Welcome all to the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Knockdown One Night Only Pay Per View 2017 write up. Of Course this is very late, my apologies most certainly for that, but as 2017 nears closure, i think we can use spare time left before i head to work on NYE to consume in writing this whole thing. Several matches in a several hour show rather than the regular 2 to maybe 3 matches i write about per show takes much more time thus requires time. Anyway Knockouts Knockdown did take place this year, i hadn’t forgotten, and again held battles between aspiring Knockouts and actual Knockouts themselves, just with a little side twist this year, as the ending wouldn’t culminate in a battle royal as usual, but in multi Knockout tag team warfare. Alexxis Neveah (Alisha Edwards), ACR, Ava Storie, Rebel, Rachael Ellering, Leva Bates, Santana Garrett and MJ Jenkins would all compete on this very night to try and impress the Knockouts of IMPACT Wrestling, possibly gaining employment with the company in the end.

The show opens a little differently this year. Rather than go right to our hosts introducing the aspiring Knockouts and further, we instead go to a pre taped scene where Rachael Ellering is welcomed into the backstage area of the IMPACT Zone. Rachael speaks out on how it is an honor to be there, speaking further on how she could be a good Knockout when she is mocked by an approaching Laurel Van Ness (pre Bride Gimmick) and the current but not then Knockouts Champion seems to view Rachael’s entry into IMPACT Wrestling as being due to her relations to Paul Ellering. While Rachael hasn’t heard that before, Laurel tells her to go make her own legacy, but she will be starting the “Laurel Van Ness Legacy” regardless, with Rachael as her first victim. Rachael watches her step away then turns her back to the Knockout, who proceeds to beat down on her.

We then go to the ring to start the proceedings that usually start this Pay Per View, the evenings host introducing the aspiring Knockouts and whom they will compete against. Inside the ring is JB (Jeremy Borash) who announces Gail Kim, the only female Inductee into IMPACT Wrestling’s Hall of Fame, as the fellow host of tonight’s event. Once Kim is in the ring, the prospects start to emerge, first Kayci Quinn (now IMPACTs Ava Storie), who is revealed to compete against the more darker version of Angelina Love. Out after is she who once went by the name of Blue Pants, Leva Bates, and the popular face gets to face an also Popular competitor in former Knockouts Champion Allie. Amanda Carolina Rodriguez, using the music of once IMPACT alliance Mexican America, is out third, and the SHINE competitor, coming across as rather confident once she enters the ring, is announced to be facing the then most recent addition to the division, LAX’s Diamante. Out following that announcement is someone who actually got signed till a recent departure came about, MJ Jenkins and she has maybe one of the most toughest tasks, taking on then heel Knockouts Champion Rosemary. Alisha steps out next, the real life wife of Eddie Edwards, who is noted by JB to have ongoing issues with Angelina Love, but despite that has yet to have a stint in IMPACT Wrestling officially despite appearances. The small firecracker glances at Angelina Love as she makes it clear that due to being a Boston Native, she easily gets down and dirty, but she wont get Love, instead receiving the powerhouse Sienna as an opponent. JB then announces that Gail Kim has played into bringing in some last minute wildcards, former Knockouts Santana Garrett and Rebel. Garrett, once known in IMPACT as Brittany, will face then Knockout Brandi Rhodes while Rebel, a former Menagerie and Dollhouse Member, will face long tenured veteran and former Knockout also but not at the time, ODB. Before getting on with the physicalities, JB makes an announcement that its unknown whether Rachael Ellerings match with Laurel will go down due to the earlier backstage issues, but regardless……the show must go on.

(Match #1 Ava Storie vs Angelina Love w/ Davey Richards)
6x Knockouts Champion Angelina Love’s bout with Kayci Quinn, otherwise known as Ava Storie currently or outside of IMPACT as Brandi Lauren, will be the first match of the night. Beforehand, McKenzie Mitchell gets to interview the leather clad Angelina Love, asking her what her true intentions are despite people saying she is there for Davey Richards. Angelina states its obvious shes there for Davey, considering hes her (then) husband. She reflects on Eddie Edwards betraying her then husband and adds that they have one anothers back and adds onto that that she contributed briefly in training her opponent of the night, Ava. Because of this come many advantages, knowing her few strengths, her weaknesses and what she cant do. She sends one more message to Ava via McKenzie, to beware and be very, very afraid.

Anddd to the match. Out comes Kayci, or in recent cases, Ava Storie, introduced by Rockstar Spud who will ring announce for the night. Out to compete against her, as already known, is the Knockouts Veteran Angelina Love, accompanied by the equally dangerous Davey Richards. Ava shares a look of disgust towards the veteran, maybe with underlying fear? Well either way physicality is about to ensue in the six sided ring as Ava Storie battles Angelina Love in what is actually the only time they’ve competed against each other singles wise this year.

Angelina seems to have no care for her lesser experienced opponent however, making her way towards the husband instead to make out with. Ava interrupts them mid fraternizing and rolls Angelina over, getting the early near fall. Ava proceeds with the same strategy of trying to put the veteran out early, transitioning into a backslide that also gets her a near fall on Angelina. Ava rolls her over after Angelina bounces off the ropes, leading to yet another near fall result. Angelina ends Ava’s moment of strategy with a kick into the midsection, overturning momentum in the process. She gives another kick then sends her backward to the mat. She showboats before pouncing on Ava, showcasing her known vicious side in turn. Angelina performs an Irish whip but takes a kick from Ava after Ava returns from hitting the ropes. Ava snapmares Angelina, proceeding with a dropkick from behind to the back of Angelina afterward and maneuvering into a pin attempt that doesn’t even get her a one count. Angelina overturns momentum quick with a jawbreaker, then returns to canoodling with Davey before switching attention back to Ava. She bashes the back of Ava’s head and her upper body against the canvas, going into a pin right after that gets her a near fall.

Angelina smacks the head of Ava against a far corner turnbuckle as JB breaks late news that multiple women will be offered contracts coming out of tonight’s event (i may have given that away….) and Angelina mocks the crowd support towards Ava before sucker punching her in the gut. Angelina goes for a corner splash but misses, then sent down by a rebounding Ava. Ava tries to go for a pin but Angelina makes a dash for ringside, having a moment to regroup alongside Davey to the chagrin of Ava. Ava eventually makes her way to the outside but is targeted instantly by Angelina, who lobs her head into the apron. Ava hits back with the same offense to Angelina, and as Angelina tries to regroup again, Davey seems to be demanding Ava to back off, to which the referee gets involved. Davey backs himself off, but creates an opening for Angelina in turn to make a straight dash towards Ava, flooring her at ringside with a powerful clothesline. Davey gives Angelina a peck on the neck before she turns focus back to the match, rolling Ava back in the ring. Ava hits some forearms to Angelina but gets slapped for it. Angelina showcases viciousness again as Ava’s face meets the mat, kicking her around the ring before setting up and connecting with a sidewalk slam. The Move is enough to get her a near fall on Ava.

Ava elbows out of Angelina’s follow up chokehold and upon breaking out, she slides under a boot from Angelina, only to step into a kick. Angelina connects with a neckbreaker but the lesser experienced Ava isn’t out as she hoped, kicking out at two. Again Angelina doesn’t let up on ruthlessness, planting the head of Ava against the mat following shots to the side of the head. Angelina continues on the damage by using her boot to send Ava back to the mat face first, then having another seductive moment with Davey before mockingly attacking Ava, leading to slap and forearm exchanges as both try and raise themselves fully off the mat. Angelina takes over with her hard slaps before prizing Ava in a side headlock, and due to having her against the mat, Ava nearly gets counted out, just managing to get herself up at two. Angelina snap suplexes Ava to get another near fall, and after more offense, she wraps Ava in another side headlock. Ava has a whip reversed but Ava plays smart in foreseeing and dodging a boot coming as she hits the ropes, sliding underneath the attempted move. Angelina tries to hit a kick like before, this time blocked by Ava, who has her kick blocked also. Ava is released by Angelina, becoming the target of a clothesline that she also manages to avoid, and after a kick to the gut, Angelina is taken to the canvas via Ava’s neckbreaker. However the impact has done much to tire out Ava that shes instead regrouping rather than pinning the floored veteran.

Angelina gets to her feet, as does Ava, with Ava blocking some forearm attempts moments later from Angelina, striking back with a forearm of her own before building further momentum with forearms and a running elbow. Ava goes to cover Angelina, getting another near fall and another following a neckbreaker. A Third, a variation much like Nikki Cross’s, still doesn’t take out Angelina but Ava soon has the outside trouble distracting her from competing, as Davey Richards has moved to the apron. Ava kicks Davey out but Angelina has seen this and sends Ava down with a hard forearm smash. This appears to take Ava out as Angelina pins Ava, thus winning the match and getting to celebrate with Davey, who still makes it in even with the blow earlier dealt.

(Angelina Love Backstage Segment 24.38 – 26.29)

(Ava Storie vs Angelina Love w/ Davey Richards)

(Match #2 Leva Bates vs Allie)
The next match is somewhat different to the prior, a babyface v babyface encounter as a familiar face to Orlando, Leva Bates fka Blue Pants in her short NXT stint, takes on a very popular face to the Knockouts Division, Allie. In a short backstage interview, Allie shows excitement, noting that she is indeed facing Bates. She adds after putting over Bates particular look that this is a chance to show everyone what she can do, having transitioned to a wrestler post Maria days. She tells McKenzie that Braxton is in attendance backstage and will be supporting her, and after being wished the best of luck by McKenzie, Allie happily embraces her before heading off to the ring.

Leva is out first for the in ring competition, then Allie, with no accompaniment from Braxton Sutter who is indeed staying backstage to watch. Fun ensues before physicality as Leva and Allie exchange a teddy bear back and forth, winding up Brian Stiffler clearly. After continually outsmarting Brian, Leva and Allie surrender their antics and the match can begin.

Allie and Leva lock up, with Leva reversing early into a waistlock. Allie breaks out and locks in her own, though Leva manages to break Allie’s hands apart moments later, breaking her waistlock, then tripping her to the mat. Leva connects with a basement dropkick to Allie, before whip reversals lead to Leva escaping to the apron. Leva bounds back into the ring, rolling up Allie along the way. Leva scores a near fall. Its back to physicality for Leva and Allie after Allie leaves Leva some compliments. Leva gets caught in a full nelson lock, with Allie transitioning not too long later into an arm drag. Allie gives Leva a second arm drag then connects with her running clothesline to Leva in a far corner. Allie clotheslines Leva to the mat in the center, celebrating her efforts made before attempting a pin, getting a near fall on Leva in the end.

Leva and Allie get in another lock up which Allie reverses into a side headlock to take control. Leva pushes Allie to the ropes, but steps into her running shoulder block as Allie comes back from hitting the ropes. Allie arm drags Leva before getting caught in a side headlock that Allie breaks via pushing Leva to the ropes. Leva takes down Allie with a shoulder tackle, blocking Allie’s attempt to arm drag also. Leva rolls Allie over but not for an expected pin attempt, as she applies a crossface instead. It is eventually broken when Allie manages to pressure Leva’s shoulders against the mat for a pin attempt per the ruling of having shoulders down, getting a near fall. Leva roundhouses Allie at the side of the head, getting a matching result.

Leva squashes Allie against a corner, giving her a single chop against that corner too. She hits a forearm in a nearby corner to Allie before having her irish whip into an opposite reversed by the fellow babyface. Allie goes for a corner splash only for Leva to float to the outside apron, forearming her away from the ropes right after before rolling back into the ring. Leva spears Allie suddenly, but again it only manages to get her a near fall. Leva wraps Allie in a headlock following a snapmare, switching up to a crossface broken eventually by Allie per the Knockout forcing herself to the ropes to force the break. Leva goes back to work quick on Allie with a clothesline, resulting once again in a near fall after. Allie uppercuts Leva, sets up the next move but ends up getting kicked in the face. Leva takes another chance and goes to pin Allie again, but Allie stays determined and kicks out again at two. Leva locks a crossface, broken up by another pin attempt ending in a two count. Allie fires back with offense, locking in a submission, but Leva manages to escape at some point. Allie fires clotheslines and elbows while Leva briefly sells damage from the reverse pretzel armbar. Allie connects with a suplex before being blindsided by a stunner following antics from Leva and her tossed over teddy bear. Leva doesn’t pin as both sell the impact, though Leva gets to her feet eventually, missing a chance at a bronco buster when Allie moves from a corner. Allie attacks from behind, including a dropkick into the rear.

Allie has to head outside to collect Leva, who has fallen to the outside. But as she does try to return to the ring, Sienna bolts down the ramp and ambushes Allie while the referee is turned away. Leva, while having not seen the ambush, takes advantage anyway with a schoolgirl roll up that defeats the Knockout. Leva wins the match. Allie is furious at the actions of Sienna and Leva notices this and gives a good amount of respect post match to Allie with an embrace despite the defeat.

(Leva Bates vs Allie feat Sienna 41.44 – 57.43)

(Match #3 Amanda Carolina Rodriguez vs Diamante w/ Konnan)
Earlier this year, the famed stable of LAX returned with an original and new incarnations, as Konnan introduced Santana, Ortiz and Diamante as well as himself as the new LAX. Diamante, the former Angel Rose, is set to take on Amanda Carolina Rodriguez. For some reason, while ACR is the aspiring Knockout, McKenzie questions Diamante prior to competition on if she has what it takes to be a Knockout and receives a response from Diamante first in a different language then eventually English. She makes it clear, angrily, that of course she has what it takes, considering Miami breeds winners. Konnan steps in alongside Homicide to also put over Diamante prior to the battle.

To the ring, and out comes SHINE competitor Amanda Carolina Rodriguez (often abbreviated to ACR) to the former music of Mexican America. Diamante steps out second, and has the accompaniment of Konnan and Homicide. She ends up being mocked post bell ringing by ACR, and for a fair while before an eventual lock up, an aggressive one at that. Diamante gets sent to the canvas by ACR, who taunts her, but she rebounds quick with the second lock up. She ends up being sent back to the mat quick however as ACR channels some power to bring her down. ACR boots Diamante in the midsection, switching up to a side headlock after. ACR goes forward with a snapmare takedown before being caught in Diamantes headscissor reversal. ACR rolls towards Diamante and counters into another side headlock. Diamante struggles for a while in the hold before eventually fighting back by snapping the targeted arm of ACR against both of her shoulders. Diamante continues targetting the mentioned arm until ACR manages a reversal. Diamantes left arm and shoulder is soon targeted by ACRs hold. Diamante also takes a kick from ACR in the corner before executing an irish whip reversal, then monkey flipping her out of a nearby corner. Diamante begins gathering momentum with plenty arm drags, then going back to targeting the left arm of ACR. ACR counters into a headscissor, also kneeing Diamante once she breaks out.

Diamante hits forearms to try and fight back against ACR but is kicked again. ACR performs a strong whip to Diamante into a far corner but doesn’t get to connect with her corner splash as Diamante raises both boots. ACR swivels Diamante to position her on the ropes before tossing her downward to the mat off of there. ACR dashes into her pin attempt, getting a near fall on a hurting Diamante. Diamante presses ACRs shoulders against the mat during a full nelson leg scissor counter, getting a near fall too. Diamante switches up to another counter, this time a leg lock. Diamante unleashes stomps just as ACR forces herself to the ropes and away from the Knockout. Diamante goes right after ACR once shes back in the ring, only to be tripped into the lower rope. ACR unleashes stomps this time, moving her from the ropes for a new pin attempt, another she kicks out of at two. ACR connects with three fully locked suplexes for another near fall. Two more quick pin attempts by ACR follow with a duplicate result.

ACR pounds Diamante as she remains laying on the mat, then taunting both Homicide and Konnan. Diamante tries to take advantage with shots to the gut but gets a forearm back. ACR tosses Diamante backward to the mat and goes for a cocky pin, boot to the body of Diamante, but again getting a near fall. ACR tosses Diamante around the ring then chokes her against the lowest turnbuckle with Konnan and Homicide viewing nearby with worry. ACR even gets a shot at Homicide, provoking him while holding momentum over the LAX crews female member. Diamante starts a comeback with many chops before absorbing another knee into the midsection. This leads to an exchange that ends with both women taking each other down to the mat.

Fists are thrown towards each other once ACR and Diamante find themselves upright. Diamante tries to knock ACR down a level with a kick but receives one harder, and despite a tumble after, ACR rebounds quick and makes it over to Diamante for another pin attempt, though ending once again with a near fall result. Diamante then strikes with a kick and overturns into a sunset flip pin that does enough work to take ACR out and give the Knockout the three count. Diamante wins the match, moving to the main event alongside Angelina Love and Leva Bates.

(Diamante w/ Konnan and Homicide vs Amanda Carolina Rodriguez 00.00 – 13.58)

(Match #4 MJ Jenkins vs Rosemary w/ Crazy Steve)
Match number four brings us a match featuring the then Knockouts Champion Rosemary. A Heel and member of the Decay at the time, she easily has her accompaniment in Crazy Steve this time (but no Abyss) and the two waste no time in trying to avoid harming Jenkins as they seem to propose for her to join their side, which is easily declined. Unfortunately this sets off Rosemary, as she pursues Jenkins and attacks from behind, thus it appears Jenkins is battling her after all.

Rosemary beats down on the back of MJ, before MJ bursts back into action with retaliating offense in the form of forearms. Rosemary counters an irish whip from MJ but ends up being arm dragged by MJ, who targets the left arm of Rosemary afterward. Rosemary pushes her towards the ropes, eventually forced to break. MJ springboards and bumps Rosemary towards the opposite ropes, and its not long before the champion is rolling out for a break. She proceeds over to Steve but doesn’t take notice of MJ also slipping out to ringside. When she notices, she throws Steve directly towards MJ and bolts off, leaving them to have a temporary face off, temporary due to Rosemary leading a sudden ambush from behind. Rosemary further showcases aggressiveness by sending MJ into the steel guardrail, hitting a jumping forearm smash to MJ over there after. Rosemary takes MJ to the ring, crawling in behind her but she doesn’t pin, hitting her with plenty forearms instead. Rosemary tries to use the corners advantageously after only to have her attack blocked by MJ in a particular corner as she raises her feet. MJ rolls closer to Rosemary and nails a low dropkick, but as she goes over to pin, Rosemary stuns MJ as she rises off the mat.

MJ goes for a boot that misses Rosemary, running into a hard clothesline from the then champion afterwards. Rosemary attempts a pin on MJ, getting a near fall on the aspiring Knockout. As MJ rests up in a corner, Rosemary goes for a corner clothesline but MJ escapes in time to avoid the hit. MJ tries to attack her against the same corner but Rosemary defends with an elbow. Rosemary locks the Upside down for a short time then returns to the ring, trying to collect MJ who tries to fend off Rosemary and create separation with forearms. Rosemary whips MJ towards a corner, but MJ never hits the ropes, turning to foresee Rosemary’s oncoming offense and she ducks from it, surprising Rosemary moments later with a springboard crossbody. The high up offense of MJ is only enough to get MJ a near fall on Rosemary.

Momentum is quickly overturned when Steve distracts MJ from outside the ring, allowing for Rosemary to sneak attack. Rosemary forearms MJ in the center of the ring, blocking her retaliating forearms in turn. Rosemary attempts a roundhouse but MJ dodges it, and they are both soon down against the mat due to kicks dealt to each other in unison. Forearm exchanges ensue once both are upright, with MJ adding an uppercut to take the lead. MJ chops Rosemary after a roundhouse misses the champion, whipping her to a corner. MJ attempts an attack in the same corner but is elevated to the apron by Rosemary, though MJ comes back with a shoulder tackle between the ropes. MJ goes over the top rope and dropkicks Rosemary, who heads back to ringside while selling the impact. MJ looks to meet Rosemary again, in high octane fashion, springboarding again as she forces herself over and onto the top rope, clotheslining Rosemary to the floor as she heads down. MJ heads to the top rope again after bringing Rosemary back into the ring, hitting a flying flip cutter to Rosemary off the top rope. Despite the beautiful looking offense, MJ is left stunned when Rosemary kicks out of her follow up pin attempt at two.

MJ readies her next offense but Rosemary seems too busy conversing with the ref, though easily a purposeful move on her part as Steve sneakily trips MJ from behind with the ref turned away. MJ tries to get her hands on Steve, but fails, instead blinded by the Decays sneaky mist from the mouth, unleashed by Steve with the ref still distracted. Seconds after, Rosemary rolls up MJ, pinning the fellow performer. Rosemary wins the match.

(MJ Jenkins vs Rosemary w/ Crazy Steve 13.59 – 30.02)

(Match #5 Sienna vs Alisha Edwards)
Earlier in the night, another woman who has played a part in elevating the Knockouts Division this year, Sienna, had additionally played a part in thwarting Allie’s venture to success, costing her her match with Leva Bates. Now its Sienna’s turn to step in the ring in a competitive capacity as she takes on Eddie Edwards wife, Alisha. Pre Match however Sienna again finds herself unimpressed with McKenzie and snatches the mic off the lead female interviewer to send a message to Alisha herself, warning her to make sure shes done her research because shes in for the classiest ride of her life. #PinkiesUp

Heading to the ring next, we see Alisha making her way there for her match. Alisha is no stranger to the impact zone, having appeared in ring wise and in appearances prior to the Pay Per View due to Eddie Edwards feud with Davey and Angelina Love-Richards. Making her way to the ring after is Sienna, back then a 1x Knockouts Champion up until her shocking Slammiversary win over Rosemary, and there’s no Laurel Van Ness for accompaniment as Sienna will easily take on the small but notable firecracker on her own. Sienna glorifies the Pinkies Up Pose for some time once in the ring, and is easily not fooling Alisha with an extended hand/handshake offer post bell ringing. After some time hearing out the crowd and making her own decisions, she accepts the handshake and surprisingly Sienna doesn’t ambush in between, though the mocking actions that come with it cant go unnoticed.

Alisha dodges Sienna’s opening offense and throws some chops at her, adding in some forearms. Forearms don’t help her in releasing Sienna from the ropes for her Irish whip attempts however, and Sienna can only smile watching the struggle. Sienna releases herself from the ropes and does her own easy Irish whip to send Alisha to the ropes, only to miss the offense to Alisha after as she ducks. Alisha plants herself atop Sienna via a Lou Thesz Press, giving her some forearms before being shoved off by the former Knockouts Champion. Alisha watches Sienna position herself against a corner and clotheslines her against it, attempting to send her to the opposite corner only for Sienna to counter, leading to Alisha hitting the selected corners turnbuckles head first. Sienna watches Alisha regrouping and charges towards her, only to be tripped into the ropes. Alisha attacks Sienna as she hangs on the second rope and goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall.

Alisha chops Sienna against a nearby corner and attempts an irish whip that gets reversed. Sienna attempts to splash Alisha against the opposite corner but takes an elbow amid attempt, blocking it in turn. Sienna stalls Alisha’s ascent up the turnbuckles and lifts her off and onto her shoulders, positioning herself close to the ropes and sending Alisha above the top rope and all the way to the floor. Sienna heads outside to follow, smacking Alisha’s head against the apron after picking her up off the floor. Alisha takes an even harder head plant against the steel steps courtesy of the former champion, who takes her back into the ring to deal a few kicks before a cocky pin is fought out of quick by Alisha, leading to Sienna only getting a one count.

Sienna continually stomps on Alisha to continue her momentum, stretching her upper body against and between the ropes also. Sienna drags Alisha away from the ropes, far away, for another pin attempt, getting a near fall. Sienna poses amid applying a stretch hold, stepping on the body of Alisha post break off. She slaps Alisha, spending time taunting the crowd prior to and after before getting a slap from Alisha. Alisha forearms Sienna against a corner but Sienna uses her power to push her away with ease. Sienna doesn’t take kindly to the attempted comeback and unleashes rapid forearms to Alisha as she grounds her against the mat, switching to a pin attempt after that gets her a near fall. Sienna tosses her with ease to the opposite side of the ring, then giving Alisha a big blow to the body as she thumps her against the opposite corner with her corner splash. She tries it once more, but Alisha blocks and kicks her out of the corner, then hitting plenty comeback offense, including a clothesline that takes Sienna down to the mat. Alisha returns to the corner after the second clothesline to continue the attack on Sienna, then taking her out to connect with a running bulldog. Hitting it successfully, Alisha tries to capitalize but still the former champion remains battling, moving out of the pin attempt at two.

Sienna goes for the AK47 only for Alisha to escape the set up. Alisha hits a corkscrew leg scissor that gets her another near fall. Just as Alisha may seem to have the momentum that may see to the end of the match, Sienna hits with a boot out of nowhere which floors Alisha. Sienna goes for the AK47 one more time but Allie approaches from the backstage area and storms down. Sienna and Allie have a brief yelling match that culminates in Alisha backsliding Sienna into the winning pin. Alisha wins the match, escaping with Allie before Sienna can fully snap.

(Sienna vs Alisha Edwards feat Allie 30.03 – 45.02)

(Match #6 Brandi Rhodes vs Santana Garrett/Brittany)
The sixth match of the show sees a woman also familiar with the IMPACT Zone return for in ring competition as Santana Garrett, otherwise known during her IMPACT run as Brittany, faces one of the women evolving back then in the Knockouts Division before her transition to Ring of Honor alongside her husband Cody, Brandi Rhodes. Pre Match, Brandi is aware she has a lot to prove not only because its her first singles match in the IMPACT Wrestling ring, but obviously because she is representing the Knockouts Division. She wishes to shine out there and regards Santana as an interesting opponent because of her familiarity with Santana, having been trained under her guidance at some point. She believes she may know her strengths and so forth but she needs to be on focus because Santana will know the same regarding herself. One thing is for sure however, she wont go easy on her.

Santana, meanwhile, is shown heading to the ring, with Josh kindly bringing up her past persona in IMPACT Wrestling as Brittany. In case some aren’t aware Brittany came into IMPACT as someone who adored Madison Rayne, but turned vicious upon being rejected by the then Knockouts Veteran. She would then find herself in a new angle where she would turn Samuel Shaw back into his own sinister, psychotic kayfabe persona, leading to him turning on his tag partner and supporter Gunner in turn. Some may also remember Samuel Shaw for his storyline with Ken Anderson and Christy Hemme. Anyway from the past to the present, and Santana is back in the IMPACT ring, back to her heroic ways and also facing someone popular to the audience, Brandi Rhodes.

Santana and Brandi lock up, with Santana first up against the corner before overturning and pressing Brandi up against the corner to counter. Santana is made to break off to avoid a count out, and they engage in a second lock up following. This time Brandi moves Santana to a nearby corner, placing her up against it but breaking off before she can be counted out. The two return to a vertical base and rather than engage in a normal lock up for a third time, Santana avoids and locks her in a waistlock instead. Brandi counters into her own but is rolled over by Santana, who gets a near fall on Mrs Rhodes during the pin attempt.

Santana goes from a arm wringer to tying the same targeted arm of Brandi behind her back. Brandi again matches up to Santana by reversing into the same offense, only for Santana to perform a reversal also, this time into a side headlock. Brandi rolls out and applies an arm wringer to Santana, who utilizes athleticism to counter and Brandi is soon feeling the sting of the arm wringer reversal by Santana. It isn’t for long however as Santana switches back to a side headlock. Both get near falls each other during roll ups and roll up counters to follow. Both are impressed by the back and forth oneupmanship once back on their feet and Brandi accepts a respectful handshake from Santana before physicality can resume.

Brandi offers a test of strength of which Santana accepts. Santana bridges to avoid being forced to the floor by Brandi, and the oneupmanship continues, culminating in Santana suplexing Brandi to the mat, enough to get a near fall. Santana isnt giving up the test of strength as so thought, resuming post pin attempt, hands locked with Brandi’s. Brandi manages to break out but has a whip reversed, sent to a corner by Santana. Brandi leaps over Santana amid her ducking, surprising her with a kick and knee combo before sliding into a pin attempt. Brandi gets a near fall on Santana. Brandi is back to offense right away, trying to keep Santana against the mat as she hits numerous kicks. Santana does get to her feet despite this, throwing forearms in the direction of Brandi, hitting successfully. Brandi springs towards her and catches her in a full nelson lock, reversed by Santana into a waistlock. Brandi maneuvers to the ropes, being freed of Santana, but not for long as Santana gets ahold and takes her to the mat.

Santana drives both knees into the outstretched left arm of Brandi. She attempts to pin Brandi right after, only getting a near fall. Brandi drives Santana to a corner, giving her some shoulder tackles when there. Brandi switches to a snapmare which moves Santana from the corner, giving her a kick to the back of the right shoulder moments after. A Forearm exchange ensues after Santana breaks free of a stretch hold, soon turning into a battle of back and forth kicks. Kicks in unison from Brandi and Santana send them to the mat at the same time. Brandi regroups as does Santana and Brandi goes for offense first post recovery, taking an elbow while attempting to attack Santana by a corner. A Kick blocks another attempt from Brandi, with Brandi’s third attempt thwarted also per Santana escaping to the apron. Brandi goes for a shoulder tackle above the middle rope but misses Santana, who boots her as shes left hanging. Santana returns to the ring, nailing a Side Russian Leg Sweep to Brandi that gets her another near fall.

Santana connects with a handspring elbow, then nailing a snapmare to take Brandi away from the same corner. Santana kicks Brandi in the jaw, scoring a near fall once again. Brandi elbows out of another stretch hold from Santana, dealing kicks also. Brandi continues the momentum with flair esque chops, adding on clotheslines and after dealing the said offense, she plots to head up the ropes. Brandi connects with a missile dropkick off the second rope, then an inverted Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Brandi heads up the ropes again but is pursued this time by Santana, who connects with a high boot. Santana handsprings Brandi off the turnbuckle, and after handspring double knees, Santana pins Brandi. Santana wins the match.

(Brandi Rhodes vs Santana Garrett)

(Match #7 Rebel vs ODB)
With that technical and respectful affair over, its time for the next match. Knockouts Veteran ODB, one of the Originals of IMPACT Wrestling alongside Velvet Sky, Angelina Love and Gail Kim just to name a few takes on a returning face who had her own lengthy tenure in IMPACT Wrestling as a valet and eventual in ring competitor, Rebel. ODB notifies McKenzie backstage that she isn’t really a Knockout right now, but nonetheless is there to test herself against the returning face Rebel. She reminds McKenzie that she is an original and after another chug of liquor, she steps away to compete.

Out first is the recently engaged Rebel, a former Dollhouse and Menagerie member who has since explored the ring in Japan and further. Its not the first time Rebel has met ODB in the IMPACT Wrestling ring this year, and both come from familiar territories, that being Ohio Valley Wrestling. ODB gets a welcome reaction upon also stepping in the ring, and shes barely without her liquor. This is very clearly the comedy match, per Earl Hebners random sudden dance pre battle.

Rebel sized up to ODB and gets knocked away by her breasts. Rebel throws a short tantrum and charges at the OG Knockout, who trips her to the mat, humiliatingly ending her attempt to retaliate against ODB. ODB rides Rebel like a horse and taunts her during her regroup stage. Rebel then takes advantage of ODBs comedic interaction with Earl to pounce from behind and send her to the mat. She kicks her then goes into a pin attempt that ODB kicks out of at two, with Rebel only centimeters away from Earl after being flung off post pin attempt. Rebel tries to put Earl in a submission, possibly indicating shes had enough of clear interference, but this only helps ODB, as with Rebel turned away, she can sneak up and the Veteran takes Rebel and sends her to the mat. ODB goes into a pin attempt atop Rebel, also getting a near fall. Following this comes ODBs and Earls random moment of interaction.

Rebel kicks the lower back of ODB and sends her to the floor with an additional kick. She isnt done with ODB there, heading outside and leaping off the apron to deal a behind blow to ODB in the form of an axe handle to the back of the neck. ODB is sent head first into the guardrail then whipped back first by Rebel into the steel steps close by. Rebel hangs up the upper body of ODB against the top of the steel steps, hitting a mocking chop to the chest as she does so. Another follows by Rebel before she takes ODB back in the ring. Rebel takes a chop back in the ring by ODB but responds with a clothesline, but that and other past offense is only enough to get her a near fall.

Rebel continues to hold momentum, dealing offense including a slam. Rebel regroups from her missed singular leg drop as she tries to clothesline ODB, missing her instead and stepping into a load of ODBs clotheslines. It does so much to Rebel that even despite trying to get to her feet, Rebel tumbles to the mat, which ODB views and tries to capitalize on by running over to pin, but getting a near fall. Rebel gets whipped back first into a nearby corner by ODB, taking ODBs splash into the same corner after. ODB dishes the Bronco Buster then drops Rebel against the mat for the new pin attempt, another Rebel escapes at the count of two.

Rebel rakes the eyes but ODB manages to catch her amid crossbody attempt regardless. ODB connects with a fallaway slam but misses her aerial move off the second rope as Rebel moves out of harms way. Rebel utilizes the same turnbuckles and ropes and connects with a seated senton, hooking the legs and getting a near fall on ODB. A Furious Rebel debates the count with Earl and gets attitude back. She even tries to swing at him but misses and is instead TKO’ed by ODB for the three count. ODB wins the match.

(Rebel vs ODB)

(Match #8 Rachael Ellering vs Laurel Van Ness)
We next go to a recap which reminds us of what went down prior to the Pay Per View starting. Rachael Ellering, the daughter of Paul Ellering, had been welcomed into the IMPACT Zone to try out for IMPACT as part of the Knockouts Pay Per View event when she was confronted and then attacked by Laurel Van Ness. It was since questioned during the course of the night whether Rachael would be able to compete and complete her match with Laurel, which we’re about to find out…

Adorned in Pink like before, out comes Laurel, confident in believing Rachael will no show and therefore sarcastically apologizes for being unable to wrestle tonight. She suggests to Earl Hebner that he declares her the official winner regardless but is stunned when Ellering shows herself on the ramp just as Earl reaches a count of nine. Even when taped up, it looks like Laurels opposer is all for having the match.

When the physicality gets underway, Laurel does as much as possible to target Rachael’s taped up left arm. Rachael surprises with an arm wringer/key lock reversal. Reversals go back and forth but Rachael leads as she gets Laurel in the arm wringer again. Laurel slaps her way out, catches her in a waistlock then makes a quick transition into a clothesline attempt which misses. Rachael rolls Laurel over, getting a one count, with one counts emerging in the back and forth pinfall counters between the two ladies. Rachael, once free of Laurel, goes right back after her, hitting a fist to the jaw. Rachael goes for a slam attempt, countered into an Unprettier set up by Laurel, countered by Rachael per her shoving her to the ropes. Rachael also hits the ropes, sending down Laurel with a running forearm. Rachael chops Laurel, misses a kick but makes up for it by dropping herself on Laurels midsection. That gets Rachael a near fall on Laurel.

Rachael climbs to the middle rope but is surprised by Laurel’s codebreaker type counter. She beats down on Rachael’s taped up arm, then planting her against many turnbuckles. Laurel brings Rachael into the middle of the ring, mocking her and taking shots to the midsection and above for it. Rachael’s momentum is ended quick, brought down by Laurel’s clothesline. Laurel gets another near fall. Laurel isn’t done there with Rachael, choking her against a corner. Laurel mocks Rachael and gets rolled up by the resilient opposition, though again ending in a near fall result. Laurel runs the ropes but on the way back, has Rachael dashing towards her fast, hitting her hard with a knee, sending both down upon impact.

When back upright, Laurel is the first to dish offense, clotheslining Rachael against the ropes. She runs to the opposite ropes, outwitted before she can even make a full turn by a running knee by Rachael. Laurel hits a running back elbow on the opposite side of the ring to Rachael, running into a discus forearm after. Rachael’s comeback moment follows with plenty forearms and kicks to Laurel, and after a step up enziguiri, Rachael attempts to pin Laurel but still cant put her out, as Laurel kicks out once again at two. Laurel counters a slam attempt by Rachael but Rachael comes back moments later with a high up spinebuster, again getting a near fall. Rachael may see an even bigger move coming, heading to the top rope but taking a forearm by Laurel as she does so. Laurel hangs her between the ropes, kneeing her continuously, then connecting with a vicious looking hangmans DDT despite the attempts from Rachael to weaken her. With Rachael’s foot under the ropes, Laurel drags her far from the ropes for the new pin attempt, hoping its her last, but is left far from happy when she gets a near fall once more as Rachael’s ongoing resilience continues to show. Frustration seeps in as she goes for a new pin attempt moments later, ending the same way.

Laurel misses a curbstomp attempt and gets caught in the grip of Rachael, who floors her with a standing STO. Rachael connects with a corkscrew leg drop, stunned after nearly getting the three count. Laurel is left scraping and clambering around the ring, dragged back in by Rachael before she can climb to the outside. Rachael TKO’s Laurel, shades of tonight’s earlier competitor ODB, but its still not enough, scoring another near fall on Laurel. Laurel knees the hurt arm of Rachael and sends it into the canvas to inflict sudden damage, then curbstomps her to take the win. Laurel wins the match.

(Rachael Ellering vs Laurel Van Ness)

(Match #9 Rosemary, Angelina Love, Diamante and Laurel Van Ness vs Leva Bates, Alisha Edwards, Santana Garrett and ODB)
So as pre mentioned, things are a little different this year regarding the Pay Per View. The end of the show would see a battle royal go down involving each of the victorious Knockouts but instead will culminate this year in eight Knockout tag team action, as Laurel, Diamante, Angelina Love and Laurel Van Ness face Alisha Edwards, Leva Bates, Santana Garrett and ODB. The Last Knockout Standing in the match will receive an official contract with IMPACT Wrestling.

In the end, Alisha Edwards would put away Laurel Van Ness to score a victory for her team, and per being the Last Knockout standing, to the victor go the spoils. She is first praised by her proud husband, former IMPACT World Champion Eddie Edwards then Karen Jarrett steps out from the back to award a joyous Alisha a official contract with IMPACT Wrestling, making her an official Knockout.

(Rosemary, Angelina Love, Diamante and Laurel Van Ness vs Leva Bates, Alisha Edwards, Santana Garrett and ODB feat Eddie Edwards and Karen Jarrett)

– Catherine


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