WWE RAW RESULTS: The Forces Meeting in the Chamber Collide Pre Clash (February, 19th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks RAW report, less than a week away from the next Elimination Chamber Pay Per View that comes prior to the Grandest Stage of Them All. In case you missed it (or didn’t) Alexa Bliss will be defending her championship in a few days time in the first ever women’s elimination chamber match, against Mickie James, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Absolution’s Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. While Alexa’s odds are stacked against her in terms of making it to WrestleMania as RAWs Women’s Champion, Jaxs chances of competing at WrestleMania may be doused entirely as she also competes this Sunday against the knowingly undefeated Asuka. Prior to all this eventful stuff happening, we get to see Asuka on RAW addressing the upcoming opponent, plus a six women’s tag main events the show!

The first half of the show was dominated by a Gauntlet lasting well over an hour, thus its a while before we get to the women’s moments, though still plenty. We first see Asuka appear before the RAW audience to be interviewed by Renee Young about her upcoming opposition at Sundays Elimination Pay Per View, Nia Jax. Regardless of concern that may be had for WrestleMania showcasing a triple threat match should Jax win, Asuka believes its her destiny is to become champion at WrestleMania. She calls Jaxs recent comments made towards Asuka strong words from a strong woman, but the last time they wrestled she didn’t look so strong. Asuka believes Nia likes to talk, but at Elimination Chamber she will do something else, tap out. Suddenly Nia attempts a behind ambush, but Asuka sees the powerhouse coming and uses kicks to try and fight her off. Nia eventually outsmarts Asuka and gets the Empress on her shoulders, soon leaving her laying via a Samoan Drop. However just as it seems like Nia may be clearing herself from the ring, she seeks to execute more damage and deals to Asuka a few leg drops. With that final lot of damage done, Jax exits.

Next is something i actually left out of the opening paragraph, which Graves and Co remind me of, and thats that Ronda Rousey herself signs her contract on Sunday to be a part of the RAW Women’s Division. With that being said, we get a video package that not only again features her Royal Rumble appearance that took place following up the historic women’s rumble match, but a look at the in ring training that surely has expanded her knowledge of the ring heading into her WWE venture. The former UFC competitor has previously vowed to get herself on the WrestleMania stage.

Dana Brooke also makes an appearance this week. While shes noted on Twitter clear unhappiness at not getting a spot in the Elimination Chamber match that the women will be in for the very first time, Miss Brooke is all smiles when her comrades of Titus Worldwide, Titus O Neil and Apollo, pick up another win over Sheamus and Cesaro, the RAW Tag Team Champions, maybe even renewing their feud.

And last but not least, our main event which sees the pre announced six woman tag take place as Mickie James, Bayley and Sasha Banks take on RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Absolution’s Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Note that all competitors competing are indeed also competing this Sunday over Bliss’s Women’s Championship. Out first is Sasha then Mickie then Bayley, followed by Sonya and Mandy coming out together, with their equally villainous accompaniment of Paige. Lastly entering is indeed RAWs Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

The recent help Alexa has given Mickie despite the past is acknowledged as Alexa refuses to compete against Mickie James to open, tagging in Sonya in her place instead. After some time pacing around, and after some time also with Mickie avoiding sliding knees from Sonya, the two female competitors lock up. Mickie wraps a side headlock but Sonya gets free quick and switches to a waistlock. Sonya executes a takedown, before Mickie one ups her, sending her to the mat via a drop toe hold. Mickie makes her way to her own corner while having Sonya captured in a front face lock, and tagging in to replace Mickie is Sasha. Sasha fires offense at Sonya then applies a hammerlock. Sonya counters into her own before Sasha fires shots to the back only for Sonya to attack back with a single fist before driving Sasha back first into the heels corner. Mandy tags in there, kicking Sasha once in against the corner. Mandy forearms Sasha then tries to slam her near to the ropes, only for Sasha to wriggle free. Sasha seizes Mandy and lobs her head first into a corner turnbuckle. She does the same to Mandy in the babyface corner then allows for Bayley to tag.

The former RAW Women’s Champ Bayley briefly repeats the offense of Banks, smacking the head of Mandy against the top turnbuckle. Bayley then brings Mandy to the mat, having her pressed down for a pin attempt that she escapes from at the count of one. Mandy tries to attack Bayleys leg and nearly gets caught in a headscissor, until she cartwheels out of it. Mandy continually and cockily shoves at Bayley, even giving her a hair whip to the face. The babyface soon gets provoked and drives the Blonde Absolution Member back first into a corner, giving her aggressive kicks against the corner also. Bayley waits for Mandy to move from the corner then once shes done so, suplexes her. Mandy rolls to the outside and into the sure safety of her Absolution comrades, even despite Bayleys attempts to prevent such a situation. Mandy regroups as a commercial break comes to fruition.

When we return, Mandy is back in the ring, combating the former RAW Women’s Champ Bayley. The Golden Goddess has Bayley wrapped in a side headlock, and while Bayleys single shot does barely anything to move Mandy, a roll up does different, also getting Bayley a one count on the Absolution Member. Mandy kicks Bayley towards the heels corner, getting one back from Bayley who also tries to swing at Sonya and Alexa. Bayley sees Mandy then charging towards her then elevates her into the air, dropping her face first on the top turnbuckle. Mandy crawls over to Bayley, seizing her pants as she tries to stop her making her own way to her tag team partners, seizing her again despite the thrown back elbow by Bayley. Forearms and knees are thrown Mandys way by Bayley, followed with Mandy reversing a whip. Bayley floats in the nearby corner, caught by Mandy who drops her against the canvas. Mandy rolls Bayley over for a pin attempt and gets a near fall.

Mandy doesn’t take kindly to the result and pounds a grounded Bayley with forearms. After that she tries to pin Bayley again, and again gets a near fall over the former title holder. Mandy scoops Bayley and makes her way to the heels corner where Bliss tags in, to the chagrin of Sonya who may have initially been planning to. Alexa takes Bayley for herself despite clear fury from Absolution and starts her offense on Bayley, though it doesn’t last long as Bayley overturns her corner attack and starts making a climb to the babyface side, only briefly though as Alexa regroups and seizes Bayley. Bayley throws offense back but is sent back first back into the nearby corner by Alexa. Alexa goes back on the attack, slapping Bayley in the corner then kicking her around the ring. Alexa extends a hand to Sonya, allowing her to step in to do more work.

Sonya starts with a shot to the gut of Bayley, and after a kick, she goes to pin her, getting a near fall. Sonya transitions into a bodyscissor and side headlock combo, broken once Bayley gets Sonya’s shoulders to the mat for a short pin attempt. Bayley hits a standing jawbreaker then makes a dash towards her side, caught by Sonya. Mandy runs in, dragging Bayley off Sonya’s shoulders and stopping Bayley from getting any inch closer to Mickie or Sasha. Bayley rolls under a rolling clothesline by Sonya and makes her needed dash back to her side, tagging in Sasha. Once in, Sasha unleashes with a fiery forearm exchange with Sonya, taking it into the corner and even being restrained by the referee. Sonya dashes out while the referee and Sasha snap at each other, allowing for Mandy to run in and drag Bayley away from the babyface side. However she struggles along the way and ends up being launched into Sasha. Mickie tags in and forearms Mandy once on her feet, also nailing a running clothesline to the Golden Goddess. Mickie boots Mandy in the face, also giving Sonya a boot before resuming her work on Mandy, planting her on the canvas via a flapjack DDT. Mickie climbs to the top rope as Alexa watches, planting Mandy again via a seated senton this time, but just as it seems she may pin, she rises up, taking notice of Sonya hitting the ring and deals with her again. Mickie delivers kicks to Mandy, then one to Sonya on the outside before returning focus again back to Mandy, walking into Mandy’s double axe kick. Mandy goes for a pin, cancelled due to Mickie’s leg being under the rope. Mandy tries to bring Mickie away but Mickie rolls over Mandy during the pin.

Mandy pounds Mickie against the mat, then applying her variation of the abdominal stretch. Mickie seems to escape via an arm drag, but Mandy picks herself up quick and seizes Mickie’s feet, trying to stop her reaching to the babyfaces. Mandy avoids a clothesline and connects with a reverse gut wrench suplex, going right into a pin after and getting a near fall on the veteran. Mandy tags back in Sonya, who kicks Mickie above the midsection. Sonya rams Mickie into a corner, though her follow up attack gets blocked by Mickie’s countering boot. Mickie connects with her top rope hurricanrana, in turn separating herself from Sonya. Sonya rolls to the babyface side before Mickie can pace over there, then slamming Mickie back first against the canvas. Sonya covers Mickie following the maneuver and she gets a near fall.

Sonya extends a hand and after some seeming miscommunication between Alexa and Mandy, Mandy tags in, clearly due to Alexa refusing to engage with Mickie due to recent events. The duo try a double suplex on Mickie, who reverses into a double neckbreaker. Alexa then tags in, as does her once Pay Per View Opponent, Sasha. Sasha runs in, overtaking and dominating Alexa with clotheslines as well as a dropkick and high knee following blocking the attempted boot from Alexa. After the knee to the face of the champ, Sasha looks to resume work against Alexa in a corner but gets elevated onto the apron. Sasha blocks Alexa’s offense with a knee from the apron, then stops an oncoming behind assault by Sonya via driving her to the floor with double knees. Sasha gets back to the apron quick, avoiding offense by Alexa, taking her to the corner, planting her head first against that corners top turnbuckle. Sasha then climbs back to the ring and deals double knees to Alexa as she seats in the lowest half of the corner. Sasha rolls Alexa out of there, heading to the middle rope and dealing double knees again once off of there. Sasha attempts to pin but Mandy sprints in and intervenes with her pin attempt. This leads to clear out time, courtesy of Bayley. Alexa tries to roll over Sasha as she moves towards Bayley, but its reversed, getting Banks a near fall on the champion in the process.

Alexa rebounds quick, launching Sasha into the earlier corner. Alexa sets up her DDT in the center but is suddenly rolled over by Sasha, who seconds later, transitions into the finishing submission, the Bank Statement. Alexa cant take much more and soon taps out to Banks Submission. Mickie, Sasha and Bayley win the match.

But theres barely time to celebrate, as Absolution pounce on the enemies once again. Much offense leaves Absolution as the ones standing tall over Bayley and Sasha, and even Alexa is enthralled over the damage done, before soon realizing she is also their target as Sonya and Mandy turn to face the soon to defend champion, their soon to be opponent. Mandy and Sonya stalk the lone champion, backing her into a corner but Mickie hasnt forgotten Alexa’s recent efforts and runs in in aid of the champ. The two team up and take out Absolution, shades of Smackdown days, to end the main event post match showdown.

(Asuka and Nia Jax Segment)

(Ronda Rousey Promo)

(Cesaro and Sheamus vs Apollo and Titus O Neil w/ Dana Brooke)

(Mickie James, Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville and Alexa Bliss w/ Paige)

(Sasha Banks on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Asuka/Nia Segment: Nothing much to say besides an attempt to build Asuka vs Nia. Similar to NXT where Asuka gets crushed, sells Nia like a beast before the eventual clash. Nia dominating Asuka pre Chamber surely means she isn’t winning on Sunday, also considering Asuka’s streak, so if Alexa vs Nia is still on they need to build the reasoning for Nia’s shot in some way. But if Asuka ends up in the RAW Women’s Title picture, another chance may fade for Nia to not only be champion, but to finally get her singles PPV shot against Alexa. While i worry about post EC booking, i have expectations for Nia vs Asuka to shock everyone not outcome wise but performance wise this Sunday.

Women’s Tag: Not shocked at all with the outcome considering Sasha has been putting others over for weeks and has been possibly rewarded in the end with pre PPV momentum, though usually this would make all assume she isn’t winning on Sunday, though the pre Payback RAW last year and the outcome that followed always leaves with me possible different assumptions. I was off the idea of this match at first due to the confusion of Alexa and Absolution teaming despite recent differences. Overall i do feel this match was given its position most likely because the girls might have been annoyed at having to mix up in a tag team match rather than other ways of booking (looking at Sasha’s reaction when the match was first announced) and when it happened, i was sure something big was going to happen post match or in the match due to its placement. Regardless, it left many women trying to seize momentum in a way and leaves the champion pinned before the PPV. I have two picks due to this coming out as the winners of this Sundays PPV match.

– Catherine


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