Cattie’s Catch Up: The Marriage of Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter on IMPACT Wrestling (February, 23rd 2017)

Greetings to all and welcome to an IMPACT Themed edition of Cattie’s Catch up, that being as IMPACT Wrestling’s newest Pay Per View, Redemption, is days away and features the breakdown of the on screen relationship of Knockouts Champion Allie and Braxton Sutter, as Sutter now manages the dangerous Su Yung who will contend for his wife’s title this Sunday. Lets look back at the time Allie and Braxton found peace within each other after months of torment at the hands of former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout, Maria Kanellis.

Back in February, Maria Orchestrated the Wedding of Laurel Van Ness (pre broken bride stage) and Braxton after noticing the budding romance between Sutter and Maria’s former client, Allie. Not only would Maria set up Laurel with Braxton against the wishes of a defenseless Allie, but Allie would be tormented for months, especially after Maria lost the Knockouts Title to Gail Kim at Bound for Glory the year prior. Surrounded by Guests that included Mike Bennett, Sienna, Aron Rex and Rockstar Spud, Braxton finally took a stand in Late February during the official wedding segment, declaring he wouldn’t be marrying Laurel but rather Allie. Per Maria’s commands, this would lead to Maria attempting to fire Allie for such actions but Allie quit anyway and got in her former boss’s face after months of torment and cruel tactics. It would overall be a happy ending for Braxton and Allie, clear of their enemies from some help from Brooke and Robbie E, while Laurel would drink her sorrows away to the point of transitioning into a dangerously broken bride out for revenge. In the months to come, Allie and Braxton would get some help in overcoming Laurel, Sienna and their new associates in Kongo Kong and KM post Maria departure, before tensions were teased only to disappear until recently with Braxtons heel turn. With Braxton officially done with Allie on screen, will he ensure the crushing again of momentum for Allie, ensuring also another short title reign ending?

– Catherine


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