IMPACT WRESTLING REDEMPTION PREDICTIONS: Taya Valkyrie vs Kiera Hogan and Su Yung vs Allie for the Knockouts Championship (April, 22nd 2018)

With the arrival of this Sunday, we have our first IMPACT Wrestling Pay Per View of the year, and in turn a new one at that. IMPACT Wrestling presents Redemption, Live from Universal Studios, and with it will be Two Knockouts Matches, a Knockouts Championship defense as the divisions much loved babyface Allie has her next title defense against the divisions recent newcomer, Su Yung and as announced just today, Kiera Hogan will take on Taya Valkyrie.

With that being said, no Pay per View comes without predictions, so lets begin with the match that i feel has the more easier outcome. Theres no doubt that even if her time has been short in IMPACT Wrestling, Kiera is indeed a solid performer, just like her opponent Taya Valkyrie. However this feels like a match that propels Taya just before she enters her newest angle, so to me, Taya is taking this win. I Expand on where else Kiera could get involved in the Pay Per View below.

To the Knockouts Title defense next, and After weeks of going back and forth on wondering which two of these will walk out with the divisions top brass, Ive come to a decision. Since i feel neither Su or Allie need a loss at this rate, I’m thinking Kiera Hogan will come out and confront Braxton Sutter with the two eventually getting ejected when Braxton tries to continually interfere with Allies match with Kiera standing up and trying to stop him (shades of this past Thursday when she got physical in Intergender action). The Match will then go to double count-out (which i also predict even with Kiera getting her last minute match added) and Su will snap on Allie and stand tall in the end. From there, id go with Braxton getting revamped as a darker character under Su’s influence due to being “humiliated” by Kiera with the direction that Allie could become so distracted by the new Braxton and his demeanor to the point where it will eventually cost her the title, but what direction they may take regardless of result tonight is for creative to know and for us to eventually find out though we cant count out Allie being furthermore resilient that she gets her overall happy ending by giving Braxton his eventually needed comeuppance, whether hes under a revamped persona or not, to end their heightened tension. But Yeah, through double count-out, in some way i expect Allie retains.

Tune into IMPACT Wrestling Redemption Live Tonight at 1am (UK Time) on POP TV to see who leaves with the top gold of the Knockouts Division and to see which other Knockout leaves the night with redemption and momentum. Other matches include LAX defending the IMPACT Tag Team Championship against Eli Drake and Scott Steiner and OvE and Sami Callihan vs Moose, Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards in a House of Hardcore Match.

– Catherine


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