WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Only One May Reign After Brooklyn (August, 14th 2018)

Four Days remain until Summerslam, and till the next defense of both the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championships. As Known, Alexa Bliss will defend the RAW Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey, while Carmella’s Smackdown Women’s Championship title defense is slightly different, in the form of a triple threat that was originally a single match like Little Miss Bliss’s, against Becky Lynch and the added contender of Charlotte Flair. Speaking of Princess Mella’s contenders, they have racked up momentum over the weeks, and are only looking for more heading into their championship opportunity. After meeting their foe to open Smackdown Live, the yet to be fractured duo of Charlotte and Becky Lynch find themselves new opponents to potentially tear through in their last battle before Summerslam.

Smackdown Live kicks off with the pre mentioned confrontation between Charlotte, Becky Lynch and the woman they will battle in order to potentially regain the Smackdown Women’s Championship this Sunday, Carmella. Welcomed to the ring first is Charlotte, then Becky Lynch, both she and the Lasskicker dressed in ring gear. Lastly is the Women’s Champion Carmella, not dressed to compete like the women remaining in the ring with her. The Champion is first to make an address, showing shear disappointment at the said “absurd” move by Smackdowns General Manager Paige to make Carmella come out to the ring tonight to have a face to face with Becky and Charlotte. Shes tired of their faces, as well as for being punished for being an “amazing champion”. Regardless shes the champion, so life is still good for her. However she wants to talk about what everyone else is thinking, and thats Becky’s status as a potential winner now Charlotte is thrown in the match. She tells her that she should go back to being a clown, because thats one thing she does better than Charlotte.

Becky laughs it off then asks Carmella if shes asking her to directly say that she doesn’t want Charlotte to be in the match at Summerslam. Carmella gives nothing other than silence, but Becky stays open and admits so, but only because shes an incredible athlete, and any match shes in decreases others chances of winning. She remembers again losing sleep over finally having a title shot again, then Charlotte made her way into contention. But that made her dream a new dream, of beating not just Carmella at Summerslam, but Charlotte as well. Charlotte just nods at the showing of competitiveness from her fellow contender while Carmella just laughs. She reminds everyone again that shes beaten Charlotte twice, and even despite her winning every women’s title known in WWE, even despite overthrowing Asuka and even despite being in the first Women’s Hell in a Cell Match, Becky only holds the accolade of being the first Smackdown Women’s Champion, an accolade only obtained because of Charlotte being on a separate brand. Becky’s retaliating bickering can only just be heard when Charlotte steps in, addressing Carmella herself. She tells her the lies, cheating and manipulating will all be over come Sunday. She accuses Carmella of not being able to hang with anyone else in the division so she had to pull out all the stops to cling onto gold, even by bringing back her associate James Ellsworth. She wonders if thats why Carmella isn’t respected by the WWE Universe, or maybe its because she is a Diva living in a Woman’s Era. Carmella says Charlotte isn’t wrong, flaunting her beauty before her contenders as well as her charisma. Most importantly she is the champion that her contenders aren’t.

Stepping in also on the confrontation is Paige. She declares that its her job to create the best competition possible for Summerslam and thats why Charlotte is a part of the women’s title match. She got it by earning it, by beating Carmella, thus thanks Carmella for losing. She feels the girls will steal the show come Sunday, and as GM, she wants to create the best competition right now also, so while Becky and Charlotte will be showing what they do best in the ring, she dismisses Carmella. She then welcomes Becky and Charlotte’s opponents for the night, two women she granted an opportunity to on social media for this weeks episode, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, her former Absolution comrades. Both Sonya and Mandy join each other on the stage and strut to the ring to compete as we head to a commercial break.

When we return, the in ring competition has just started. As Carmella observes from the commentary table, Sonya charges in the ring toward Charlotte who evades. Charlotte avoids Sonya’s attempted lock up and Sonya charges back at her. The two scrap and Charlotte overturns a front facelock position by snapmaring Sonya, being taken down by Sonya a short time later. Sonya applies a grounded headlock that Charlotte overturns into a headscissor. Sonya jackknifes over the body of Charlotte to attempt her first and early pin attempt, getting a one count on the former Smackdown Women’s Champion. Charlotte gets upright with Sonya, seemingly readying a backslide set up. Sonya gets free and locks a waistlock on Charlotte, who gets free by taking the front of Sonya’s body down to the mat. Charlotte goes for the figure four but is kicked away by Sonya. Sonya tries to kick Charlotte not once, but twice, each attempt evaded by Charlotte and her showcased quick athleticism. Charlotte taunts Sonya amid a standoff, provoking her as she tries to attack the Queen. Charlotte avoids her attack and starts unloading with chops to Sonya, all the way to the babyface corner. After completing her sequence of chops, she more than happily tags in Becky.

Becky and Charlotte tag briefly, hurtling Sonya out of the corner using their legs. Becky presses Sonya to the mat, running the ropes and leg dropping Sonya in the center of the ring. Becky also follows with an elbow drop, before utilizing her leg drop again to the heel opponent. Becky covers and gets a one count on Sonya. Sonya turns momentum onto the heel side by hitting an uppercut to Becky, making her way to the heels corner after Becky to tag in Mandy. Once in, Mandy delivers a single kick to Becky, following with some more short offense before whipping Becky to a corner, though Becky floats instead, landing behind Mandy and locking a waistlock on her blonde foe. Mandy takes Becky by the leg to trip her up, but is sent to the ropes by Becky instantly after. Mandy hits the ropes and cartwheels in front of Becky, showcasing her own athleticism with some instant showboating to follow. Mandy dropkicks Becky and proceeds with her pin attempt that Becky quickly rises out of. Becky delivers her own dropkick then seizes Mandy, bringing her to the babyfaces corner, tagging Charlotte in.

Charlotte and Becky double arm drag Mandy before Charlotte tries to capitalize on Becky’s prior offense with a pin attempt, one Mandy escapes at one. Mandy gets caught in a headlock applied by Charlotte. Charlotte takes to the ropes, evading offense by Mandy after and setting up for a suplex. Mandy gets out of the set up and sends Charlotte to the mat by her hair. Mandy extends her hand to Sonya, who accepts to tag in. Mandy hoists up Charlotte, snapmaring her and leaving her seated to take Sonya’s sliding knee, that doesn’t connect due to evasiveness shown from Charlotte. Charlotte connects with a kick and an exploder suplex to Sonya, with Sonya bailing from the ring upon the impact of the suplex. Charlotte tags Becky who leaps from the apron and connects with a jumping firearm to Sonya. The move takes Sonya all the way to the floor, but she doesn’t stay long as Becky leads Sonya back to the ring, trying to pin her once there herself but getting a near fall.

Becky tags back in Charlotte, who goes for an irish whip that Sonya reverses. Charlotte doesn’t hit the corner, floating to the apron instead. Charlotte shoulder tackles Sonya from between the ropes and also directs a kick Mandy’s way before she can attack the foe. Charlotte heads through the ropes to make it back to the ring, rolling over Sonya as she does so. Charlotte gets a near fall on Sonya, who springs back into action post pin attempt with kicks to the former women’s champion. After sending Charlotte face first into the heel corners top turnbuckle, Sonya tags Mandy back into the ring. Mandy unloads with kicks to Charlotte before letting Sonya back in, who delivers her own kick to Charlotte once back in. Charlotte rolls Sonya over, not noticing a tag made by the ropes to Mandy. As Charlotte looks to potentially pin Sonya, Mandy hits her bicycle knee to Charlotte, breaking up her attempt. Mandy showboats over taking control heading into another break.

Sonya is back inside the ring when we return, coming close to being pinned amid locking a bodyscissor by Lynch. Sonya gets both shoulders up, not keeping her hold intact however as Becky makes an escape. Sonya drives Becky into a far corner, shoulder tackling her against it. Sonya rolls Becky from the corner and allows Mandy to tag. Mandy steps in, choking Becky nearby to the heels corner using her knee. Mandy whips Becky to the earlier corner, attempting to clothesline her against it but Becky runs out, hitting a springboard sidekick to Mandy after she hits the corner. Mandy tears at Becky’s hair as she looks to set up for the exploder suplex, eventually reversing into her own slam set up, connecting with the said slam to Becky. Mandy tags back in Sonya, who reverts back to the earlier bodyscissor on Becky. Becky gets Sonya to the mat again, but fails to pin her, but not failing to escape her hold. Sonya catches Becky mid flight as she tries to make a desperate leap to Charlotte, dropping her to the mat though Becky lands on her feet. Becky has her follow up kick blocked but makes up for it as she switches to an enziguiri. Mandy is able to make a tag while Becky is still regrouping, trying to lunge at Charlotte who avoids the heels attack. Mandy turns back to Becky quick, trying to take her away from Charlotte. Becky pushes Mandy to the ropes and clotheslines her plenty times, also sending her down with a leg lariat. Becky continues her new found momentum as she hits with an exploder suplex to Mandy, the very she had countered earlier. Becky delivers her firearm to Mandy but springs out of her own pin attempt to send off Sonya. Mandy tries to pin Becky after via small package but Becky makes a lucky escape, seizing the blonde in the disarmer seconds after, which leads to the once Absolution member tapping out. Charlotte and Becky win the match.

Moving onward and we get a brief segment featuring the Miz and his wife and Miz and Mrs Co Star Maryse. The two happily put over their show, with Miz announcing the show will be coming back with all new episodes courtesy of USA Network. The two thank everyone for tuning in, and promise that if they loved the current season, they haven’t seen anything yet in regards to the new season.

We return focus to Becky and Charlotte moments later backstage, regrouping after their victory. Charlotte gives praise over the victory, though Becky admits she was carried away with it being the last match before Summerslam. Charlotte insists it was amazing and wishes her bestie and fellow contender luck. Becky insists that they both don’t need luck. The two very quickly do their tea gesture to close their last segment before Summerslam.

Also meeting at Summerslam are Rusev and Lana against Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega. Beforehand, Almas gets to put away Aiden English in a match English requested himself to make himself up to Rusev and Lana over recent disruptions. Zelina takes aim at Lana and Rusev post match over the mic, leading to the feuding couple appearing on stage. Rusev accuses the two of acting like they just won the powerball, also vowing to Almas that his luck ends on Sunday. Zelina, to him, will also learn why Lana is the best, and number one. Lana follows up with her own statement, promising that they will both crush Almas and Zelina. Summerslam falls on Rusev Day.

(Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Segment)

(Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte)

(The Miz and Maryse Segment)

(Aiden English vs Andrade Cien Almas w/ Zelina Vega feat Lana and Rusev)

Thoughts On:
Carmella/Charlotte/Becky Segment: The crowd were pretty good for this opening segment, not being utterly silent for the women. I feel we got different content than usual from the three this time around, and to me, Becky’s line about not wanting Charlotte in the match because shes an incredible athlete whose presence alone decreases others chances of winning is interesting. Does that mean she quietly doesn’t believe in herself and that her dream of beating not just Mella but Charlotte is quietly through outside help? Also, in regards to the Diva comment towards Carmella, if its addressing her as a Diva, not in WWE terms but in outside terms, then i get it. But if its a shot at the WWE term of Diva then whoever scripted it, i feel, didn’t think it through. The Diva era had actual legitimate wrestlers who have expressed before at wishing to have the chances the girls, or a select few, do now. If that was a shot at the Divas, saying they were only regarded for their looks rather than looked at for their wrestling that they tried to do when given the chance, even with scarcely limited time, then i don’t agree with utilizing it in this segment at all. As for Sonya and Mandy’s inclusion, it was utterly predictable. I was really intrigued to see what Paige was offering them on this weeks episode, and it sadly just turned out to be a chance to be fed to the contenders that have enough momentum as it is. Though i get that they may not be giving Carmella momentum on purpose because they may be having her win on Sunday, i wish Sonya and Mandy could have done something different this week.

Tag Match: Again, like said, i wish Sonya and Mandy had done something other than face the contenders this week, but it was a nice in ring showing for both, who continually show improvements when given the chance. Im starting to change my thoughts on this match ending for Summerslam though based on Charlotte and Becky having momentum again. If its not either of the babyfaces turning (on a roster with enough heels as it is) could it be that Sonya and Mandy join the side of Carmella to the chagrin of Paige, making it the Daniel vs Miz of the Women’s Division interaction wise but not in ring wise due to Paige being a retired superstar. I Feel they have that dynamic through their recent backstage segments and they could pull it off, even though we know it cant culminate in Paige getting in the ring SO could the next few months see Paige use her power to try and one up Carmella and her potential expanded force should the said take place at Summerslam, especially because she has some unfinished business with Sonya and Mandy? I Wouldn’t mind it going in that direction to be honest. Another scenario Ive been pondering is Asuka costing Charlotte the match due to jealousy of her getting a match against Carmella recently over her. All eyes on this match and the finish for me on Sunday.

– Catherine


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