IMPACT WRESTLING ONE NIGHT ONLY MARCH BREAKDOWN RESULTS: A Veteran Returns and Allie Brings Recent Heat to the Home Turf (March, 16th 2018)

Welcome all to the IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only March Breakdown report, ironically and appropriately posting before March breaks down (terrible joke….terrible). Anyway as part of this months One Night Only Pay Per View, we see the Knockouts involved on two separate occasions. Firstly, a certain Queen Bee aka Madison Rayne will be returning to face Gisele Shaw in what i believe is Shaw’s first IMPACT Related appearance (Feel free to correct me). Plus, in light of the fallout between Allie and Braxton Sutter, Sutter has picked up for himself a new lady, in the form of another Canadian in KC Spinelli (pre Su Yung alignment) to take on Allie and A1 in Mixed Tag Team Action.

Backstage for the Knockouts Singles match is long tenured and returning Veteran, Madison Rayne, interviewed by Alicia Atout of AMBY and Smash Wrestling. Alicia gets compliments off Madison then proceeds with questioning Madison about her match tonight, asking her how shes feeling going into the mentioned match. Madison makes it clear she is feeling great, she is the queen of the Knockouts Division after all. Madison adds on that is doesn’t matter how many times she comes and goes, one thing always remains constant, that being that no matter who it is, she will run through them and shes looking towards becoming Knockouts Champion. She tells Alicia not to be so nervous and thanks Alicia for her best wishes regarding her match before heading off.

We go straight to the match after with the arrival of Madison, to her old and most recognizable theme no doubt. Shaw is out secondly, announced as the “Quintessential Diva” and for those who don’t know, Shaw was trained by Lance Storm, who has also trained the likes of Rachael Ellering and Tenille Dashwood. She doesn’t seem to get a kind welcome from Madison however, who mocks her in ring entrance pose after she completes it. Gisele poses again, and gets a welcome reaction from the audience, completely different reaction to what Madison received for her mockery. Madison yawns but gets to competing anyway, doing a short warm up before locking up with Gisele.

Gisele takes over early, getting control early on with a hammerlock. Madison overturns by tying the left arm of Gisele behind her back, until Gisele counters and does the very same. Madison gets out and applies a side headlock, only to end up moments later in another hammerlock. Madison kicks Gisele away, to the chagrin of Gisele who glances as Madison showboats. Madison gets momentum in the second lock up as she applies a key-lock. Gisele rolls, tripping Madison to the canvas in between. Gisele goes for the first pin attempt of the match and gets a one count on the multi time Knockouts Champion.

Madison doesn’t look too happy over the switch in momentum again, and avoids a third lock up to instead get Gisele in a waistlock. Gisele pushes Madison downward to get out of a side headlock before applying her own to the veteran. Madison aims a few fists then sends Gisele in the direction of the ropes, though Gisele strikes back upon running back with a running shoulder block. Gisele runs the ropes, and on each chance, manages to evade Madison’s offense. Gisele arm drags Madison on two occasions, also connecting with a kick then taking herself off the ropes to arm drag Madison again. Gisele hits a running forearm to Madison as she rests in a far corner, delivering chops and forearms before moving her out of that corner. Gisele tries to attack again in a different corner but Madison floats to the apron, then crawling under the ropes as Gisele tries to get her to make a full return to the ring. Madison evades offense and sends Gisele to the canvas by her hair. Madison covers Gisele and gets a near fall.

Madison gets her grip on Gisele for a rear chokehold, also kneeing Gisele in between. Madison attacks the back of Gisele briefly before getting her upright, aiming another knee to Gisele which connects. Madison runs the ropes and hits a running knee to Gisele, and that amongst the other prior offense is only enough to get a near fall, as Gisele remains in by kicking out at two. Madison goes for another pin after completing a Northern Lights suplex, ending the same as before as she scores a near fall once again on Gisele.

Madison locks a side headlock, though Gisele starts aiming axe handles at Madison, gathering momentum from the crowd to try and separate herself from the Queen Bee. Gisele manages to separate herself from the former Knockouts Champion via a standing jawbreaker, and following that, the two women have an exchange of forearm blows. Gisele gets the upper hand with scissor slaps, forearms and a thrust kick but as she goes for more offense, Madison brings her to the apron to counter. Gisele kicks Madison in the head and drops herself atop Madison, coming close to but not getting a three count as so desired. Gisele misses her first kick attempt but downs Madison with her second one, but again doesn’t pin the former Knockouts Champion, whose out at two. Gisele appears to be going for a German Suplex right after but Madison scrambles to the ropes and forces her to break away. Gisele isn’t accepting of it and the ref is forced to come between them, though the ref doesn’t appear to notice Madison raking the eye of Gisele upon returning to the ring. Madison connects with her finisher and does away with Gisele, getting the three count. Madison wins the match.

Sometime later in the show we see a chuffed Braxton Sutter saying hello to the viewers, calling himself now the resident heartbreaker. He claims he has got himself a new woman upon getting rid of Allie, and beside him is KC Spinelli. KC appears in denial of them having any kind of relationship, but shes all for teaming and showing Allie what “Two Scoops” is all about, her hitting Allie and Allie hitting the floor. Braxton pulls a possible innuendo when he asks KC if they will know what Two Scoops is all about afterward.

The match follows, With Braxton out first, sounding off on the mic before follow up entrances. He announces that if there’s anything he hates more than Windsor, Ontario, where they just so happen to be, its Allie. He mocks Allie and Windsor further before out comes his tag team partner for the evening, KC, followed with the entrances of A1 and Knockouts Champion Allie, without title in hand on this occasion. It looks like Braxton has bailed outside during entrances, and first in the ring for the heels is KC, accepting to open against Allie, who, based on past encounters, is no stranger to the Knockouts Champion. However KC is just at good as bailing it appears, tagging in Braxton before either woman can come to blows. Due to this, A1 is made to tag in, starting off against Sutter.

After some back and forth action between Sutter and A1, KC tags, and while shes initially meant to battle the person of same gender, she shows no fear in dealing blows to A1 in her own corner. A1 is isolated by the heels and unable to tag in Allie, and Allie is held back, unable to battle KC due to not being the legal competitor, and also has to watch as KC allows Braxton back into the match. Eventually the two are left laid out and are forced to make moves towards their partners, with KC and Allie getting tagged in once Braxton and A1 muster the energy to make it to their individual corners.

Allie charges in, dodging a clothesline attempt by KC and delivering her own, adding on elbows as well. Allie attacks KC against a far corner with a running clothesline and a sliding clothesline follows up. Allie tries to cover KC away from the corner and gets a near fall on the fellow competitor. KC shoves at Allie to retaliate then connects with a fisherman suplex followed instantly with a pin attempt that culminates in a near fall result. Allie rolls KC over during a move set up, getting a near fall too in the attempted pin. Allie carries on holding momentum with a codebreaker and dropkick to the rear of KC, looking to pin KC after but having her pin attempt broken by Braxton. A1 sends Braxton out of the ring, and while Allie watches the chaos between the two ensue, KC grabs Allie and attacks, though eventually running into a spear. Allie surely has her heart sinking when she has to watch KC leave the ring following what could have been her attempt to pin. Braxton drags Allie from the ropes and gets furious with her, but Allie has had enough of her real life husbands antics and slaps him across the face. A1 also sends Braxton down with a crossbody following Allie’s added super-kick to pin the competitor. Allie and Braxton win the match.

(Madison Rayne vs Gisele Shaw 14.31 – 25.18)

(Allie and A1 vs Braxton Sutter and KC Spinelli 42.55 – 02.05)

Thoughts On:
Madison/Gisele: I Was really impressed with Gisele, especially with her springboard sequence with the kick and body drop over the ropes. Also great to see Madison back, and getting a win that she didnt get regularly in her last IMPACT run, though Madison is more than happy to exploit the in ring talents of up and comers. Will she be back for the Canadian shows or even in Orlando? Considering her pre match promo, i wouldn’t be surprised, but it may also depend on whether she appears in future for Women of Honor and whether commitments clash etc.

Mixed Tag: Great to see KC on IMPACT related Television again and as always, showing personality. I Do hope IMPACT have plans to use her more, even for storyline purposes, though of course her tandem with Braxton is indeed different to what we’ll be seeing from Braxton and Su as Su is the intimidating force presented to Allie in comparison to KC who is a temporary asset for Braxton here, though i did enjoy their teamwork. Could they bring KC in to go babyface and side with Allie over Braxton like Kiera is? Who Knows, but the mixed tag was short and sweet, but not too short luckily. I Also liked the booking here of keeping Allie out for a while as shes the loved babyface folks are raring to see, that the heels didnt want in, who would eventually get the hot tag. No surprise to see the babyfaces win though in all honesty it could have gone either way with Braxton possibly pinning A1 to get heel heat.

– Catherine


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