WWE RAW RESULTS: The Mancunians Get Little of the Empress But More Cemented Survivor Series Build (November, 6th 2017)

RAW has hit the homeland! Yes the folks of WWE are in the UK for much of the week, and as part of their European tour, RAW invaded Manchester. Women’s wise we have Women’s Tag Team Action and a singles match with Survivor Series implications, and even a brief appearance from our RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, who has her own Survivor Series Battle ahead.

So first we have Asuka competing in what is indeed a brief match. Per the crews arrival in the UK, the company are surely scouting some of the countries best, and getting a chance to take on Asuka from the homeland is Isla Dawn. Once in the ring, Asuka is straight to work, unleashing her known hard kicks on Isla. Asuka urges shots from Isla, taking a small few before hitting back. Rapid back fists and a back kick from Asuka follow, and after a running hip attack, she kicks and knees the front of Islas body. Asuka then sets up the Asuka Lock, and poor Isla struggles to find a way out thus tapping out. Asuka wins the match and Alicia Fox announces from the backstage area that she has placed Asuka on Team RAW for Survivor Series.

Alicia Fox returns later to join Nia Jax, who she brought back to RAW last week, to take on Sasha Banks and Bayley. Sasha and Bayley, despite having no place on the card at Survivor Series just yet, receive the UK fans adulation inside the ring. The fans lovable sing along continues as Bayley and Alicia begin to spar.

Alicia evades a opening lock up with Bayley, and before Bayley can get her hands on RAWs team captain, she paces over to Nia and makes a successful tag to the recently returned superstar, who had competed against Bayley in a dominant effort last week in what was her return match. Bayley and Nia lock up and Nia channels her power early to easily bring Bayley to a corner. Nia tosses Bayley with ease to another corner, proceeding with a headbutt before moving Bayley out of the corner. Nia, after taunting the audience, clotheslines Bayley against an earlier corner, using her power also to escape a headlock. Bayley attempts forearms despite frequent toss offs and as she runs the ropes, Sasha tags in and the two work together to try and take Nia towards a corner, doing so successfully. While Sasha whipping Bayley into Nia works out, Sasha’s own attack briefly falls flat as Nia takes her onto the apron. Sasha knocks Nia away from behind the ropes and ascends to the top rope, going for a diving crossbody that Nia blocks. Nia goes for some sort of slam, but Sasha slips free, attempting an underneath roll up but Nia stays aground. Sasha uses her agility to evade Nia’s oncoming elbow drop, bringing her shoulders to the mat via a shining wizard. Sasha covers Nia, who powers out at one.

Nia drives Sasha into the heels corner and Alicia makes the successful tag back in. After a single kick, she leads Sasha out of the corner and pummels her with a forearm. Alicia proceeds with a snapmare takedown and reverts to a side headlock, then trying to ram Sasha into an earlier corner when she attempts escape only for Sasha to place her foot against the corner to stall. Alicia ends up hitting various corners courtesy of Sasha, and then Bayley makes a tag, delivering a single kick to Alicia once in. Bayley works on the left arm of Alicia then takes her to the ropes. Alicia avoids running into potential offense from Bayley, booting her instead. Bayley takes Alicia outside but Nia stomps in and sends Bayley in the same direction. Nia boasts over her moment of dominance as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Nia hasn’t let up on that dominance, delivering an elbow drop to Bayley who is now back in the ring. Nia hits a second then plants Bayley face first against a turnbuckle in the heels corner. Nia tags back in Alicia, hoisting a vulnerable Bayley up to be Alicia’s target. Alicia strikes Bayley right in the midsection, then positioning her behind the ropes, leaving her vulnerable to strikes in the back. Once Alicia has Bayley back in the ring, she goes for a cover and gets a near fall on the former RAW Women’s Champion. Alicia locks in a side headlock to try and further wear Bayley out, swinging her to the mat before she can utilize founded momentum. Alicia, with a grip on Bayleys leg, uses a free hand to tag Nia back in. Nia gives Bayley a single stomp, mocking the fellow superstar before crushing her against a corner. Bayley axe handles Nia continuously then gets caught in midair by Nia, though she manages to loosen herself only to be sent towards the earlier corner. Bayley floats, avoiding the second lot of corner offense from Nia, or so hoped as Nia catches her again. Nia drives her right into the opposite corner, with Bayleys head bouncing off the high top turnbuckle. Nia tries to get a shot at Sasha, missing and switching back to targeting Bayley, seemingly utilizing Emma’s brief stretch hold. Nia swings Bayley back to the heels corner with ease, tagging Alicia amid her celebration of momentous momentum.

However, Alicia may be too busy celebrating to realize her opponent is about to turn back in full swing as Bayley hits Alicia with a sudden kick. Bayley uses forearms to fend Alicia and Nia off at the same time but doesn’t get to reach Sasha as Alicia quickly hooks the arm. Alicia tries to whip Bayley to a corner, but Bayley uses this advantageously to dropkick Nia off the apron. Bayley then manages to trip Alicia into the second turnbuckle, but the wounded superstar doesn’t make it to Sasha as hoped as Alicia springs back to life and tries to stop Bayleys ascent. Unlucky for Alicia, Bayley isn’t even fingertips away, managing to push through and tag Sasha in.

Sasha raises herself behind the ropes to hit Alicia with a knee, then hitting double knees off the top rope to take down RAWs Team Captain. Sasha also dropkicks Nia before she can get back to the apron, then taken by the hair by Alicia. Sasha fends Alicia off with offense, including her tilt-a-whirl headscissor. Sasha blocks a double boot in the corner from Alicia, swinging her towards the ropes, leaving her hanging between the ropes to take double knees again, this time in the midsection. Sasha tries to put Alicia away there, only getting a near fall per the interference from Nia. Bayley comes in to execute Clear out, jumping onto the back of Nia. Nia uses the ropes to try and throw Bayley over, but Bayley hangs on, and with help from Sasha, Nia ends up hitting the floor. From behind, Alicia rolls Sasha up, broken up by Sasha at a count of two, and the former RAW Women’s Champion hooks Alicia at the chin for the Bank Statement. Alicia taps out and Bayley and Sasha win the match. Seeing herself overcome by RAWs dominant duo, Alicia adds Sasha to the Survivor Series Match, considering the fact she was the one that submitted Alicia. But how will Bayley respond?

We lastly see Alexa Bliss backstage for an interview with Charly Caruso. Charly asks her about her upcoming non title bout with the Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya, to which Alexa gives a typical Cat Lady remark, before reminding herself of Natalya’s claims she ran her off RAW. Charly cheekily reminds Alexa that she had bolted when Natalya and Crew brought RAW under siege, but Alexa assures her that she doesn’t run anywhere she doesn’t want to. If anything she will run circles over Natalya at Survivor Series, then drops a little maths question to Charly, asking her what one plus one equals. Charly responds with Two but Alexa “corrects” her by saying that its one, as in there’s only one Goddess in WWE.

(Asuka vs Isla Dawn; Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment)

(Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox and Nia Jax)

Thoughts On:
Asuka/Isla: Ive said it before, ill say it again. I Feel these squash matches have just been served to Asuka because they have no direction for her in the wake of coldly releasing Emma from her contract (despite having other women open to facing her on the roster). There wasn’t much reaction to it this week, but on the plus side, while not giving much in terms of offense, we got a look in at just one of our many female wrestlers here in the UK, so i send a wholehearted congratulations to Isla on her tryout and what i believe was her first ever WWE TV match. As for the post match development, i saw days ago (while its unknown if its legitimate) that Smackdown were penciled in to beat the RAW Women at Survivor Series. Obviously forcing the idea that RAW is once again superior in many ways possible has me feeling that that booking is reversed, and whether Natalya and Charlotte switch roles at Survivor Series come next week or not, RIP Smackdown Women’s Division now Asuka is on the team. Need one of those mystery attacker angles ASAP.

Bayley/Sasha vs Alicia/Nia: As Good as the match was, i couldn’t find myself interested in it at all. I’m still pleased Alicia has control over who she picks for her team rather than the GM, but i don’t get the idea of her bringing Sasha onto her team when they just feuded, other than the fact that she saw how strong she is through the ending submission that shes taken 12388559969 times. Originally id expect Alicia to anger Sasha over the weeks by trying to keep her and/or Bayley off the team as much as possible, but the roster has been reduced with Emma’s release and their somewhat blindness of recognizing that Dana is still on the roster. I Wouldn’t mind if they went ahead with an angle where Nia and Alicia are setting Sasha up to sideline her to set up Sasha and Nia feuding again post Survivor Series, but we know that isn’t happening and that RAW are setting up the most superior team yet. By next week, either Bayley, Mickie James or Dana Brooke aren’t making the cut as the final member and two of these women are likely candidates not to be in that spot sadly.

– Catherine


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