GFW AMPED ANTHOLOGY PART IV RESULTS: The Womens Champion Representing the Global Force is To Be Crowned (December, 8th 2017)

Welcome all to the final GFW Amped Anthology report. The final part of the Amped Series aired recently, but only today did i find an embeddable link to the relevant match im reporting on so before i speak on that, let me give a quick recap on whats gone on over the past few episodes. A GFW Women’s Title Tournament would take place in the form of two triple threat matches, with the winners from both squaring off in the final to decide the first ever/inaugural Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion. Christina Von Eerie overcame IMPACT Wrestling Alumni Mickie James and LeiD Tapa in the first qualifier, while Amber Gallows would defeat Laura James and also IMPACT Wrestling Alumni Katarina Leigh (also known as Winter or Katie Lea Burchill). With that being said, the finals are set as the Woman fka Tokkin Christina Von Eerie battles the “Bullet Babe” Amber Gallows in the final of this tournament and there’s little waiting, because im gonna get down to that right now.

A Promo Package gives a visual recap of Von Eerie’s and Gallows advancements in the tournament, with an outlook on their confidence and feelings also heading into the final match that both these women have qualified for. Karen Jarrett, the co founder for the company, also has her own individual comments on boths advancements as does Chael Sonnen. Moving on from the promo package, Karen Jarrett heads to ringside, flashing the companies women’s championship belt while also readying to oversee the battle to crown the first holder of that belt. Christina is then making her way through backstage and to the arena all the way to the ring, followed by the entrance of fellow contender Amber Gallows, without the presence of Gallows or Anderson. Both women get introductions once in the ring, and once both challengers have had their introductions concluded, the match to crown the first women’s champion in Global Force Wrestling can begin.

Amber tries to get Christina to join in a Too Sweet taunt to kick things off but Christina shows no interest. Christina seems to have a change of heart not that long later, offering to do the Too Sweet taunt but its a clear trap as soon shown. Amber goes to Too Sweet Christina and gets slapped across the face. Christina elbows the lower back of Amber then proceeds to choke her against the nearby second rope, adding a headbutt before pressing her boot up against Amber’s chin, choking her against and above the top turnbuckle in turn. Christina gives Amber a single forearm as she brings her to the middle of the ropes, then irish whipping her to the opposite side of the ring and attempting to clothesline Amber on her way back only to miss. Amber repeats Christina’s earlier savagery with a slap to the face before heading to the ropes herself, spearing her once she makes her way back towards the fellow competitor. Amber doesn’t pin, instead forearming Christina a few times.

Amber knees Christina in the chest, kicking her down to the mat after a couple of strikes are landed. Amber goes for the first pin attempt on Christina, getting a near fall result. Christina reverses the follow up irish whip by Amber, leading to Amber hitting a corner. Christina charges toward Amber, who makes her way upward instead and traps Christina in a headscissor. Amber releases after a short time due to being on the ropes, then returns to the ring to roll up Christina, getting a near fall again. Christina forearms Amber, executes an arm wringer and goes for a high roundhouse that Amber ducks under. Christina’s follow up kick hits successfully, and after tossing her backwards to the mat, Christina attempts her own pin, getting a one count.

Christina kicks the back of Amber’s right shoulder, headbutting again before maneuvering her towards the ropes. Christina’s whip falls flat as Amber barely budges, instead trying to fend Christina off with a forearm. Christina arm drags Amber away from the ropes and kicks her in the back, two more following before a kick to the midsection is countered by Amber, leading to Christina falling to the mat. Amber heads to the opposite side of the ring during Christina’s regroup moment, throwing more offense at her, eventually managing to yank her away from the ropes as well and to the other side. Amber gives Christina two clotheslines and a Russian Leg Sweep but again it doesn’t put away Von Eerie as she kicks out at two. Christina is whipped to a corner but she floats, also catching Amber with both legs as she oversees Amber oncoming. Amber sends Christina to the apron, trying to clothesline her off it to no avail. Christina headbutts Amber again and sets up for what may be a suplex over the top rope, but Amber stalls with offense. Christina snaps Amber’s jaw against the top rope, dragging her to the apron by her blonde locks and setting up a double underhook suplex on the apron. Amber throws Christina right over her back, to the back side of the apron and to the floor to counter.

Amber knocks the side of Christina’s head against the apron, only for Christina to retaliate by throwing Amber over to the barricade. Christina leaps off the middle rope, her target intending to be none other than Amber but Amber moves in good time and the jaw of Christina meets the barricade/guardrail. Amber takes advantage of Christina’s landing and brings her back to the six sided ring, following close behind her. Within moments she tries to pin the fellow competitor but again she only gets a near fall over her intended result. Frustration is setting in easily for Amber as she goes for the next pin attempt instantly only for it to send the same way. Amber kicks Christina as she rests up in a corner, setting her up to be seated on the top turnbuckle. Christina boots away Amber but she just comes back with more high up forearms, only for Christina to block, trying to overturn into her finisher. Instead Amber swivels over and Christina is dragged by her arm all the way down to the mat. Amber boots Christina in the face for another near fall.

Christina climbs over to the ropes but Amber is in pursuit as Christina makes her way there. Christina only has seconds to react and does so as she trips Amber to the second rope. She then knees Amber as she hangs against the rope before connecting with a backdrop. Christina covers Amber but the near fall result keeps on coming. Amber counters Christina’s follow up offense into a standing STO, also getting another near fall. Amber is headbutted mid facebuster attempt, also taking a spinning back fist, then Christina’s backstabber type finisher for the three count. Christina wins the match, becoming the inaugural GFW Women’s Champion. Such a feat isn’t without some sort of emotional celebration, as Christina gets to celebrate alongside Karen Jarrett and IMPACT Wrestling Alumni Reno Scum.

(Amber Gallows vs Christina Von Eerie; GFW Women’s Championship Tournament Final Match feat Karen Jarrett 09.02 – 28.49)

Thoughts On This Match:
The GFW Hype Packages are nicely done and i also have to credit the company on putting the most unexpected names in the final over the likes of Mickie James and Katarina. Personally, i feel like the match didn’t pick up until it spilled onto the outside, but if anything it exposed how expansive of a move-set Christina has and that on top of her match with Sienna this year makes me wish she was still a part of the IMPACT Knockouts Division. With IMPACT cutting ties with the GFW name, maybe GFW can return as a single, competitive and separate company again once JJ is well and rebuild its own women’s division, bring back its currently vacant title (as i assume the erasing of GFW from IMPACT means the Unification of it with the KOs Title no longer exists) and try to compete with the likes of Lucha Underground, WWE, IMPACT itself, ROH and others as each company sets out to define and showcase its own respective female performers. Regardless a good match between Christina and Amber and a nice celebration to add. GFW put faith in Christina despite not being as experienced as some of the other competitors in the tourney, and she delivered. Just a shame the company is defunct right now so Christina cant help establish the GFW Women’s Division on Television. With Aro Lucha just emerging and WCPW getting redefined as Defiant, 2018 could be a time to establish newer promotions and if JJ cant bring GFW back as its own single company separate from IMPACT and its relations, could he find folks with plenty experience in the business to help with its rebirth? I’m really not sure whether there’s a future for GFW, but i have enjoyed its content since the Anthology started, even if its come out far too late to the point where you have to explain to the unknowing that its not recent content because they’ve seen current WWE Superstars such as Mickie and Bobby on the show.

– Catherine


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