Your Monday Post #192: Beth Phoenix Enters the 2010 Royal Rumble (January, 31st 2010)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pay Per Views for the year have concluded and we are in WrestleMania Season, beginning with the Traditional January Royal Rumble Pay Per View. An Announcement i will soon get to talking on on the site, the announcement of the first Women’s Royal Rumble, looms and is indeed a history making moment, but before their was even a Women’s Centric Royal Rumble, Women were entering the Male Dominated Rumbles, and while not on a yearly basis in terms of women’s entrants, three women hold the accolade of getting to participate in the yearly over the top rope showdown to crown the headliner of the selected years WrestleMania. Two include Awesome Kong and the Late Chyna, and back in 2010, the most recent female inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Beth Phoenix got to add her name to that list.

Phoenix, a former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion, would often leave a trail of destruction, dominating the division from 2006 to 2012 as the “Glamazon”. The Regularly superior female athlete of the WWE at the time would become the second woman in history to enter the Rumble (Kong following as third) as she took on the Gigantic Former World Champion The Great Khali, with some comedic tactics at first by luring Khali into a kiss before sending him over the top rope and to the floor. Despite the accolade of overthrowing one of the most intimidating superstars size wise, it was a short lived performance for the former Divas Champion, eliminated by fellow Alumni CM Punk not so long later.

– Catherine


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