WWE RAW RESULTS: Believe in Absolution (November, 27th 2017)

A Week has passed since an eventful moment impacted RAWs women’s division when the return of Paige lead to the arrivals of two NXT upstarts in an attempt to takeover the division. Having laid waste to plenty of the divisions competitors last week, the newly named Absolution look to dominate the week following, but will they lure their prior targets or seek out someone a little different? Lets find out…

Sasha Banks, Mickie and Bayley, the center targets of Paige and her stable mates last week, are set to unite and face them in tag team action this week. Sasha is out first, but the atmosphere for the RAW Women’s Champion starts to get somber and somber when she watches her tag partners never emerge to their entrance music. Instead out come the clear culprits for the missing presences, Mandy Rose, Paige and Sonya Deville. Alexa, poised at the commentary table for the should-be-match even ends up moving to the back before Paige can possibly make her a target again, but the trio have eyes focused on Sasha. Paige mocks Sasha over having no allies at her side, wondering where exactly they are, and the tron confirms quickly everyone’s suspicions as Bayley and Mickie are shown writhing in agony backstage. Following up from the footage, the Anti Diva and her fellow vixens of violence proceed to the ring for what may now be a handicap match, but Paige has a little something to get off her chest. She wants to explain her recent actions alongside Sonya and Mandy, trying to lay claim to being the reason the term “Diva” was erased in the place of Women’s Superstars in WWE. Seeing herself as a Matriarch for the Women’s Division, she wanted to make a statement last week about who she is. She announces that herself and her comrades go under the name of Absolution and allows for Sonya and Mandy to give their say while they circle a lone Sasha Banks.

Mandy is first to speak. She states that before there was a Boss, or before there was the Four Horsewomen, or a Goddess or an Empress, there was Paige. That she hasn’t forgotten. Following up from Mandy’s Pro Paige Statement is Sonya, who credits every woman for raising the game, but the game couldn’t be raised without Paige. That is why the two pledge allegiance, and furthermore Absolution will turn into a different revolution. Having heard what her stable mates have to say, Paige gives Sasha a chance to join them, to be with them or instead against them. Sasha takes some steps, fairly slowly, no verbal response given. She doesn’t give Paige whats hoped though, instead lunging at her and knocking her off the apron. While Paige briefly disappears, Sonya and Mandy beat down on Sasha and after selective finishers, Sasha is done and Absolution stand tall for a second week going.

Also this week, late into the show in its third hour, Dana Brooke gets a rematch against Asuka, not lasting as long, even at all, as her last one. An even more confident Dana charges towards Asuka on the bell and is immediately roped into the Asuka Lock and submitted, awarding Asuka possibly her quickest win ever, but its the set up for something more than just an additional victory for the Empress….

Absolution are back, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Paige. The Three Villainous Vixens surround the ring, eyes focused on the dominant performer of the Women’s Division. However they take a different approach this time around, and rather than pounce on the former NXT Women’s Champion, they remain on the outside and don’t make further moves, even letting Asuka step to the back on her own free will. Did her absolutely quick victory over Dana make her a dangerous nemesis for Absolution? Or is there something sinister afoot regarding the Empress and her suggested foes?

(Sasha Banks Backstage Exclusive)

(Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Bayley vs Sonya Deville, Paige and Mandy Rose)

(Asuka vs Dana Brooke feat Sonya Deville, Paige and Mandy Rose)

(Dana Brooke on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Absolution/Sasha: First of all, i dig the stable name. Second, nice idea to go with the tag match never happening and instead letting the Stable look dominant again not only by laying waste to top competitors backstage but by attacking another top competitor alone and leaving her all vulnerable. In my opinion Mandy and Paige delivered the best mic work here, though i give Sonya high props for not letting the What Chants get to her, maybe she’ll get some shut down pointers backstage from Alexa. Something that isn’t noted much from this segment however is Alexa’s disappearing act. She was definitely heel here and could remain so in the near future, but i aren’t doubting Alexa doing a union of the women’s division or even just with Nia to try and take Absolution on. Sure it’ll be hard for Alexa to gather the division and put them by her side, but if that is the direction, i expect them to unite just with the idea of saving the division they represent and not solely for Alexa.

Asuka/Dana Brooke: Im split on this. I Get WWE want Asuka to look superior in every way possible, the destroyer of the division, but like Emma, Dana has had legitimately good matches with Asuka, her first main roster one being last week. I Felt like Dana taking that ending so quickly ruined the legitimacy of their matches and their feud and her overall as a competitor but sadly there’s always someone looking the weakest out of the division when put in the enhancement role. What saddens me even more is Dana has family in hospital and could have been there for them but was flown into RAW for a match that only lasted three seconds? I Get maybe she found out while at the site of RAW but if WWE weren’t going to give her a meaningful match, they could have just let her fly to tend to her family. A More meaningful booking approach in my opinion would be Absolution circling Asuka then Dana appearing and attacking her from behind to get revenge for last week, either to showcase her own intentions or to join the group. But i do get Absolution leaving the biggest target alone, maybe until last, and while i would hope for Paige to manipulate Dana into joining them to make more numbers to go up against Asuka, the unexpected segment with Apollo and Titus appears to rule it out. While they seem to be leaning towards Paige vs Asuka at a certain time, hopefully not right away to kill the stables momentum, i wouldn’t be surprised if WWE randomly booked Asuka to join the stable despite being a lone destroyer and lone wolf, and logically they wouldn’t need Asuka with Sonya as Absolution’s Muscle because it would cause likely overshadowing. But another good week for the stable, and lets see if Alexa and maybe even Nia Jax rebound against Absolution, and whether WWE actually take the odd alignment of Titus Worldwide and Dana Brooke forward, though i don’t see Dana gathering wins at their side to make the unit effective especially when Sasha, Bayley and even Mickie may be picking up revenge wins at some point, so someone has to lose outside of Alicia against Absolution and/or Asuka. Right now while i can applaud WWE somewhat for recycling a never completed storyline for Dana, i can see it just being to give her supporters hope and nothing further, so lets hope im wrong on that. Fingers Crossed because Dana’s own evolution does not need ignoring.

– Catherine


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