WWE SUMMERSLAM RESULTS: A Night of Changes Also Brings Out An Eruption from a Fiery Former Champion (August, 19th 2018)

Welcome all to what promises to be a long Summerslam report. That being because the women were featured on three separate occasions on last nights much praised show, whether that be Lana and Zelina teaming with their respective associates Rusev and Andrade for the first time on a Main Roster Pay Per View as part of its kickoff show, Charlotte, Carmella and Becky Lynch’s battle over the Smackdown Women’s Championship later on the main show and Bliss’s biggest battle to date against the Baddest Woman on the Planet Ronda Rousey that took last nights pre main event spot. Theres plenty to get through, so without further adieu.

Firstly to the Kickoff show, and Lana and Rusev are set to be competing in the first match of the show against Zelina Vega and Andrade Cien Almas. As they do their last amount of preparations backstage, an apologetic Aiden English approaches the couple. He knows things didn’t work out last week, but he has the perfect song to make it up to them. He doesn’t even get to hit any kind of note, cut off by Rusev who is highly insistent on Aiden remaining backstage tonight. Tonight is about Lana Day and Rusev Day, so he urges Aiden to stay behind. Nothing more is uttered from the pair, as they walk off to head out to their match.

Zelina and Andrade step out first for the match, the two teaming for the first time together on the main roster and overall. Lana and Rusev are out second, again without the accompaniment of Aiden English who was demanded to remain backstage. The Pro Rusev chants are already out in full force once Rusevs Music dies out, and speaking of Rusev, he chooses to open the match against Almas.

Rusev and Andrade work a large portion of the match, and after shoving Almas from the top rope all the way to the floor, Rusev gets the opening he needs to reach to his wife Lana, who tags in to a nice pop, Zelina forced in due to Andrade still being on the outside, and technically being legal as its now female v female. Lana unloads with clotheslines upon hitting the ring, adding on a running bulldog which connects. Lana shows off her own spinaroonie variation, quickly resuming physical action as she double knees Zelina against the second rope. Lana whips Zelina to a far corner which she back elbows her against. After her follow up neckbreaker, Lana covers Zelina, getting a near fall on her female foe.

Zelina bails out to the outside, pursued by Lana who goes after Zelina and takes her by her hair when she catches up to her, smacking her face against the apron. Lana elbows Zelina after taking her back in the ring, also connecting with a slam. Lana looks to capitalize on all offense in her next pin attempt, but gets a near fall again on Zelina. Zelina pleads for mercy that Lana does not give in to. Lana stalks her way over to Zelina, who trips her into the corner. Zelina kicks her hard against it, going for more offense only for Lana to hit with a knee. Lana poses after taking back momentum, attention then diverted to Almas whose taken to the apron. Lana tries to slap Almas but misses. Almas is yanked off the apron by Rusev, who attempts to attack him by the barricade only to hit it himself. Back in the ring, Zelina tries to boot Lana, who blocks. Lana sends Zelina to the mat then has attention back on Almas, whose back up on the apron. She gets to slap Almas this time, but the small altercation is enough for Zelina to capitalize on. She rolls Lana from the ropes, pinning her while sneaking her feet onto the ropes, a sneaky maneuver going unnoticed. Zelina and Andrade win the match.

Its then all the way to the main card and before any match can be spoken on we have a surprise backstage appearance from Brie and Nikki, the Bella Twins. Renee welcomes back the Twins and asks what brings them to Summerslam. Brie and Nikki remind Renee on how WWE is and always will be a big part of their lives and so much history is to happen, plus there’s no place they’d rather be. Renee brings up the first all women’s Pay Per View, Evolution, asking if there’s any chance of seeing the Twins step back inside the ring. Nikki answers by saying their focus is on their outside ventures, but they have been talking about stepping foot in the WWE ring. But they aren’t here in regards to that tonight, but to have fun. They will be witnessing Ronda’s match, believing Ronda will become the Women’s Champion. They will watch from front row.

Now to the first of two women’s matches to happen on it, and it is is the Smackdown Women’s Championship Match, as Carmella defends against former foe Charlotte and her first crowned contender prior to Charlotte’s inclusion, Becky Lynch. Entering first is Charlotte in a new pink robe, then Becky in grey/silver. Lastly is Carmella in black and pink, entering last traditionally as the defending champion. Smackdown Ring Announcer Greg Hamilton introduces each individually once they have stepped in the ring, firstly Charlotte, then fellow contender Becky, then finally the Women’s Champion, Carmella.

Carmella starts off the match by flaunting her victory accolades in the face of Charlotte. She taunts her and Becky, then forearming Becky after her returning show of sportsmanship to her best friend Charlotte. Charlotte makes the save for Becky, chopping Carmella and irish whipping her into a corner. Charlotte looks to attack Carmella against the selected corner, but is booted instead. Becky also tries attacking Carmella, but misses her. Carmella moves back to the corner, but ends up taking the springboard sidekick by Becky. Becky connects with a snapmare that takes Carmella away from the corner. Becky follows with a leg drop and an elbow drop follows. However as she looks to re-utilize the leg drop, Carmella moves out of the way, kicking Becky in the face after. Carmella scrambles into a pin attempt on the Lasskicker, getting a one count per Charlotte moving back to the ring to break it up.

Carmella shoves at Charlotte, then smacks Becky from behind. Charlotte rises to her feet and Carmella steps back before she can face Becky’s best friends fury. Becky, however, thought Charlotte had been the one who slapped her, though Charlotte tries to assure her it was otherwise. Carmella shoves Charlotte into Becky, knocking Becky into the ropes. Carmella rolls Charlotte over, though the champ is yanked out of the pin attempt by Becky. Her focus, however, isn’t on taking out the champion right now, again arguing with Charlotte. Carmella appears to be enjoying the ongoing situation, though soon pays for it as she is arm dragged by Becky. Carmella bails from the ring, kept on the floor courtesy of an unseen baseball slide by Charlotte. Charlotte again tries to assure Becky that she didn’t slap her, and as this goes on again, Carmella hooks at both feet of Charlotte. While Charlotte is turned back to Carmella, Becky rolls Charlotte over, who gets a one count on the fellow former women’s champion. Charlotte rolls Becky over also, getting a one count. Charlotte trips Becky to go into yet another pin attempt which Becky rises out of quickly.

Becky arm drags Charlotte after a rope sequence, doing so multiple times. Becky switches to targeting the left arm of Charlotte, though in the midst of it all, Charlotte finds the ability to counter into a roll up. Charlotte gets a one count again on Becky. Becky strikes with a knee to Charlotte, whipping her to a corner that Charlotte instead floats over. Charlotte shoulder tackles Becky from between the ropes then is brought to the floor by a reemerging Carmella. Charlotte is pushed into the ring post by Carmella, with her hitting it head first. Carmella avoids a jumping firearm by Becky from the apron, viciously sending Becky into the opposite steel steps shoulder first. Carmella sends Becky back inside the ring, trying to pin the contender, but only getting a near fall on this occasion.

Carmella continuously slaps at Becky following the result, wrapping Becky in a side headlock moments later. Becky uses the corner to force Carmella’s grip, knocking her back first into it on two occasions. Beckys next attack is blocked by a back elbow from Carmella, who follows with a big clothesline. As Becky rolls out of Carmella’s sight, Carmella has no eyes on the reappearing Charlotte, who heads back to the ring, appearing before the champ and setting her up for a suplex. Carmella gets free and sends Charlotte to the mat by her hair. Carmella tries pinning Charlotte after, getting a near fall on her also contender. Carmella rains down elbows to both shoulders of Charlotte before hooking her in a side headlock. Carmella knees Charlotte before she can try get momentum, then sending her through the ropes and back to ringside. As Carmella keeps eyes on Charlotte, Becky returns to the ring, rolling over Carmella suddenly. Becky only gets a one count on Carmella but looks to attack after and keep up the pace, only to be taken to the mat by the champs thrust kick. Carmella smothers Becky’s face against the canvas, continually yelling at her after. Becky fires fists but is brought back down by Carmella’s hard slap. Becky rolls Carmella over, getting a one count. Carmella transitions into the same pin attempt seconds later, getting a near fall.

Carmella hoists Becky up, but steps out of the way of an oncoming boot, that Becky takes from Charlotte. Carmella tries to kick Charlotte, who blocks it. Charlotte unloads with her fathers famed chops to Carmella, also utilizing Beckys exploder suplexes, connecting with the said maneuver to Carmella twice. Charlotte completes her sequence with a belly to back suplex, looking for the figure four only to be directed to the ropes by Carmella, launched into Becky’s running knee as Becky reappears on the apron. Becky climbs to the top rope and connects with a dropkick that hits both Carmella and Charlotte. Becky starts her comeback offense from there, clotheslining Charlotte as well as delivering her leg lariat which clears Charlotte from the ring. Carmella tries a behind clothesline but Becky evades the move, taking Carmella down with another clothesline. Becky kicks and uppercuts Carmella, also hitting with the exploder suplex. Becky looks to further attack Carmella against the corner but is elevated onto the apron by the champ. Becky forearms Carmella while behind the ropes then returns to the top rope a short time later. Carmella stalls Becky’s plan by moving the ropes, causing for Becky to lose her balance slightly. Becky is tilted to the mat by the handstand headscissor from Carmella. Carmella covers Becky, scoring a near fall.

Carmella has a thrust kick blocked by Becky, who readies for another exploder suplex. Carmella tugs at Becky’s hair, then elbows Becky. Becky keeps her in a flatliner set up, though broken by Charlotte and her spear which connects to Carmella mostly. Charlotte covers Carmella, getting a near fall. Charlotte climbs instantly over to Becky, trying to pin her but only getting the same result as prior. Charlotte turns attention back to Carmella, looking to attack the champion in a far corner. Carmella blocks Charlotte, then sending her head first into the middle turnbuckle. Carmella lifts Charlotte to the top rope, forearming her also. Carmella goes for her handstand headscissor but Charlotte turns it into a unique counter, seemingly driving Carmella to the mat while in a sharpshooter type position. Speaking of Sharpshooter, Charlotte locks the submission on Carmella, and as Carmella tries to manage a near reversal she overturns into the figure four. Becky climbs quickly to the top rope and delivers a top rope leg drop onto Charlotte that breaks her submission. She covers Charlotte, though its broken up at a count of two by Carmella.

As Charlotte rolls out of the way, Carmella and Becky exchange forearms, with Becky getting the upper hand in it. Becky completes the sequence with a headbutt, then charging back over to Carmella only to end up on the apron. Becky knocks back Carmella with a forearm but only briefly as Carmella comes back with a knee that sends Becky downwards to the floor. Carmella soon joins Becky on the outside, doing a suicide dive from under the second rope, landing smoothly on Becky. Charlotte then does her moonsault to Carmella and Becky, bringing both back to the floor as quick. Charlotte selects Becky to take back to the ring, going for the Natural Selection that Becky evades, taking Charlotte by her arm after and locking the disarmer. Unfortunately she doesn’t get to submit the fellow contender as Carmella returns to the ring, seeing her title at risk and breaking Becky’s hold. Becky throws Carmella from the ring, then blocking a boot from Charlotte, connecting with Rock Bottom. Becky comes close to pinning Charlotte, only landing two however per Carmella intervening again.

Becky tries to counter a tilt-a-whirl headscissor after by Carmella into the disarmer but is launched to a corner instead. Carmella rolls Becky over, feet on the ropes, which goes unnoticed but still not pinning the Lasskicker, who kicks out resiliently at two. Carmella floors Becky with the superkick, looking to pin Becky there with Charlotte only just making the save. Carmella kicks Charlotte back outside, then escapes another disarmer set up. Carmella superkicks Becky again, but its a no sell from Becky who transitions instantly into the disarmer. Carmella climbs to the ropes then takes an exploder suplex. Becky locks the disarmer one more time on Carmella, but doesn’t see Charlotte return to the ring. Charlotte hits natural selection which takes out Becky, pinning her best friend and ending her venture to the title. Charlotte wins the match, becoming the new Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Post match, Carmella heads to the back, showing absolute disappointment. Also showing disappointment is Becky, laying against the ropes after her hard fought efforts. She looks towards her best friend and new title holder, boos raining down on Charlotte while chants for Becky ring out. Charlotte consoles Becky, who returns the gesture. To Thunderous applause, Becky then shows her true feelings towards Charlotte’s newest victory, smacking the champion across the face and knocking her to the mat, turning heel in the process for the first time in three years. She stomps away at Charlotte, who rolls to the outside only to face further the newly evil Lasskickers wrath. Becky follows Charlotte out and tosses her viciously into the barricade and then over the announce table. A Visual of absolutely no remorse is shown on the face of the fallen now former contender as she makes her way to the back, leaving her damaged former best friend behind who receives “you deserve it” chants from the accepting Brooklyn crowd as Lynch disappears.

Maryse is also back in support of the Miz tonight, sitting front row as he takes on Daniel Bryan. She appears to have sneaked a weapon into the hands of her hubby in the matches final moments, allowing for Miz to take the single win over Bryan.

Brie meets a saddened Daniel Bryan later in the night backstage in her second appearance of the evening. Bryan vents about the match, and Brie doesn’t even want to get started about Maryse and her clear involvement. Bryan expresses enough how much he had to win against the Miz, and losing makes it feel to Bryan like his comeback has been what Miz says it is, a bust. He didn’t fight so hard to come back and watch Miz win the way he did. Brie remembers Bryan of his passion and persistence that got him back in the WWE, and its what taught him to fight for his dreams. Brie reminds him that his dreams were to get back in the WWE ring, and thats already been accomplished. She wants to remind Bryan that the fight isn’t over, and the Husband thanks her for that. He tells her despite her hesitance to go back out tonight and enjoy the rest of the show.

Now to the final women’s match to happen on the main card, its to the pre main event for Ronda Rouseys second women’s title opportunity, against Alexa Bliss. Making her return just days after the saddening and unexpected death of her father Jim the Anvil Neidhart is Natalya, out to watch Rouseys Match and in her fathers ring jacket. Also there are the Bella Twins. Alicia Fox, who has been Bliss’s support in the past few weeks, is not present nor Mickie James. Once the entrances of Bliss and Rousey are complete, JoJo introduces both women in the ring.

A Cocky Alexa Bliss is already evading and toying with Rousey post bell ring, sticking herself between the ropes as Rousey paces towards her. She shoos off Rousey before duplicating her tactics of evasion on the other side of the ring. The ref tries best to restrain Rousey when she tries charging at Bliss mid argument. Bliss tries to cheapshot Rousey but it falls flat quick. Rousey manages to block the attempted shot, aiming a fist at Bliss that knocks her to the canvas. Bliss tumbles out, regrouping, rolling back to the ring then back out at the very moment Rousey starts making steps towards her. Rousey offers to allow Bliss back to the ring to make a move, even turning her back so she cannot oversee Bliss’s movements. Bliss sneaks back in the ring with Rousey turned away, locking in a side headlock on her challenger. Rousey powers through, forcing the release of Bliss’s arm then bringing her onto both shoulders. Bliss is tossed downward to the mat by Rousey, with the champion bailing again to the floor.

Rousey speeds towards Bliss when she shows absolute refusal to get back in the ring. She chases her around the outside and back in the ring, with Bliss dealing offense first when she knees the left shoulder of Rousey and forearms her. This appears to tick off Rousey, who shows a livid expression easily recognized by the champ. Bliss attempts a kick to Rousey but Rousey blocks. All of Bliss’s body gets thrown to the mat by Rousey, who unleashes one punch after the other to Bliss in a corner after. Rousey judo throws Bliss multiple times and with ease, then bending her arm after asking her if shes sorry, all in response to Bliss saying no. After hearing her scream for so long, Rousey locks the armbar, forcing Bliss to tap out within seconds. Rousey wins the match, becoming the new RAW Women’s Champion.

Post match, Rousey is joined by a happy Natalya and the Bella Twins to celebrate her first WWE Title Win. She also jumps over to the crowd and to her husband, Travis Browne, to celebrate the achievement. After her sweet moment with Browne, she leaves arm in arm with Natalya, further celebrating her championship victory, and the dethroning of Bliss.

(Lana and Rusev vs Zelina Vega and Andrade Cien Almas 40.07 – 51.42)

(Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Carmella; Smackdown Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match; Becky Lynch Turns Heel)

(Charlotte Backstage Exclusive)

(Becky Lynch Backstage Exclusive)

(The Miz vs Daniel Bryan feat Maryse)

(Maryse and the Miz Backstage Exclusive)

(Ronda Rousey w/ Natalya vs Alexa Bliss; RAW Women’s Championship Match feat the Bella Twins)

(Ronda Rousey Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Mixed Tag: I’m mixed on the outcome. I can understand why Zelina and Andrade as they really want momentum on them right now, possibly pushing them towards something big, but where does this take Lana and Rusev considering they haven’t managed to pin either once now. They’ve now lost without the aid of Aiden English. Do they take that loss out on him or does this lead to them rebounding because they end up believing they are losing because of lack of unison? Regardless, congratulations to Zelina and Andrade on their PPV win, now Andrades second, and also props to Lana on a great performance against Zelina.

The Bella Twins Return: I Have mixed feelings on this also. I Wasn’t a fan of the first promo done because it felt forced rather than legitimate, but looking back also at them mentioning about a return to the ring and how they discussed it, it felt like they followed up later in the night with Brie and Daniel. Daniels loss, per Maryses involvement, now feels like the motive for a babyface Brie to get back in the ring, likely against Maryse at Evolution if not another time in a mixed tag. If Brie is set to get involved in Daniel v Miz II, then she needs to be separate from Nikki if Nikki is going to RAW as a potential challenger for Rousey or as an overall contributor to RAWs division. Nikki should only be involved in Daniel v Miz II if shes going to be outside motivational support for Brie and Daniel. Being involved in a ringside or in ring capacity doesn’t equalize the numbers as it should be just Brie and Daniel and Miz and Maryse. I’m all for Brie staying separate from Nikki from here on. If the Nikki/Rousey rumors aren’t fan speculation and are legit as well, then i do worry for Nikki due to her history with injuries and what could potentially happen during armbar transitions and because of Rouseys overall moveset, which include fast pace tosses. I’m not looking forward to it happening at all if it is happening.

SD Womens Triple Threat: First of all, i feel for Carmella. She brought her best PPV performance this year against Becky and Charlotte, and could have also had a PPV match with Naomi and Becky had she retained. I Also feel the match didnt pick up until after the sharpshooter into the figure four transition but everyone did well last night. The main points of talk were Charlotte winning, which i felt was unnecessary as this was a match she originally wasn’t even meant to be in, making it feel like it was forced and that she may have not even been the original winner. It felt like it was all done due to tying Trish’s championship record. That and because of the follow up angle, which was absolutely ate up and that was the Heel Turn of Becky Lynch. Ive been waiting for Becky to turn for a long time, however the timing was both good and bad, good because it follows up the story of Charlotte sneaking in at a time where Becky was hopeful and desperate to be champion again, taking the win away from her own best friend which lead to frustration boiling over. The bad thing about it is though how it went down with the crowd. They boo’ed Charlotte to Reigns Level, treating her as the heel and Becky as the Daniel Bryan/Stone Cold type babyface. The WWE have known for a long time as have the fans how loved and popular Becky Lynch is, and its not going to die through her turning now. The fans that supported Becky here likely recognize how quickly Charlotte has ascended again and are thoroughly against her being pushed again, which is understandable. I Can see this turn failing which is a shame because we would miss out on a long term heel Becky Lynch, but at the same time i cant see the fans accepting her as one unless she was put with an absolutely hated other female or maybe with Sami Zayn as her manager while hes recovering from injury. But right now i can see this working out like Bryan with the Wyatts or turning into a Paige/Charlotte scenario with a forced double turn if WWE eventually realize that Charlotte isn’t going to be accepted as a babyface in this feud. Maybe im totally wrong and Becky does eventually lose her reactions but right now to me Becky is being hailed and not just by Brooklyn.

Rousey/Bliss: Im glad this didn’t go on long to be honest because of the regular spot calling and the overall feeling that it was legit being rehearsed in ring. However on a storytelling point it was great. Alexa has had an evil stranglehold over the division and not just post Money in the Bank but before then, and was punished by the heroic Ronda Rousey, who was being portrayed in the match as the one to dethrone the Wicked Witch turned Goddess of WWE. Also props to Natalya for appearing at Summerslam despite the heartbreaking passing of Jim. I Have a feeling she may have originally been set to turn here but it was cancelled after Jim’s passing because there’s no way anyone should be made to boo her after what shes been through. Im also glad Nikki didnt attack Rousey as also having Brie join in would confuse the audience as to whether shes heel or babyface, especially after her segment earlier in the night with Bryan which hinted her involvement with the next installment of Bryan v Miz. If Nikki had attacked Rousey however, i would have gone with Brie completely disagreeing with her sisters antics and just selling shock rather than trying to come between it as there’s no need to start a Bella Twins feud if Brie is, again, to be a part of Miz v Bryan II. While its arguable that the Bella’s weren’t needed to be a part of the post match celebrations, i have a feeling that either they wanted Rousey to celebrate with fellow mainstream stars (the Bella’s) or because they are teasing Nikki/Rousey (or both). Obviously Natalya’s placement was more understandable because of her history in WWE and out if with Rousey and their legit closeness. As much as i wish others could have had the opportunity Rousey got, im looking forward to her reign, though im fully expecting Charlotte to be the reason it ends.

– Catherine


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