WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Retribution On the Mind of the Unsuccessful in Ohio (June, 19th 2018)

Just like the RAW brand 24 hours before, the Smackdown brands less lucky also looked for retribution coming out of their defeats, whether it be Becky Lynch as she, as well as Naomi, Lana and Charlotte failed to bring the Money in the Bank briefcase to the blue brand, or Asuka with her inability to defeat the reigning Smackdown Women’s Champion Carmella, who became the only woman in WWE to hold a pinfall victory over the once undefeated star. While Becky Lynch has her first match since Money in the Bank lined up against Billie Kay of the IIconics, Carmella gets to celebrate her victory alongside the recently returned James Ellsworth, but will it actually end up being a celebration?

Carmella emerges to open Smackdown, holding still the Smackdown Women’s Championship as she not only defeated Asuka as noted, but with help from James Ellsworth who made his WWE Return this past Sunday. Carmella pulls an Alexa Bliss as she tries to put out a heartfelt speech to open, only to swerve the crowd and completely celebrate herself. She runs down beating Charlotte twice, and most recently defeating Asuka. She claims she did all that by herself, and made the Empress of Tomorrow bow to the Princess of Staten Island. However her moment of confident bragging comes to an end, as the champion freezes when Asuka’s music plays. Luckily she isn’t about to face the fellow superstars rage, as it is instead revealed to be Ellsworth, again dressed in Asuka’s coat and mask like he was on Sunday. After stripping himself of Asuka’s mask, he happily embraces the women’s champion.

Ellsworth has the mic, and tweaks Asuka’s catchphrase as he goes on to declare that no one was ready for him, especially Asuka. He demands the WWE Universe to shut their mouths for he is about to say something to his Princess. He tries to bring up a saying but snubs it as not as important as him being back in the WWE. His intention is already declared, to serve the greatest woman in history. However before either can brag on, Asuka’s music hits, and the real Asuka comes down, not to her usual pace however as shes storming down to the ring looking for a fight. She squares up to Ellsworth, who removes her coat off of himself as Asuka confronts him. Asuka takes Ellsworth down then ends up being kicked by Carmella. Carmella pulls Ellsworth back up by his shirt and takes him away from the ring, quickly leaving also behind him and out of the way of Asuka. Asuka stares down the pairing to end their opening confrontation.

Not too far on, we go to the one singles match featuring the women on the show, as Becky Lynch is set to take on Billie Kay, looking to redeem herself after failing to win the Money in the Bank contract for a second year in a row. Billie, joined by her IIconic Bestie Peyton Royce, take a chance to mock Becky over her failures upon arriving in the ring with another imitation, insisting as they take it upon themselves to do that that Becky is a Loser and will amount to nothing more in WWE. The joking around is over within moments as Becky’s music hits and Billies Opponent emerges for singles competition.

Becky seems to be laughing off their imitating of her upon entering the ring, but changes her tune once the bell rings, going right after Billie, taking her down to the mat as she rains down with punches to the heel competitor. Billie tries getting to the ropes to escape but Becky seizes her, dropping her on her back and carrying on after with her previous punches. Becky isn’t done there, as she nails an exploder suplex to Billie, who rolls to the outside soon after. Becky is quickly back in pursuit of the heel, baseball slide dropkicking her from behind and knocking her fully to the floor. Becky picks Billie back up and hits an uppercut before rolling her back inside the ring. Billie heads back out just as quick, not going unnoticed by Becky. Becky catches up to Billie again, striking with an uppercut and taking her back to the ring. Becky gets to the apron and avoids Peyton’s attempt to possibly trip her up. This is, however, soon capitalized on by Billie as she briefly targets Becky’s arm before sending her into the ring post then to the floor. Billie has turned momentum to her side heading into a commercial break.

When we return, nothing has changed momentum wise as Billie has Becky back in the ring, stuck in an applied hold. Becky tries to fight out, also attempting to slam Billie though she frees herself, pushing Becky to the ropes upon doing so. Becky ends up walking into a forearm from Billie on the way back that sends her down to the mat. Billie goes on to choke Becky against the nearby bottom rope and as the referee tries backing Billie off, Peyton resorts to her own mischief as she knees Becky, going unnoticed. Billie returns focus to Becky, trying to pin the Lasskicker who kicks out of her pin attempt at two. Billie reverts to her chinlock on Becky, climbing onto her back also as Becky regains upright composure. Becky moves towards a corner, causing Billie to collide with it back first. Another try allows for Becky to free herself of Billie, causing some separation after as she arm drags Billie over one shoulder. Billie tries to get herself up and is kicked by Becky as she looks to rebound. Becky heads to the middle rope then above and takes Billie down with her flying firearm, hitting with her rebound offense after, in the form of clotheslines and leg lariats. After the follow up back kick, Becky hits with the exploder suplex, scrambling into the next pin attempt and scoring a near fall on the Aussie.

Becky looks to attack Billie in a corner post pin attempt, but is elevated onto the apron by Billie. Billie ends up taking a forearm to the jaw from Becky, who heads onto the top rope soon after. Becky removes herself from there quickly as Peyton tries to cause an interference, with the other heel Aussie soon darting away to safety. Becky then sees Billie coming, blocking a forearm, knocking her away and returning to the ring. Becky throws Billie above the middle rope and out to the floor, scaling the apron after and looking to take out both of the IIconics, with Peyton taking all the brunt as Billie ends up out of harms way. Becky gets back in the ring as fast, caught in a potential sit out package piledriver set up from Billie. Becky counters into a takedown and applies the disarmer to the heel upon her counter succeeding, leading to Billie eventually tapping out. Becky wins the match.

And while absent from Television, Zelina Vega appeared in a fallout video as she and Andrade showed complacency over Sin Cara not showing up over the weeks to face her client, Andrade Cien Almas. Is Sin Cara officially injured and WWE are doing these videos because they’re stalling until they find something new? Or is Sin Cara going to show soon and be brutalized by Almas? Time will soon tell.

(Carmella, James Ellsworth and Asuka Segment)

(Becky Lynch vs Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce)

(Becky Lynch on Smackdown Fallout)

(Zelina Vega on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Carmella/James/Asuka Segment: Just like RAW, Smackdown opens with the women this week, showing that not just the women can be relied on to get the crowd hot to kick things off, but the heel champions specifically as WWE knows both Alexa and Carmella can gather boos with their presence. Carmella did exactly that just like Alexa, even if the beginning babyface act transitioning into a swerve felt recycled. It was a really strong, crowd warming promo from Ellsworth and Carmella to kick things off, doing exactly what they managed to do at the start of Carmella’s run as Miss Money in the Bank, so it felt like a nod to the good old days of that. I’m Mixed on Asuka resuming her feud with Carmella however. I Get she lost and that a rematch might be on the cards for her, especially coming out of any kayfabe animosity held over being pinned by Carmella. But Carmella has also name dropped Becky Lynch as someone she is “better than” as of late so i wouldn’t have minded Carmella vs Becky starting here, with Becky looking to redeem her loss at Money in the Bank by vowing to win the women’s title and by going through everyone necessary to earn her contendership, maybe even putting her career or just her placement on the Smackdown Roster on the line for suspense. It feels at the moment like this is heading the Charlotte/Natalya route with Asuka getting her rematch and dethroning Carmella on a future episode of Smackdown unless the IIconics interrupt and attack Asuka so she becomes Becky’s assist in her possibly sprouting feud with them since Charlotte is having time off. Guess we’ll have to see in the weeks to come.

Becky/Billie: To Think three years ago Billie had her first WWE TV Appearance and match against Becky Lynch, and fast forward to now, they are having a rematch with Billie now having her official character, also showcasing how much the two have evolved since that brief encounter. I Honestly thought Billie would win here so Becky’s bad luck continues and causes the start of a heel turn, but at the same time i cant be surprised at Becky picking up the win as the story was about redeeming herself post Money in the Bank, and she needed it. It looks like shes heading into a feud with the IIconics to reintroduce Charlotte or for someone else to get involved, Naomi or Lana potentially unless the IIconics get involved with Carmella and Asuka later to cause for Asuka to transition from the title picture to feuding with them. The fallout video also seems to indicate that Becky is heading towards chasing the title, but i can see her feuding with the IIconics at the moment and facing Peyton Royce down the line (with someone joining the feud on the babyface side) as she continues to work her way up.

– Catherine


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