WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Becky Balboa May Be Flying (Forearming) Her Way to the Next Big Event of the Summer (July, 17th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown report, and just like with RAW, all the fallout is provided for the opposing brand from this past weeks Extreme Rules Pay Per View. Records heightened for Carmella this past Sunday as she became the only woman on the main roster to now pin the once undefeated Asuka not just once but twice. It seems Asukas hopes for contention may be over just 48 hours clear, but while the Empress has disappeared from our Televisions this week, there’s one determined competitor whose been racking up wins over the past few weeks and is hoping to have made a statement through it, and that is Becky Lynch!

While Lynch is indeed in action against the Brands Golden Goddess, Mandy Rose, we cant get to that straight away as we have an appearance from Zelina for the first match of the evening, as her Client Andrade Cien Almas has his toughest match on the main roster so far, that being against WWE Champion AJ Styles. Unfortunately for Cien Almas, he faced his first main roster pinfall loss to Styles, but Zelina is adamant regardless on who the future is on Smackdown live.

We also see the Ravishing Russian Lana this week. She ends up encountering Aiden English backstage, who has taken Rusev’s defeat in his one time WWE Championship Match hard, mainly because he contributed to such defeat. Hes sincere about his apology, knowing how hard Rusev worked to get to that match, begging Lana to speak with her husband. Lana admits Rusev is angry in response, and that Rusev needs his space. At the same time she wonders why Aiden is coming to her with the apology, because its not about her, nor about Aiden. Its about Rusev. She questions whether Aiden is best for the Bulgarian Brute. Aiden understands where Lana is coming from but vows to her that he has always had the back of her husband. Hes held his interests at heart always and he owes so much to him. Hes here for a second chance, something he believes anyone deserves. With a weak smile, Lana says she will take such into consideration but it quickly fades when Aiden steps away from the scene.

Onwards now to in ring competition as it most certainly is, as mentioned, Becky Lynch in singles competition again, facing Mandy Rose. While Aiden is begging for second chances, Becky has taken up the opportunity of second chances, building momentum towards a possible title hunt with numerous wins as of late. The Irish Lasskicker enters the ring alone but happy and ready, followed by the entrance of Mandy Rose, who has Sonya Deville at her side again.

Becky and Mandy lock up to kick off, with Mandy reversing into an arm wringer. Becky has a counter but is quickly forearmed by Mandy, who gives Becky some attitude before attempting her double knee strike. Becky evades and kicks Mandy directly in the midsection. Becky goes for an irish whip but Mandy reverses into her own, sending Becky back first into a corner. Mandy tries attacking in the same corner but misses, meeting the top turnbuckle head first. Becky capitalizes over the collision and springboard sidekicks Mandy, following it with a snapmare then lunging at Sonya Deville. Becky misses the shot to Deville but attempts to back kick Mandy while maneuvering on the ropes. Mandy blocks the kicks and hurtles Becky’s body onto the mat. Mandy covers Becky close to the ropes, getting a near fall.

Mandy plants the face of Becky against the mat, then setting her up in the corner to take a number of kicks, all of which connect. Mandy attacks the shoulder of Becky after a single retaliating fist from Becky hits her out of the corner. Mandy suplexes Becky, following it with a pin attempt and scoring the second near fall of the match. Mandy applies a stretch hold that Becky attempts to escape from as she begins to attack Mandy in the midsection. Becky is close to an escape when Mandy whips her into a corner. Mandy hits Becky with a running dropkick then floors her with the double knee strike, again getting a near fall afterward.

Mandy doesn’t take the result lightly, forearming Becky against the mat. She covers Becky again but finds the former women’s champion out at two again. Becky escapes Mandy’s reused hold and rolls her over for another near fall. Becky then boots Mandy while regrouping on the ropes then moves herself from there to roll over Mandy, leading to a near fall result once again. Becky misses her follow up clothesline but makes up for it with a jumping firearm to Mandy. Becky dropkicks Mandy, adding on the exploder suplex and disarmer that soon leads to the Golden Goddess being submitted. Becky wins the match.

Post Match, an elated Becky Lynch has the microphone. She expresses winning feeling not just good but great. She talks about waiting patiently, sometimes not so much. Shes never stopped working as hard as she possibly can and she knows shes been racking up victory after victory, but shes only just been getting started. Shes calling out the Smackdown Women’s Champion Carmella by name, warning her that Straight Fire is coming for her. She declares that its time Becky Balboa became Smackdown Women’s Champion one more time.

Speaking of Carmella, shes heard the declaration of Miss Straight Fire Backstage with Smackdowns General Manager, Paige. Carmella tries to snub Becky’s words but Paige retaliates by bringing up the crowd reaction Becky receives in comparison to her. Carmella slams the topic, also throwing a diss at Paige’s accent and how it gives her a headache. Paige uses the fact that Carmella brought up having a headache to bring up James Ellsworth, jokingly calling him the boyfriend of Carmella which she denies on the instant. Whats more important is what she loves to bring up, that being the two wins she holds over Charlotte and now Asuka. She deserves to host another Mellabration and asks for that from Paige for next week. Paige instead gives Carmella a match for next weeks show against Becky Lynch, and to Carmella’s dismay, if Carmella cannot beat Becky, then Becky heads to Summerslam to face her for the Smackdown Women’s Title.

(AJ Styles vs Andrade Cien Almas w/ Zelina Vega)

(Zelina Vega and Andrade Cien Almas on Smackdown Fallout)

(Aiden English and Lana Backstage Segment)

(Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville vs Becky Lynch; Carmella and Paige Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
I wasn’t expecting Becky’s momentum to be derailed on the first post PPV episode of Smackdown Live, and there was no way Mandy Rose would rack up a win against Lynch, especially with a heel champion dominating the women’s division. Thus i saw Becky’s win coming, and along with it came the angle a lot were hoping for, where Becky didn’t just disappear as they cut to the next moment on Smackdown Live, but instead called out Carmella, who we know she will have higher odds to win against than a championship clad Asuka had she won two nights before. Either Carmella will win next week and Becky somehow gets another chance due to shenanigans, maybe even with Asuka and a returning Charlotte thrown in to create a fatal four way for Summerslam as i don’t see either names missing the PPV, or Ellsworth and Carmella’s past tension resumes not only because he has cost her matches in the past but because with Carmella throwing all importance on herself over him in the past two promos. Its sure to go not unnoticed and Ellsworth will likely cost Carmella the match next week, whether intentional or unintentional. But at the same time, maybe tension is too early to kick off considering how they only just resumed the alliance two PPVs ago, and because Ellsworth helping Becky either next week or at Summerslam would feel like a tainted win on Becky’s part. So….yeah….maybe its an unintentional distraction from Ellsworth that costs Carmella next week?

– Catherine

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