WWE RAW RESULTS: A Maybe Not So Blissful Road to WrestleMania for Bliss Nor Banks (February, 26th 2018)

Featuring all the fallout from the RAW Centric Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, including from the historic first ever women’s elimination chamber match, welcome to this weeks Post PPV RAW report. With Elimination Chamber closed, for the RAW Roster, its now a few week road to WrestleMania and as of right now, Alexa Bliss is walking into the 34th overall WrestleMania Pay Per View as RAW Women’s Champion, overcoming high numbers just 24 hours prior by retaining the championship against Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mickie James in the noted first ever women’s chamber match. However it cant be forgotten that Asuka has earned a WrestleMania Opportunity, but will the furious Nia Jax, who was defeated by her on the same night, ensure the derailing of such glory?

Bliss opens RAW, and joining her is once Smackdown ally Mickie James, who appears to have cemented her realignment with Bliss and gone heel again. Alexa, being the heel of course, is boastful and puts over still being the champion, and how shes set the standard for being champion. Alexa highly believes that people will talk about her in the decades to come, then praises Mickie who she has learned much from. She acknowledges Absolutions Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, noting a bright future is ahead for them, but not while she is champion. She also notes Bayley to be a sad situation and goes over overcoming Sasha’s ego, and after pointing to the WrestleMania sign that hangs above, she expresses how good it feels to be pointing at exactly that, and how she will feel that same joy when she becomes the one to end the streak of RAWs undefeated performer, Asuka. She looks towards ending what Nia started last night.

Asuka storms down, much in the mood for a fight and Alexa acknowledges the arrival of her possible future opponent, even noting that she seems 100% healthy despite the brutalizing given to her by Nia. She wishes Nia had gone on to win to be a part of WrestleMania like she believes she deserves, and speaks slower in a way Asuka can “understand”. She threatens Asuka before another infuriated competitor steps out to look for a fight, that being Nia herself. This prompts a brawl that soon sees Bayley and Sasha’s involvement despite the explosive tension just the night before, and right after….a tag team match.

When we return from a commercial break that match is already underway with Mickie up against Bayley. Bayley and Mickie lock up but Mickie gets out quickly and gets Bayley in a hammerlock. Bayley rolls then reverses into her own hammerlock, though Mickie has plenty reversals in her arsenal, performing another, this time in the form of a side headlock. Bayley pushes Mickie to the ropes and is taken to the mat by Mickie, who shoulder blocks her as she makes her way back. Bayley makes a comeback by planting the face of Mickie against numerous turnbuckles, before Mickie retaliates with knees and kicks. Mickie goes for a running forearm but Bayley evades, soon slamming her down against the mat. After a singular elbow drop, Bayley goes to pin Mickie, getting a near fall.

Bayley whips Mickie into the earlier corner, not getting to attack further as Mickie blocks the charging Bayley with a back elbow. Mickie connects with her hurricanrana off the ropes, following up with a clothesline and trying to pin Bayley after, getting a near fall as the former RAW Women’s Champion had on her earlier. Mickie, holding Bayley in a front facelock set up, lets Nia tag in. Nia is on the offense instantly, headbutting Bayleys right shoulder. She headbutts her again in the midst of Bayley giving her axe handles, then crushes her against the earlier corner. Hoisting Bayley by her hair, Nia uses a free hand to allow Alexa to tag, and the RAW Women’s Champion gives Bayley a forearm to the chest after absorbing a firing kick from Bayley. Alexa leads Bayley back into the earlier corner, planting her head first against that corners top turnbuckle, then unleashing her kicks to the and above the midsection. She briefly chokes Bayley with her foot before the smaller competitor is hauled into the air by Bayley, elevated up then dropped into the top turnbuckle. Thats not the only damage Bayley looks to do to the head, seizing Alexa and bashing the head of the women’s champion against the top turnbuckle a number of times. Bayley makes her way to Alexa for a pin attempt and gets another near fall.

Bayley runs the ropes and connects with a sliding clothesline to Alexa, offense enough to again get her a near fall. Locking Alexa in a front facelock Bayley starts to make steps toward her own corner but doesn’t even get to pick who tags or even doesn’t get to extend her hand, as Sasha savagely slaps Bayley on the back to officially tag herself in. Upon making it to the ring, Sasha rolls over the very woman who pinned her the night before, Alexa Bliss, but only gets a near fall on the recently victorious champion. Sasha also hits double knees but only gets the same result out of it. Sasha locks a hammerlock but Alexa swings a forearm at her, but even a second doesn’t loosen her grip. Sasha trips Alexa during her third attempt, then rolling her over for a pin, getting a near fall result again in the end. Alexa gets herself up quick, kneeing Sasha before having her irish whip reversed. While Alexa hits the corner, she isnt looking to take Sasha’s offense thus elevates her over the ropes and onto the apron. Sasha knees Alexa from her apron position to block her oncoming forearm, then hits double knees after bringing herself over the top rope. Sasha takes Alexa away from the ropes for the newest pin attempt and again scores a near fall. Alexa rolls out to ringside, checked up on by Mickie though both soon become the target of Sasha’s kick between the ropes. Sasha heads out also, picking Alexa up to take the legal opponent back to the ring but before she can crawl back in after her, Nia runs into her and knocks her to the hard floor.

Nia celebrates sending down the “Bo$$” at ringside and eventually returns to her position on the apron while Alexa makes a dash to ringside to pick up Sasha post impact, rolling her back to the ring. Alexa attempts to pin Sasha and beat her like she had just the night before, but gets a near fall. Alexa reverts to her choke and stomp on the back of the neck before switching up to a headlock. Sasha throws fists but it isn’t enough as Alexa maintains grip until she chucks her over to the ropes. Alexa utilizes kicks again, hammering Sasha in the corners lower half, and Sasha is left sprawled on the ringside floor following the impact, in need of some recovery to resume momentum as we go to a commercial break.

When we return Nia has taken the place of the champ, and is very much preventing Sasha from reaching out to Asuka or Bayley. Nia drives Sasha into an opposite corner, away from the babyfaces, also hitting Sasha with a headbutt before she proceeds to choke her against the nearby second rope. Having done her work for now, Nia tags in the veteran Mickie, who snapmares Sasha from the heels corner then boots Sasha’s upper body after running the ropes. Mickie goes to cover immediately, getting a near fall. Mickie then tries to weaken Sasha via applying a side headlock, kneeing Sasha also when she uses fists to try and break out. Mickie launches her into the top turnbuckle of the heels corner then her seemingly new/old BFF Alexa tags back in, or more so dashes in and kicks away at Sasha. Alexa utilizes again her stomp to the back of the neck before her next pin attempt shows the ongoing resilience of Sasha, who kicks out once again at the count of two.

Alexa gets Sasha back in a side headlock, which Sasha arm drags her way out of. Sasha makes a desperate dash to her corner but is stopped by Alexa, who clobbers her with a running clothesline. A Cocky Alexa even manages to cheap shot Asuka before setting up to suplex Sasha, who reverses into her own. With Asuka still recovering from Alexa’s shot, Sasha is in need of Bayley and begins to climb over to her. Bayley has her arm extended, like shes all for tagging in to save her team from a possible defeat, but suddenly the lovable hugger jumps off the apron, leaving Sasha to herself. A Look of Misery spreads across boths faces before Sasha is dragged away from the apron by Mickie, who has been tagged in. Sasha rolls Mickie over, getting a near fall, and upon being released from Mickie, Sasha makes a desperate leap to the one woman remaining on her team, Asuka. The Empress tags in gladly.

Asuka fires a dropkick, following with fists then a running hip attack after seeing Mickie run the ropes. Asuka even prevents Nia from hitting the ring by kicking her off the apron, then when she returns her focus to Mickie, she gets kicked in the face. Mickie charges to Asuka, who lifts her into the air to take a knee to the face/jaw, and after dealing kicks to Mickie, a running hip attack is executed by the Empress to again stop Nia from reaching the ring and her. Asuka nails a roundhouse, preparing after to pin the veteran but having the pin broken by the champ, Alexa. Bayley shows her clear issues are with Sasha, but shows no ill intent towards Asuka, running in to take Alexa from the ring, hitting the champ with the Belly to Belly suplex. This again leaves Mickie with Asuka, and Mickie whirls under a forearm attempt, going for a clothesline that the Empress uses to transition into her usual armbar finish that soon submits her one time Takeover opponent. Bayley, Asuka and Sasha Banks win the match.

Despite suffering defeat the night prior, Titus Worldwide have one more opportunity to prove they can take the reigns of the tag team division, challenging Sheamus and Cesaro once more for the RAW Tag Team Championships with Dana Brooke at their side. However its a duplicated result despite a nice outing, as Titus Worldwide are defeated again, and Sheamus and Cesaro, in the conclusion of the match, begin to question who may even be left for them.

And lastly, Ronda gets her first RAW main event, her first RAW appearance also as she is now signed per last night to the RAW roster. All this takes place when Hunter and Stephanie place blame on Kurt Angle for the historic signing of Ronda Rousey going wrong, and with Rousey signed to WWE, she needs reminding of roles and responsibility, as does Kurt Angle, who Stephanie much wants an apology from. While they may have summoned Angle to the ring, they instead get a beefy Ronda, who is wanting revenge for Stephanie’s slap that near concluded her contract signing.

Kurt has to come out and prevent Ronda from unleashing physicality on the Authority members. He tells Ronda that he wants to let her know that her coming to WWE was the best thing she ever did, but Ronda insists shes no ones property. Kurt, maybe in fear of his job, tells Ronda she is in a whole different world now, and he needs his job. He tries to make out he lied about the alleged words Stephanie and Hunter said about her. Stephanie thanks Kurt for “clarifying” and insists they are not horrible people, but they understand why Ronda did what she did. Ronda makes it clear that if they want to put everything behind them, they need to apologize to her. If not, she vows to rip Stephanie’s arm from her socket. Steph admits to being sorry, that her slap the night before was a reaction to watching Ronda put her husband through a table. She welcomes Ronda to the WWE and insists all is good between them. Just as the Authority members step out, Hunter sneaks back in to sucker punch Angle, leaving him to be checked on by Rousey, who now surely knows what people they are.

(Mickie James, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Nia Jax, Bayley and Sasha Banks Segment)

(Bayley, Asuka and Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss, Mickie James and Nia Jax)

(Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle Segment)

(Bayley on RAW Fallout)

(The Miz, Maryse, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Six Woman Tag: Looks like the team turmoil continues with maybe Nia, Alexa and Mickie aligning for future tag matches to collide with whomever heading into WrestleMania. But then again, with Bayley and Sasha going separate ways, there really should be no way that these two should be paired as a unit going forward. WWE did outright say tonight that Alexa is getting Asuka at WrestleMania but yet it hasn’t even been made official on WWEs website meaning Asukas actual plans and the fact she was meant to announce whom she would challenge may still be being laid out. It has actually shocked me that WWE is going ahead with Sasha and Bayley as enemies considering three women’s matches already seem planned for WrestleMania with neither mentioned as participants in so it makes me wonder whether they may merge feuds in the RAW Women’s Title Match. Its too early to tell but either way Bayley and Sasha’s forever descending friendship has finally come to an end after tease after tease after tease and Bayley has had enough of Sasha’s sly comments, of her removing her from matches that mean the most, for claiming to be better etc and i expect them to be continually screwing each other in some way over the weeks. Some see Bayley being the heel here, maybe based on reports she may be going heel, i don’t know, but overall i see Sasha going heel and admitting how she never really cared for Bayley or how she couldn’t wait to be done with her etc. Whichever way it goes, we need a reference of Fast Lane 2017s women’s championship ending, thats for sure. As for Mickie, it looks like she is heel again, and that heel attitude we saw upon her WWE return seemed to be showed/teased last night so maybe it isn’t that much of a shock but at this rate it feels like its done just because of Alicia’s injury/rehabbing and Dana being moved into managerial and no longer enhancement. As for Nia, im holding out hope that feuds aren’t converging (if they can somehow get four women’s matches on the card instead, IF they can) so she does get her awaited singles moment, to show how over she is on the Grandest Stage and to get the big win exactly there, because as soon as Asuka is Champion, one can count the many chances of others to possibly be that gold wielder gone.

Ronda/Authority/Kurt: Promo wise, Ronda was more stronger tonight, but again a reminder that shes still new to the different world that is wrestling. I Feel that those promo skills came off well because Ronda has been used to playing/having a badass persona that she is indeed bringing to WWE. My Only Gripe with this segment was the ending and how Ronda didn’t get to strike back when Angle got hurt. Maybe it was because she took in the realization of what the Authority really were, rather than what they said they weren’t, the notion made by Steph that they aren’t “horrible people”. I’m honestly excited to see when Ronda gets her hands on Stephanie but will they prolong it? Or will they go right to it? Heck, will Steph need to triple her security over the weeks when Ronda tells her she now knows exactly who they are?

– Catherine


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