WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Women Rule the Show With Multi Bouts (June, 5th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown report and there is a Lot…and i mean A LOT….to talk about regarding the ladies of Smackdown Live this week. An “expose” of Asuka courtesy of her future opponent, Smackdown Womens Champion Carmella, leads to physicality, a mixed tag team match is happening and a battle of besties on the road to MITB.

AND the Women open the show this week as former Miss MITB turned Smackdown Women’s Champion Carmella heads to the ring, promising to expose her Money in the Bank Opponent Asuka. Her expose comes in the form of a clip that shows Asuka’s WrestleMania defeats and all defeats that followed for her after it. This leads to Asuka coming out, but before she can either verbally spook Carmella or kick her head in, out come Absolution’s Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Mandy is in admittance of falling to Asuka last week, and doesn’t deny how dangerous the fellow Smackdown competitor is, but she is adamant that she was a second away from beating her. Now she knows the truth, she knows she can beat Asuka tonight, but Sonya has to chime in on her friends confidence. She tells Mandy she did what she was supposed to do and left enough of Asuka for her. She wants Asuka tonight, and Carmella agrees with her statement also, but also with Mandy, so she asks Asuka who exactly she is going to get in the ring. This prompts for Paige to arrive, noting how Asuka has unfinished business with both Mandy and Sonya. Asuka selects to face them both in a handicap match and Paige easily gives her it.

Its Sonya opening against Asuka when we return from a commercial break, though Asuka is evasive of her speed early on. After delivering kicks to one another, the two try to lock up and while it seems Sonya may be getting the upper hand, shes soon sent to the corner courtesy of Asuka. Mandy tags in, kicking Asuka and driving her towards the heels corner, not quite getting there as Asuka turns and sends Mandy there instead. Mandy isn’t wanting more from Asuka and tags back in Sonya. The two lock up again, with Asuka getting the upper hand as she targets both arms of Sonya. Sonya performs a reversal but is outsmarted by Asuka. Sonya separates Asuka from her with a fist then locks the waist as she takes her down to the mat. Asuka tries to cunningly sneak in a knee bar but Sonya makes a quick move to the ropes to force Asuka to break.

Asuka takes Sonya down to the mat, outwitted a short time later by a hip toss. Sonya goes for her sliding knee but Asuka escapes Sonya’s path. Asuka dropkicks Sonya but gets distracted by Mandy before she can deliver more offense and Sonya capitalizes, hitting the Empress with a forearm suddenly. Sonya unleashes fists and even more once she gets Asuka in the heels corner. After such blows, she tags back in Mandy, who delivers kicks to the midsection of Asuka and above. Mandy tags Sonya back in, hoisting Asuka up and leaving her vulnerable to Sonya’s next offense, which Sonya strikes with. Sonya tags Mandy back in, but not before finishing up with various shoulder tackles to Asuka. Mandy mimics her shoulder tackles, adding on forearms later which she hits Asuka with. Mandy tries to wear out Asuka with a side headlock applied well away from the corner as chants break out for Asuka. Asuka tries to fight back but Mandy sends her back to the mat. Mandy covers Asuka within moments of sending her down, but only gets a one count.

Mandy goes back to using the headlock, but this time Asuka manages to fight back, later sending Mandy to the ropes. Asuka fires up despite strikes given to her, beginning her comeback as she takes Mandy to the mat via her hip attack. Asuka does the same move to Mandy against a far corner, rolling her out of there before ascending the turnbuckles. Asuka connects with a missile dropkick from there but before she can do much more, she takes notice of Carmella moving herself away from the commentary table, showing off her women’s title. Meanwhile Mandy has tagged in Sonya, who pounces on Asuka from behind while shes distracted. Carmella moonwalks on the commentary table while Sonya briefly chokes Asuka against the bottom rope with her knee. The Absolution side hold momentum courtesy of Mella as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Mandy is back in the ring against Asuka with the two exchanging forearm blows. Mandy tries to overtake but is shoved away by Asuka, who also ducks under a clothesline attempt. Asuka dropkicks Mandy after then avoids a boot, delivering a German Suplex to Mandy instead. Asuka hits a roundhouse, not in notice of a tag made by Mandy beforehand to Sonya. However, before Sonya can fire in to possibly floor Asuka, Asuka appears ready and lifts Sonya into the air, hitting her with a knee to the face. Asuka covers Sonya after a hip attack, getting a near fall due to Mandy running in and breaking Asuka’s pin. Asuka chucks Mandy to the outside floor, but has her back turned to Sonya, who suddenly rolls her over, only getting a near fall however. Both exchange kicks a short time after, before kicks in unison send down both of them.

Both get to their feet, readying offense to each other though Sonya misses hers, getting hit in the head by Asuka. Sonya recovers quickly and takes Asuka to the mat with a spear, sadly only enough to get a near fall for her. Sonya continues with offense, though a jumping fist oncoming gets blocked by Asuka who tries to worm her in for the possible armbar. Sonya tries possible reversals but is soon caught in the Asuka Lock. Sonya taps out and Asuka takes the win. Asuka wins the match.

Post Match, Carmella has removed herself from the commentary table again, coming face to face with her future challenger, the Empress of Tomorrow. As Carmella mouths off at Asuka, flashing the title, Mandy Rose has returned to the ring, trying a behind attack on Asuka but it is thwarted. However, Asuka has taken her eyes off of Carmella, who hits her from behind with her championship title. As Asuka tries to get up, Carmella isn’t allowing it and leaves the title contender laying after her superkick. Carmella poses over the fallen Asuka with her title to end.

The next women’s moment sees a mixed tag team match as Naomi and Jimmy Uso join forces against Lana and Aiden English. Out first is Jimmy, soon joined by Naomi. Aiden gives an introduction for Lana, who emerges lastly. No Rusev as he now has a placement in the shows main event, a six person tag. Aiden and Jimmy start off the match and Lana eventually gets involved, trying to cheapshot the babyfaces alongside Aiden after checking up on Aiden’s targeted throat. The duo’s attack on Jimmy and Naomi misses, with both cleared to the outside after a double enziguiri from the opposing pairing. Jimmy pulls the ropes down in an assist as Naomi dives onto both Aiden and Lana outside. Lana and Aiden are in need of regrouping and recovery as we go to the one commercial break for this match.

When we return, the women’s action has started in the ring, with Lana holding momentum as she continuously kicks away at Naomi near the ropes. Lana hits a high kick after to Naomi, enough to get her a near fall. Lana continues on as she chokes Naomi against the ropes using her leg, then hitting with double knees from behind to the back of the neck. Lana gets Naomi somewhat away from the ropes for a new pin attempt and again gets a near fall. Lana chokes Naomi against the heels corner with her foot, also planting her head first against the mat, isolating her at the same time from Jimmy. Lana proceeds to taunt Jimmy while having Naomi locked in a chinlock. Naomi tries to escape but is sent to a corner turnbuckle head first courtesy of a boot from behind by Lana. Lana mocks the Usos chant but soon pays for it as she ends up being dropkicked by Naomi, who is attempting to rebound. Lana turns her attention back to Naomi in time to stop her climbing over to Jimmy, axe handling Naomi in the back.

Lana takes Naomi away from her corner, connecting with elbow drops nearby the heels corner to Naomi. After both, Lana attempts to pin Naomi, but gets a near fall once more. Lana locks a side headlock but takes shots to both ribs from Naomi, who also separates herself from Lana via a jawbreaker. Naomi again tries to reach Jimmy, but is dragged away by Lana. Naomi pushes further toward Jimmy but Lana tries to grip her for a possible suplex. Naomi gets herself lower than Lana then rolls Lana into a pin attempt, getting a near fall. Lana and Naomi then both collide via double clotheslines and are in need of making tags to Aiden and Jimmy, which they do so.

This isn’t the last of the women’s action in this match however, as Lana steps in later on to get in the face of Jimmy. She slaps Jimmy in the face, and Naomi is having none of it. Lifted over Jimmy’s shoulders, she lands on Lana, connecting with a Lou Thesz Press. The two scrap and end up on the outside, but this leads to Aiden sneak attacking Jimmy to get sudden momentum. Naomi returns suddenly to dive onto Aiden, who is superkicked soon after by Jimmy, enough to finish him. Naomi and Jimmy win the match.

The last women’s related match of the show sees Charlotte and Becky Lynch go at it in a match pre booked by Paige after witnessing their competitive talk the week before. The former PCB Teammates and MITB entrants enter for the match, Charlotte first then Becky Lynch. The Two lock up in front of a WOO’ing crowd, with Becky outsmarting Charlotte early on with an arm drag post lock up. Becky prevents a takedown after, trying to rope Charlotte into the disarmer but being sent through the ropes instead. Becky slides into the ring to resume competition but the best friend takes her down by her leg and attempts to lock her figure four, but Becky sees it coming and kicks her a few feet away. Charlotte’s follow up takedown is countered by Becky, who applies a grounded headlock. Charlotte reverses into a side headlock, with both now back to their feet. Charlotte athletically avoids Becky after hitting the ropes and the two have a stand off following a headscissor by Charlotte.

Charlotte trips Becky, trying to pin her right after only for Becky to rise off the mat. Becky tries to match pinfall strategy wise but only gets a one count. Charlotte rolls Becky over but does not cover, glancing over at Becky as she gets back on her feet. The two have a fun tea time moment followed by blocking one anothers boots and working cohesively to ensure both feet are back on the mat after. Charlotte attempts to clothesline Becky, missing her and colliding with her instead in the rings center as both hit crossbodies at the same time. Both Charlotte and Becky are down heading into a commercial break.

When we return, Becky appears to be in control, and throws forearms at Charlotte when back on her feet, as does Charlotte to her. Charlotte goes for a possible slam, but Becky escapes and tries for the disarmer. Charlotte sends Becky left shoulder first into a corner then chops her on the way out. Becky eventually hits back with an uppercut after taking a further barrage of chops. Becky hits her second uppercut with the third blocked by Charlotte, who backslides her moments later. Charlotte gets a near fall. Charlotte uses chops again, her single one sending down Becky. Charlotte avoids a clothesline and back suplexes Becky, though just as she fires up, she ends up eating offense from Becky near the corner. Becky climbs to the second rope but Charlotte ambushes from behind to stall a further ascent. Charlotte connects with a backbreaker to a hanging Becky for a near fall.

Becky breaks away from another possible figure four, sending Charlotte down after with a flying firearm. Becky heads all the way to the top rope, connecting with a leg drop from there to Charlotte, again getting a near fall afterwards. Becky preps for the disarmer again but is rolled up by Charlotte suddenly, escaping it by the count of two. Becky forearms Charlotte but is soon outsmarted by Charlotte’s spear off the ropes. Becky rolls outside, avoiding the besties attempt possibly incoming to pin. Charlotte notices Becky on the outside and flies over the top rope, meeting her on the outside as she dives onto her. Charlotte helps Becky back in soon after, also taking herself to the top rope. Charlotte attempts a moonsault but Becky raises her knees as Charlotte makes her way down, colliding with Charlottes tumbling body. Becky rolls over her pained opponent but still cant pin her as Charlotte makes an escape at two.

Charlotte does a single leg takedown, preparing again for the figure four. Becky tilts her using her leg but Charlotte regroups and tries to twist into her figure four set up. Becky makes a smart transition into the disarmer submission and despite hard fought efforts, Charlotte soon taps out to her fellow former PCB teammate. Becky wins the match, no hard feelings shown in the closing seconds as Charlotte respectfully embraces her.

And lastly, Zelina Vega confronts Sin Cara as he comments on Andrade “Cien” Almas snubbing him last week. This leads to Andrade emerging and attacking Sin Cara, making it clear theres no cohesion between them.

(Carmella, Asuka, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Paige Segment)

(Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose vs Asuka; Two on One Handicap Match feat Carmella)

(Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs Aiden English and Lana)

(Charlotte vs Becky Lynch)

(Sin Cara, Zelina Vega and Andrade “Cien” Almas Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Handicap Match: A Great showing especially from Sonya Deville this week, especially with the spear and kick sequence with Asuka. The two show that they work well together and it makes me wonder what a match between the two would have been like if it had happened at an NXT Takeover. Mandy is doing great as well, improving leaps and bounds and i liked her mic work this week as well, like in recent weeks. Obviously Asuka needed to win this week as well, having already put out Mandy last week, so i didn’t expect Absolution to win here, only maybe via DQ but it was doubtful also. Regardless of the match ending, Carmella holds momentum from the sneak attack alone, so should Asuka rebound next week, does that mean Carmella retains at the PPV? If Bayley and Alexa pre Extreme Rules taught us anything, its not to be so sure.

Mixed Tag: Another plus from this week was the mixed tag, though i do wish it had included Jey and Rusev as a six person. It goes to show that they trusted Lana and Naomi in the positions they are in, and Lana has also improved since her matches with Naomi last year. I Didnt expect Naomi and Jimmy to win but i aren’t sour that they did either, as i enjoy seeing Naomi work in whatever capacity with the Usos, giving them something to do also. The chemistry between Lana and Naomi, as well as the tag team work of Naomi and the Usos makes me hope they redo this in the future or even add on the missing latter.

Charlotte/Becky: Definitely a fan of this match as well, the story of the competitiveness told through their transitions, multiple pinfalls and so forth. Im glad the bookers also went with the decision of Becky winning as she had taken falls over the week and needed the win more than Charlotte, whose probably in line for a push again down the line anyway. No tension teased as of yet but im intrigued to see if there’s any differences between the two in the actual MITB match and/or beyond to make it slightly different to last years. Although, with the lack of female babyfaces on Smackdown, i doubt it at the moment that either are turning heel.

– Catherine


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