Your Monday Post #191: AJ Lee Confronts Paige Over Her Heel Turn on Monday Night RAW (July, 28th 2014)

Welcome all to this weeks opening post. With that being said, a throwback is indeed being showcased as per tradition, and while its unknown at this time what the recently returned Paige and her newest comrades Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose may be doing on RAW this week, hows about a throwback to one of Paige’s moments as her main roster career evolved back in 2014?

Paige stepped onto Monday Night RAW post WrestleMania 30, shocking the WWE Universe by dethroning then Divas Champion AJ Lee on her first night on a challenge Lee verbally made herself, winning her first main roster title in turn. Paige engaged in small feuds with the likes of Tamina and Alicia Fox during Lee’s respite, and once the former Divas Champion returned to confront the woman who had overcame her, she managed to take back the Divas Championship in similar fashion, furthermore retaining against the former NXT Women’s Champion at Battleground. The Post Battleground episode of RAW exposed a darker side to Paige, as she showed no kindness to Lee over her recent victories and transition back to champion, pummeling her after a quick tag team match, and just a week later, she set out to explain her actions. While she tried regarding Lee as a friend, Paige admitted her actions were due to losing the championship, claiming she would never go out of her way to act similarly again. This lead to Lee confronting her face to face, revealing to have held animosity over the post WrestleMania 30 defeat at the hands of the “Anti Diva”. Lee then promised to talk to her to her face like a real woman, only to be set off by Paige’s response that the Divas Champion herself is “Crazy” and thus Lee’s beat down on the new heel ensued. The more ignited feud between the two went into Summerslam, where Paige unexpectedly walked out as a 2x Champion.

– Catherine


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