WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Momentum Rolls On For One In Ontario (June, 26th 2018)

Following on from the events of Monday Night RAW in San Diego, we jump a day forward to Smackdown now, with a slightly reduced roster as neither Carmella nor Asuka nor WWE Champion AJ Styles in attendance. However with the latter missing, other talents get spots in the 2 hour show, as Becky Lynch gets a match with Sonya Deville, Naomi and Lana contemplate a potential union after being encouraged by certainly recognizable stars and James Ellsworth reintroduces Intergender Wrestling to the world of WWE….just not by his own choice.

We first see Naomi and Lana bickering in the back over their dance off many weeks ago. Naomi then stops their arguing and proceeds to become fangirly as she and the Ravishing Russian are approached by the cast of GLOW. Naomi welcomes the crew to Smackdown Live, and the woman in front, Alison Brie, mentions how they are all excited to be there, mentioning that they are all huge fans. The group are ready to feel the Glow. Naomi mentions how Alison does a good job of making her despise her GLOW character, Zoya. Alison switches to a Russian accent as she addresses Lana, noticing her disapproving facial features. She mentions that they like Lana too. Lana responds in Russian then the rest of the cast members chime in to suggest that Naomi and Lana shouldn’t be beefing, but working together. Naomi cant help but admit how much she likes Lana as a dancer, and maybe if they can get on the same page, they could be Ravishing together. The others agree to such a suggestion before Naomi concludes by saying that once done, everyone will feel the Glow.

Next to happen women’s wise on the card, and later, is Becky Lynch’s match with Sonya Deville. This comes after Becky, who has been gathering a little momentum post MITB, was confronted prior to Smackdown by Sonya Deville, joined by Mandy Rose. Becky, who had asked whose arm she could break out of the twos, ended up finding out that Deville was taking up the challenge of a match. Thus skipping all the way to the main show, we have Becky Lynch’s entrance as we get ready for the match, followed by Deville, who is accompanied by her equally troublesome companion Mandy.

Becky trips Sonya after various kick attempts from Sonya to kick things off. Becky goes into a cover quickly on Sonya, but she kicks out well before a count of one. A Test of strength ensues post standoff, with Becky getting Sonya, and her shoulders, to the mat, only enough in this instance to get a one count. Sonya knees Becky after getting off the mat, running the ropes after and taking the Lasskicker down with a running shoulder block. After some showboating, Sonya proceeds with her own pin attempt, but not even getting a one count as Becky rises off the mat. Becky back kicks a surprised Sonya, then looking for a suplex set up only for Sonya to make a dash for the ropes as Becky keeps hooked at the waist. Sonya utilizes the ropes to knock Becky away, then hits her own back kick to Becky as she runs toward her. Sonya grabs Becky by her waist and takes her down to the mat fast. Becky continues to find ways out but is taken back to the mat again during the attempts. Becky manages reversals, but Sonya is just as quick, reversing her and eventually wrapping her in a waistlock. Becky runs near to the ropes, gets Sonya’s grip off of her and in turn Sonya spills to the outside. Sonya shows clear frustration and drags Becky by her feet to ringside. Sonya tries to toss Becky over the commentary table but Becky has a counter for that and hurtles Sonya over it instead. Becky makes it back into the ring, with Sonya yet to recover as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Sonya is back in the ring, seemingly starting her retaliation as she hurls fists at Becky. Sonya adds kicks, bringing Becky to her knees and eventually the mat. Sonya continues on the newfound momentum as she hooks Becky in a bodyscissor. Becky gets Sonya’s shoulders to the mat with the hold remaining applied, getting a near fall in turn and upon the end of the result, she breaks off from Sonya. Becky charges over to Sonya, who takes her down along the way with a spinebuster. Sonya covers Becky shortly after, also nabbing a near fall result. Becky tries a comeback with forearms and uppercuts, though a final uppercut is blocked by Sonya, who surprises Becky with a backslide pin attempt. Sonya gets a near fall. Sonya immediately follows with a knee to Becky, covering after and scoring the same result as prior.

Sonya applies a chinlock to Becky, who tries to power out, having Sonya on her back at the same time. Sonya slips free, forearming the upper back of Becky from behind. Sonya sends Becky head first into a corners top turnbuckle, going for her follow up corner assault, only to miss Becky who then turns back to Sonya and hits her with her springboard sidekick. Becky’s rebound continues out of the corner as she delivers clotheslines as well as leg lariats to Sonya. Becky completes that round of offense with an exploder suplex, but like before, is only enough to get a near fall. Becky looks to hit with a knee but Sonya blocks and lifts Becky, dropping her to the mat and connecting at the same time with an elevated single knee drop. Sonya covers again and scores another near fall on the former Smackdown Women’s Champion. Sonya gets the same result after another cover and looks to potentially finish things as she goes for her sliding knee strike, only for Becky to evade. Becky hits the flying firearm to Sonya after for a near fall.

Becky readies for the disarmer but is swiveled over by Sonya, sending Becky into the top rope then rolling her over suddenly. Becky kicks out of her sudden roll up and steps into a step up enziguiri from Sonya shortly after. Sonya climbs over to Becky for one more pin attempt but it ends just like before as Sonya struggles to officially put Becky away. Sonya tries to attack Becky in a corner but takes a kick instead to stall the attack. Becky gets both feet on the second rope but Mandy tries interference. It works wonders, distracting Becky enough for Sonya to send Becky off the turnbuckle and to the mat. However the landing from Becky isn’t enough to gain Sonya the win, as the Lasskicker kicks out of another pin attempt from the Absolution Member at two. Mandy yells at Becky, who ends up sending Sonya into her, knocking her to the floor. Having taken the mouthy comrade of Sonya out, Becky then pulls Sonya away from the bottom rope and locks in the Disarmer which soon leads to Sonya tapping out. Becky wins the match.

And lastly, with Carmella doing media for WWEs upcoming Aussie Supershow, James Ellsworth is by his lonesome this week, and takes it upon himself to berate Asuka in Carmella’s absence. Stripping himself of parts of his ring gear, he dares Asuka to come out and try her recent attack on him again. Instead Smackdowns General Manager Paige responds. Paige wants James to cut the act because he knows full well that Asuka isn’t in attendance tonight at Smackdown Live. She knows that because she saw him asking the locker room if Asuka was around, and once he found out that she was in Japan, he conveniently and ironically came out to trash talk her. She reflects on James returning at Money in the Bank then announces that Carmella has her next title defense against Asuka at Extreme Rules. James believes Asuka doesn’t deserve her rematch against the Women’s Champion Carmella, and starts convincing himself that its not the only reason Paige has appeared before him. He thinks Paige has come out to ask him out. Paige seems to go along with it, asking how next Tuesday sounds. After being suggestive towards him, she reveals that the date next week isn’t with her, because his date, or more so, match, is with Asuka. He faces the Empress one on one next week.

Lastly we see NXT Alumni Zelina Vega and Andrade doing a recorded promo, in which Zelina addresses how she and her client put Sin Cara on the shelf. Since that happened three weeks ago, there has been no competition for Almas, wondering if Team Blues Locker Room is afraid. She tells them they should be, so for those who haven’t got the message, she demands they stay out of their way if they know whats good for them.

(Becky Lynch, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Backstage Exclusive)

(Lana, Naomi and the GLOW Cast Backstage Segment)

(Sonya Deville w/ Mandy Rose vs Becky Lynch)

(James Ellsworth and Paige Segment)

(Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Sonya: Another good match this week on Smackdown Live, though originally it was set to be Becky taking on Peyton. Was Peyton meant to be winning to avenge Billies loss from last week? Was their a creative rewrite? Did they decide earlier on to not let Becky win then change their mind? Are they stalling Becky and Charlotte vs the IIconics until Charlotte Returns? Who Knows, but im all for the Becky push. I Just hope the wins mean shes working towards contention status, and that if she is cemented as a contender, its when Carmella is champion, which gives her chance of victory a higher chance in comparison to Asuka who could be rebuilt as an unstoppable force once champion.

James/Paige: When James first came out, i thought he would be having his first match back against Tye, but at the same time, he doesn’t really need to build momentum towards anything as hes solely a manager at this point. Its really great to see James back as he contributes to being the heel assist that extends Carmella’s title reign, putting heel heat on both of them and he knows how to be annoying and get a crowd to despise him. I Wasn’t shocked at the Intergender booking by Paige, considering James made himself open to such opportunities not just with his match by Becky, but with what hes done since the end of his first run in WWE on the Indies. Considering Asuka hasn’t fully got her revenge on James yet, the match was coming between them and he can take the fall without Carmella being affected or taking it in his place to cement the challengers momentum. Asuka is going to be champion at some point, no doubt about it, but in my opinion, it shouldn’t be just yet. It would feel too much like a Charlotte/Natalya rehash with Carmella winning the first match then dropping in the rematch, and with Becky building momentum, shes more than deserving of a feud with Carmella, who has name dropped her various times in promos. Her likeliness of beating Carmella is higher in comparison to Asuka, who could be rebuilt into a strong, unstoppable force again once champion, meaning if Becky was her first challenger, her chances of dethroning Asuka would much be slim. But next week, fans who are easily despising James character are surely going to take in him getting his comeuppance.

– Catherine


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