Your Monday Post #189: Natalya vs Brie Bella on WWE RAW (January, 18th 2016)

Welcome all to another week of wrestling, and speaking of a week duration, it was just a week ago that Paige made a long overdue, long awaited return to WWE Television, bringing along a new alliance as she and NXT Superstars Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose laid waste to just a few of RAWs Women’s Superstars. Ive highlighted before Paige’s past return when she attacked Nikki Bella and Naomi to restart her pursuit for the Divas Championship, but there’s one i haven’t really reflected on until now and that was Paige’s return as a babyface back last year alongside the also returning Natalya.

While Becky Lynch, NXT Alumni just like Paige, was chasing the Divas Championship held by her then enemy Charlotte, Paige and Natalya made their returns to WWE TV, as Natalya took on fellow Total Divas Star Brie Bella. This would notably be a year following the set up of Paige and Natalya’s feud with the Bella Twins that went into the 2015 Royal Rumble, but it wasn’t the case a year later, as the Total Divas didn’t make the 2016 match-card. But regardless it was a successful in ring return for Natalya, submitting the Team Bella Member for the victory. Team Bella would also be phased out during Brie’s babyface turn heading into FastLane as a brief contender for the Divas Championship, but all Women featured in this highlighted match, whether ringside or competing, would later end up on the same side heading into WrestleMania as the Total Divas were cruelly targeted by their fellow women’s superstars in a movement lead by the Woman set to debut at the big event, Lana.

– Catherine


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