LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Worldwide Underground Return to Exact Revenge with More Incoming from Catrina (June, 20th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks Lucha Underground report. We’re 2 episodes into the recently debuted fourth season and while theres yet to be a Luchadora v Luchadora match, it seems one may be incoming. The Women are regularly featured this week, including in builds to upcoming feuds. But who exactly is appearing on this weeks episode? Lets find out.

Firstly is Catrina. Lucha Undergrounds Mistress of Macabre is venturing to King Cuerno’s basement to seek the Gauntlet of the Gods in order to obtain her life force that she much needs. However upon teleporting into Cuernos base, she finds the Gauntlet is not there, and very barely gets answers off Cuerno over its whereabouts. However one thing is clear by Cuerno. He has very little care over Catrina needing her life force.

Beautiful Brenda (Kitty on WOW Women of Wrestling or aka Holly Meowy) is also back this week, appearing later in the show alongside her still associate Famous B who has not one, not two but three new stars to introduce to the Believers, representing “Infamous Inc”. The first is Big Bad Steve, then Sammy Guevara, then lastly WWE Alumni and former World Champion as well as MLW Star Jack Swagger, going now under the name of Jake Strong. However the Trio are unable to overcome the Trios Champions, Killshot, the Mack and Son Of Havoc and Strong shows no further allegiance as he attacks Famous B post match. Looks like Famous B is going to have to call 4-2-3-Backup-Plan.

Kobra Moon also reintroduces the still heel Drago to the Temple and the Believers as he takes on El Dragon Azteca. The Reptilian Tribe member not only loses to his opponent El Dragon Azteca, but post match Kobra Moon is confronted by an appearing Johnny Mundo, a week clear of Kobra costing Mundo his chance to become Lucha Underground Champion. As Mundo mouths off at the Queen of the Reptilian Tribe, Taya sneaks into the ring and attacks Kobra while Mundo also selects to target and lay out Drago. The seemingly now babyface couple share a smooch after dealing with their antagonistic enemies.

Catrina reappears following the post match altercation, appearing before new head of the Temple Antonio Cueto. Cueto isn’t as familiar of Catrina as his late son, but asks what he can do for the Mistress of Macabre. Catrina declares that she is stuck still between the earth and the spirit realm, and what she desires from Antonio is Fenix in a coffin. But not in Cuetos suggested way, murder, rather asking that Mil Muertes gets Fenix in a Grave Consequences Match next week. Cueto grants the opportunity, later adding Jeremiah Crane/Sami Callihan upon quick request following the main event of the show.

Thoughts On This Week:
I Was Wondering when Taya was going to come back, so nice to see her back and this soon into the season, following up logically on Mundo being cost his chance at Pentagons Championship last week. Really excited for the feud with the Reptilian Tribe, which appears to make the Worldwide Underground babyfaces in turn. I Also expect Ricky Mandel to play into the outcome of this feud, if not into causing chaos later on for the stable based on the season preview and his character development last week. Also hyped for the Triple Threat Grave Consequences match next week, and unless Fenix is being written out and Catrina gets what she desires through Mils victory which im not expecting at this point of the season to be honest, then i see Fenix winning with Ivelisse returning and costing Jeremiah. But lets see what happens.

– Catherine


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