WWE ROYAL RUMBLE PREDICTIONS: Inaugural WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Over the Top Rope Elimination Match (January, 28th 2018)

Welcome all to my last post of this insane wrestling weekend, and im legit writing this many many minutes after an equally insane NXT Takeover Pay Per View. In between recollecting focus, even loss of focus doesn’t make you forget that Tomorrow (or Today as i write this from here in the UK) is the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match. It’ll be contested under the usual rules, over the top rope elimination and 30 women will indeed compete, 18 spots filled and 12 left for some possibly major surprise entrants. The Graphic will tell you whose already a part of this sure to be eventful match, and now here comes the hard part, picking an actual winner…..*GULP*

So even before this Rumble was announced Ive had wonders of what could be the WrestleMania match for the women, considering of course if they can get both a Smackdown and RAW Women’s Title Match on the card. Until News that Paige’s career might be over (not confirmed) i was going back and forth on Asuka vs Nia vs Paige or Asuka vs Paige. Some Scenarios brought up by others speculate Sasha Banks vs Asuka being a important women’s match for the RAW Women’s Championship at the event, regardless of whose champion. Its hard also to predict a winner because if Asuka loses tonight (not affecting her pinfall streak of course) she can still go to Mania via winning a first time ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match that is being speculated as of late, and whoever wins the Rumble if she isnt to could take the fall for her to rise. I’m certain at this time that Charlotte vs Naomi vs Becky is set for Mania but because of RAW being the higher status brand, they’ll set up that secondary brand feud without the need of a Rumble Win….no shock whatsoever if that comes true because the Rumble Winner from Smackdown Last Year didn’t even main event. My Heart sinks knowing Tenille and Danielle (Emma and Summer Rae) could have been in this match too. Surprise entrants im considering Michelle, Trish and the Bella’s (or Just Brie) as Official Locks with Stephanie, the official commentator in that match either physically getting involved or even costing someone and haven’t got a clue otherwise when it comes to anyone else. Rousey appears out (key words…APPEARS TO BE) so here goes….just WHO do i pick?

I Dont expect a Smackdown Woman (Sorry Becky) to win sadly due to RAW being the “flagship brand” that has tried its utmost to sour Smackdown ever since everyone came to enjoy it over the Red Brand due to the contributions of Lynch, Bliss, the Miz and others and their more eye catching storylines that increased the use of women in the process. So Knowing WWE, a RAW Woman will win and while we expected surprises at Survivor Series Women’s Wise, we got zilch, so i narrow it down to Six. Asuka by eliminating everyone to no shocks despite everyone, including bookers, knowing an elimination doesn’t affect her streak, Nia so she gets Asuka and maybe even a shockingly cleared Paige at WrestleMania, Sonya Deville as the big shocker and Paige as a quietly cleared number thirty though i in NO WAY expect that to happen. While i again have stated that i don’t expect a woman on Smackdown to win, im also going to throw this out there now as a possibility. Shayna Baszler, despite her first NXT PPV Outing tonight, rushes up to the main roster, wins in a random WWE type move and challenges Charlotte or Peyton Royce wins it, maybe even with controversy if Billie runs in from the crowd and somehow helps her eliminate those remaining and then everyone wonders what brand she is on post win, its eventually revealed shes on Smackdown and she goes for the Smackdown Women’s Title.

Tune into the WWE Royal Rumble Live tonight on the WWE Network and Sky Sports Box Office at 1am UK Time (with a special 2 hour Pre Show in advance) to see which WWE Women’s Superstar makes history by climbing the top of the mountain, winning the historic first ever match and securing themselves a championship opportunity at WrestleMania 34. Other Matches include the Bobby Roode United States Championship Open Challenge and AJ Styles defending the WWE Championship against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a Handicap Match.

– Catherine


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