IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Hot Mess Van Ness’s Opposition Awaits……But Whom? (December, 7th 2017)

Last week a Knockouts Tournament to crown a new champion to represent the Knockouts Division post Gail Kim retirement was kick started, with Laurel Van Ness getting the surprise win in the first qualifying match. This week the tournament continues with another triple threat to decide Van Ness’s opponent to battle her over the Knockouts Title, whether that would be the woman who attacked her at Bound for Glory, Rosemary, the former champion Sienna or a popular babyface more desperate than ever to prove she can be Knockouts Champion again, Allie. Its Rosemary vs Sienna vs Allie in a Semi Final Triple Threat Match!

The Match is the overall second match on this weeks episode. Entering first is the former champion defeated back at Bound for Glory, Sienna, who via recent video packages, has shown disdain at Kim retiring after winning her title. Next is Rosemary, one of the longest reigning Knockouts Champions going into 2017 until Sienna had ended her streak. Lastly is Allie, also a former champion like her respective opponents, still waiting on the chance to show she can represent as Knockouts Champion again (or a more longer basis). She even gets to hug the title on the way to the ring, and on another note, this is the first time Allie and Rosemary are meeting as opponents inside the six sided ring over the championship contendership.

The three women begin to circle each other as the match gets started but no offense is thrown just yet, as Sienna shows no interest in being pounced on and escapes the ring. Allie goes after her but is tripped by Sienna near the ropes. She tries to drag Allie to the floor but is kicked by Rosemary, who makes the save. Team Demon Bunny team up on Sienna on the outside, exchanging offense to the former Knockouts Champion. Sienna ends up back in the ring, Allie following behind her then Rosemary. Allie splashes Sienna against a far corner, Rosemary following with the same maneuver. Rosemary connects with a suplex that Allie innocently takes advantage of by trying to cover Sienna right after, breaking up the pin attempt with an escape when she sees Rosemary heading towards her, trying to break it up herself. Rosemary shoves Allie in the face and proceeds with a corner attack that Allie avoids as she heads to the apron, face to face with Rosemary. Their stare down is interrupted by Sienna, who attacks both of them, sending Allie to the floor in turn.

With Allie out, Sienna singularly targets Rosemary, first with a chop then running her into various corners. Sienna goes for a corner splash but Rosemary blocks it, locking the Upside Down on Sienna from the outside. Allie kicks Rosemary in the head to break the brief hold, and with Rosemary on the floor, Allie goes after Sienna in the ring. She tries to pin Sienna but Rosemary has recovered, bounding back into the ring and breaking the babyfaces pin attempt. Again Rosemary and Allie seem to be at odds but work in unison to evade Sienna’s offense but their double team is reversed when Sienna knocks Allie and Rosemary’s heads together. Sienna clotheslines Rosemary over the ropes then boots a charging Allie. This barely beats Allie though as the babyface kicks out of the pin attempt from Sienna at one.

Sienna kicks Allie continuously against a corner, choking her out against the bottom rope to close. Allie hits forearms to retaliate before attempting a whip that doesn’t work out. Instead Sienna sends Allie back first into an opposite corner, though Allie blocks the follow up attack with a knee. A kick by Allie blocks another attack from Sienna while maintaining Allie’s position on the second rope. Sienna heads to the second rope, joining Allie and managing to get the upper hand when they battle. Sienna floors Allie with a big superplex off the middle rope, going for another pin attempt, broken by Rosemary. Rosemary and Allie lock in submissions at the same time on Sienna, though Sienna does not tap out, a winner complicated in deciding nonetheless if she had. Allie and Rosemary break away from Sienna, and frustration boils over for both former champions as Allie throws a forearm at Rosemary with Rosemary soon hitting one back. The strong forearm exchange continues between the two till Rosemary switches up to a kick that Allie ducks under. Allie and Rosemary switch their target to Sienna, avoiding altercating again between themselves to fend off Sienna with double superkicks. Allie connects with a codebreaker to Sienna, and Sienna takes a German Suplex from Rosemary right after. Sienna ends up clearing off, leaving Rosemary and Allie to their lonesome again. Allie awaits for Rosemary to turn, going for a codebreaker again, but the Demon Assassin catches her midway and counters into the Red Wedding. The move takes out Allie and Rosemary gets the three count. Rosemary wins the match, meeting Laurel next week for the vacant Knockouts Title.

Later in the show, Allie is frantic backstage, feeling like she blew her shot at becoming Knockouts Champion again. Gail Kim assures her otherwise and furthermore tries to assure her that it is her time. Allie has to repeat this over and over again to try and motivate herself, which seems to work.

(Sienna vs Allie vs Rosemary; Knockouts Championship Number One Contendership Triple Threat Match)

(Gail Kim and Allie Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another solid showdown in the Knockouts Tournament and at last, some exchanges between Allie and Rosemary in ring wise. The formula in this match worked with two babyfaces and considerable rivals against each other and the singular avenging heel who was once Knockouts Champion so the teamwork placement was easily there, along with the usual idea of every woman for themselves. As for the finish, it really could have gone either way. Rosemary could have pinned Sienna to get revenge for her breaking her streak as an undefeated competitor but instead Allie was pinned. I Feel this was to play into Allie’s continuing angle of continuing to motivating herself towards getting gold, not quite getting there but reaching it in the end so the segment with Gail was very much needed to motivate Allie post loss and make her believe in herself again despite defeat. I have a feeling this plays into her angle with the future Knockouts Champion but i wont say much else on that other than its a feud i will enjoy seeing being reignited again.

– Catherine


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