Your Monday Post #205: Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose on WWE NXT (September, 28th 2016)

Welcome all to a new week of wrestling and on this very day, Absolution’s Mandy Rose was featured on the Chasing Glory Podcast with Lilian Garcia. The former NXT Alumni opened up about her in ring career, promotion to the main roster and more, and with this being a topic of discussion, lets look back at what was actually Mandy’s last NXT match and in ring appearance.

Mandy engaged in a fairly short feud with Ember Moon back in September of 2016, a month clear of Moon’s NXT Debut at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II. Mandy had addressed some comments on social media about Moon to kick-start the feud, claiming the rising star of NXT at the time doesn’t fit the mold of a real NXT Women’s Superstar and promised furthermore to eclipse Moon once they meet in the ring. A Week later, the two met in a solid outing, and despite Mandy using power at times to try and overcome Moon, she would be the one Eclipsed in the end as Ember continued to ascend up the ranks in the division. After over a year of inactivity on NXT Television, Mandy would be promoted to the main roster alongside real life bestie Sonya Deville to work alongside their Tough Enough Trainer, Paige, in November of 2017, debuting the Absolution Stable. On the same month, Ember Moon had rose to the highest ranks of NXTs Women’s Division, becoming the NXT Women’s Champion.

– Catherine


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