ring.

With Alicia out for a time, its down to Bayley and Sasha. However Alicia gets herself back up early, glaring at the fellow opponents and bringing herself back to the ring before any of them can have an altercation. Alicia charges over to Bayley and Sasha, who throw her through the opposite ropes and to the floor. They watch Alicia get back up again, stopping her chance to return to the ring with a double dropkick. Alicia tries to regroup from the besties teamwork as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, it seems the besties teamwork hadn’t fully thwarted Alicia, as shes back in the ring trying to wear out Banks with a rear chokehold applied. Sasha counters a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker attempt upon breakage, rolling up Alicia and getting a near fall. Alicia goes for a clothesline, missing Sasha who outsmarts her with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor. Sasha rolls Alicia out of the corner following sandwiching her with her running double knee strike, making her way up to the top rope only to be cheapshotted by Alicia. Alicia gives Sasha some slaps to deal with, but Sasha stays seated regardless. Bayley sneaks back into the ring, having a hold of Alicia as she battles Sasha on the ropes, bringing both down hard on the mat with a tower of doom suplex. Bayley covers Alicia, not putting her away as hoped as she gets a near fall.

Alicia brings herself to the apron, hoisted up by Bayley and brought between the ropes, where she takes knees and forearms. Bayley nails her neckbreaker to Alicia, dragging her back to the ring after for the next pin attempt and getting once more a near fall. Bayley tries to rebound, going for a corner splash but eating a countering back elbow from Alicia. Alicia hammers Bayley in the face with a huge boot, but despite the impact, Alicia doesn’t put Bayley away either, getting a near fall. The former Divas Champ throws a legitimate tantrum, storming to ringside and seizing the ring bell, continually ringing it to the aggravation of the referee. Sasha, who was regrouping also on the outside, throws away the ring bell before Fox can try to use it and takes a kick from the competitor in response. While Alicia watches Sasha’s tumble, Bayley tries to take advantage via rolling over Alicia, but Alicia breaks out, only to take Bayleys finisher. Bayley sees the finish there but her pin is broken by Sasha of all people. This leads to Sasha and Bayley trading forearms. Sasha hits Bayley with a high knee, then taken down by a furious Bayley. Bayley drops Sasha on her back and readies to finish Sasha with her finisher, not seeing Alicia awaiting behind her, imitating her set up. Alicia seizes Bayleys waist and hits Bayleys own finisher on her, and after clearing the former champ from the ring, she goes for the axe scissor kick on Sasha, only to be tripped to the mat first. Sasha manages to get Alicia into her Bank Statement Submission, keeping it locked in for an amount of time as Alicia tries to seek ways to break out. Alicia finds her way up and breaks herself off from Sasha, launching her into Bayley who is only just making her way back into the ring. Alicia takes advantage of the bump by taking Bayley back in the ring for one more pin attempt, pinning her in turn. Alicia wins the match, earning the captaincy spot at Survivor Series.

Speaking of Survivor Series, while RAW is ready to reveal all about who will lead their brand and look like a supreme force against Smackdown, it appears the rival brand has already planned to strike in between these plans. Shane McMahon arrives with a portion of the Smackdown Roster, including Natalya, Becky Lynch, Tamina and Carmella. McMahon sends them all after Kurt Angle, and while they briefly lose track of him, they beat up a lot of the superstars backstage, even the women brawl with Mickie James, Bayley, Sasha and Alicia, also scaring off Dana, Emma, Alexa and some of the make up ladies. Lead on by Corbin and Rusev, the Smackdown Crew seize Angle and bring him back to the ring, face to face with Shane McMahon who warns him that the Smackdown Brand is ready to finish what they started at Survivor Series. With that message sent, Shane ends his one night invasion, directing himself and the roster back through the crowd and out of the arena to end RAW.

(Emma vs Asuka)

(Asuka on RAW Fallout)

(Alexa Bliss and Mickie James Segment)

(Kurt Angle, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alicia Fox Backstage Segment)

(Alicia Fox vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks; Winner Becomes RAWs Women’s Survivor Series Team Captain)

(Smackdown Invasion Segment feat Becky Lynch, Carmella, Tamina, Natalya, Dana Brooke, Emma, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alicia Fox and Mickie James)

Thoughts On:
Emma/Asuka: I Was really worried at first when this rematch came about, as i thought they’d crush the legitimacy of Asuka and Emma’s rivalry found back in NXT by turning their always competitive showdowns into a squash to enhance Asuka’s already known dominance. Luckily that wasn’t the case, and while not as lengthy as back at TLC, it was of decent length, Emma looked aggressive and looked like the heel veteran giving the newcomer her unkind welcome. I Expect this feud to be over per Emma taking these two losses, leading to Asuka being a part of RAWs Survivor Series Team, especially since Angle will be looking to rebound against the brutal Smackdown Crew whichever way possible, wanting to easily throw the best of the best of his division in the fray to assure dominance. But i wouldn’t mind Asuka sitting out as not only would RAW become the obvious winners as they wont even let Asuka lose elimination style, but it would give Dana Brooke something to do if not a part of the Survivor Series team by renewing their history.

Alexa/Mickie Segment: Another positive was the continuation of Mickie and Alexa. It really defined continuity as Mickie promised that the night before was not her last championship match, and with Alexa continuing on her anti Mickie insults, Mickie’s revenge was easily far from done. While Alexa has Natalya to deal with at Survivor Series, Mickie is sure to be a factor in the matches outcome unless Alexa drops the title to Mickie beforehand with rematch clause yet to be utilized.

Alicia/Bayley/Sasha: Carrying on the positives here. While its known that Alicia had lost at TLC and was in need of revenge, i expected for Alicia to be in the position in the triple threat just to enhance the usually pushed names, so to not only have Alicia win but add unpredictability to the Survivor Series Team as her actions may play into who makes the team and who doesn’t, it was really fresh. Sure it might just be brief but im interested to see what Alicia does as captain but i fear RAW may forget the legitimacy of the captain spot by having the GM overrule and make the team member decisions over Alicia, taking character development away from her. At this time though, while im not shocked that Sasha may find a way onto the Pay Per View like most cases, i expect Alicia to use their surely continuing rivalry to try and keep her out of the team. When it comes to Survivor Series night however, unless Alicia’s captaincy is overthrown between then, i expect her actions to cause the team to fall apart or for tension to grow between whoever is selected. If Bayley and Sasha somehow make the time or Emma and Asuka i expect them to break out into full on brawls and in turn, turn away from the idea of working as a team to disagreeing and furthering their own angles. Anything can happen with this RAW Survivor Series team come Survivor Series or the weeks before so thats exciting to know, but again i hope the General Manager doesnt overrule the decision making of the captain.

Smackdown Invasion Segment: Ok im mixed on this. Smackdown wants to come across as the villains to make RAW look like the heroic, retaliating brand later, that is clear. But this comes at the expense of Shane McMahon, Becky Lynch and Tye Dillinger as characters as well as the New Day. Why did Becky get used when shes one of the rosters strongest babyfaces, New Day and Tye included? Why not Lana instead? Why Did Dana and Emma not fight back, instead looking somewhat like cowards while Sasha and Bayley as well as Alicia and Mickie looked like fighters when the women of WWE are meant to be portrayed as strong women individually? If Emma wants everything to be about her, why would she let the Smackdown Women take on her roster and steal her spotlight? Even Dolph and Bobby Roode were working together despite their current on screen rivalry. Why were the Usos not used and instead the New Day, the face team selling as much merch as possible? So many questions but either way The Smackdown roster looked like absolute savage heels, leading on a war and beating down on whoever they could and that is undeniable. I Would have preferred just heels being used in this segment, though i understand Becky’s point about how RAW snatched up their best stars and took them away and how they always look like or sound like the best brand, meaning Smackdown want revenge, though i do hope in the next few weeks, since Becky is Smackdowns Captain (SPOILER) that she makes up for that booking with a passionate promo during another invasion, this time women lead, about how Smackdown has been overlooked, misused and mistreated in favor of RAWs continually defined supremacy. At this rate, i feel RAWs comeback is going to look as babyface and as strong as possible no matter what Smackdown does, and knowing Vince’s outlook on RAW and how its been treated over Smackdown since the superstar shake up, i expect, especially since Smackdown struck first to look strong, for RAW to look ultimately superior at Survivor Series and for KO and Sami Zayn to somehow play into it. Either way Shane is going to be apologizing to RAW sooner or later and moving forward. Its such a shame that the Smackdown roster was actually stronger, especially women’s wise last year, and still couldn’t win and probably aren’t this time around either. But like i mentioned while discussing the triple threat, there’s legit unpredictability on who makes RAWs team with Fox as captain, though if Asuka makes the cut, you can again kiss Smackdowns chances goodbye for another year.

– Catherine

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  1. wwefans says:

    Can’t Asuka get eliminated by Count Out like Braun did last year during men’s Survivor Series match.

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