WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Defensive Bella Has Risen As Has a Lasskicker with a Vengeance (August, 21st 2018)

Welcome all to a female packed Smackdown report, featuring plenty fallout from Sundays Summerslam, including the much anticipated explanation of Becky Lynch, who made her transition onto the villainous side to the chagrin of newly crowned champion Charlotte, letting out her frustrations at the now former best friend over holding the title she desperately wanted to claim back. We hear from Becky Lynch, plus we have a returning addition to the division, as well as two women’s related matches so lets get right to it.

The Miz, joined by Maryse, opens Smackdown Live. At first he tries to worm the audience into thinking he is retiring, but its actually that he IS retiring…….from facing Daniel Bryan ever again. The boasting that follows from Miz over beating Daniel Bryan leads to Bryan coming out, repetitively calling him a coward. Maryse cuts him off and demands that he goes home and retires, adding that he should change his name to Daniel Bella. Daniel just stays silent over Maryse’s insult, then out comes a returning Brie to a nice pop, charging into the ring after Maryse. Maryse gets to bail early, leading to the Miz taking some of Bries angry onslaught. Miz is then cleared from the ring courtesy of Daniel, who compliments his wife’s ability to punch before getting to what he wanted to announce before he had been interrupted by Maryse. He’d been speaking with Smackdown General Manager Paige, and he makes the news official, that Daniel and Miz will clash again at Hell in a Cell, but not in the same way as Summerslam. Coming with them is Maryse and Brie, joining them in a mixed tag team match.

A Venting Miz and Maryse end up confronting Paige backstage, having heard her decision to make them face Bryan and Brie at Hell in a Cell. He cannot believe he has to admit that Paige makes for a worser GM than his current nemesis, but that doesn’t bother Paige one bit. The match is still on for Miz and Maryse, as Paige declares, and its going to be awesome. She dismisses herself in front of the couple after, but not before using Maryse’s own hand gesture against them.

Also to happen this week on Smackdown is former Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi taking on Peyton Royce in a match Naomi suggested and hyped over social media. Naomi enters for her first TV match in a while, getting a full entrance as does Peyton alongside her troublesome comrade, Billie Kay. Beforehand, theres another game to be played by the current mean girls of the division. Billie asks Peyton who is overrated, loud, obnoxious and has flashing lights everywhere. Peyton doesnt say the name of Naomi however, instead taking a jab at Brooklyn. Billie follows that up, calling it the answer to the question what is a dumpster fire instead. She asks Peyton however if any other answer comes to mind, and Peyton eventually realizes her partner is talking about Naomi, who shes getting a chance to beat up tonight. She says that Naomi, like Brooklyn, is not Iconic. Peyton starts making her way to the ring as we head to a break.

The match has already been kickstarted when we return, with Peyton having Naomi locked in a headscissor in the center of the ring. Naomi escapes, then blocking a boot from Peyton, going for some kicks after, three being evaded by Peyton, though the fourth hits her squarely. Naomi utilizes her former partner Camerons single split leg drop after, getting a near fall on Peyton. Peyton heads outside to regroup alongside Billie but ends up knocked to the outside ground by a baseball slide kick from Naomi. Naomi collects Peyton at ringside and sends her back to the ring, about to head back there herself when Billie speedily makes her way to the apron as well. Naomi demands Billie away, and Billie backs off. The brief interaction allows for Peyton to capitalize. Peyton snaps the upper body of Naomi against the top rope then sends her all the way to the floor via a roundhouse kick.

Naomi makes it back into the ring after the count of eight, facing a further onslaught from Peyton when back in. After the round of physicality, Peyton tries to pin Naomi, who kicks out of the Iconic ones pin attempt at two. It doesnt go down well with Peyton, who lobs Naomi head first into a turnbuckle in response. She also chokes Naomi against the same corner via use of her foot, then attacking her in the center of the ring with behind knees before locking in a chinlock on the former champion. Naomi arm drags Peyton, starting a comeback. She also evades a roundhouse into the corner from Peyton, kicking at Peytons used leg. The kicks to Peyton continue in the rings center after, the final one sending Peyton down. Naomi delivers a clothesline to Peyton, then moving her way to the middle rope and connecting with a springboard enziguiri to Peyton. Naomi tries to capitalize off the aerial offense but only manages to get a near fall on Peyton.

Naomi readies the next attack but is elevated to the apron instead by Peyton. Naomi scores a kick to Peytons head and avoids the outside shenanigans by Billie, kicking her square in the midsection to get the wanted payback. She sends Billie into the ring post, then being sent there face first by Peyton. Peyton drags Naomi back in the ring and connects instantly with her fishermans suplex to take the win. Peyton wins the match.

The next moment is the anticipated explanation of a newly heel Becky Lynch, turning on Charlotte after Charlottes recent title win at Summerslam, which came at the expense of the Lasskicker who had been pinned for Flair to acheive that accolade. As expected, Becky is far from the much recognized cheery self upon making her way to the ring, and does not even crack a smile once in the squared circle, frustration, anger and every thought of disappointment heavily on her mind after having her dream moment of winning back the championship snatched away from her courtesy of the woman she looked at as her best friend, the best friend that stayed by her side even after tribulations. Charlotte had been the one able to renew her friendship with Becky despite their past, while others had turned their back on Becky permanently. On Sunday Night, Becky had removed herself of all friendships, tearing that renewed friendship apart with it, and is about to make clear what her intentions are now alone.

Becky is straight up about her frustrations once she gets the mic, voicing her belief that she deserved to be standing in the ring at this time as womens champion. She instantly accuses Charlotte of stealing that moment and because of that she deserved the beating that she gave her. Summerslam wasnt to be about Brock Lesnar, or AJ Styles, or Roman Reigns, nor about Ronda Rousey or Seth Rollins, and it most certainly wasnt meant to be about Charlotte Flair. Summerslam was meant to be about one woman, and that was Becky Lynch. Sunday was meant to be her time, because she fought her way for months and earned her singular shot against the now former champion Carmella. Even when Charlotte had been added to that match, she had gotten over it. She was seeing it regardless as her opportunity and her opportunity to silence those who stated for her to only be Charlottes friend. She envisioned raising the title above her head on Sunday, believing that would have been looked at as her own woman. Sunday would have secured the belief that she was a top star, the woman who put the Smackdown Womens Division on the map. She would, amongst all that, have been champion.

She questions whether the WWE Universe had actually been with her the whole time despite their loud cheers for the new villain. She doesn’t recall anyone posting #GiveBeckyAChance and while she had took note of those who had supported Becky by saying how Charlotte’s inclusion had got Becky screwed, those fans didn’t boycott, and they managed to sell out Summerslam. She accuses the fans of raising themselves from their seats to applaud Charlotte upon her title win, and in her eyes, it makes it look like they aren’t as upset about Becky losing as they portray. She is angry additionally over how Becky isnt listed as a name when it comes to who a top star is, and that makes her an afterthought. Even despite change happening within a few nights, she isnt buying the newfound praise. She calls the fans all talks, all opinions and no action. She had enough of the opinions and she took action at Summerslam. That count the referee had made had snapped her out of a trance, her eyes opened to what was completely clear, that her best friend had held her back all this time. She knew in that moment that Charlotte had stolen her moment and opportunity for the last time and she was going to raise her hand only to take her head off. It was meant to be her turn to be champion, her opportunity, and not because of the people who say she deserves it, because she says so, because she says shes the best, and there is no person on the roster nor anyone watching at home that can tell her different.

In the completion of Lynch’s explanation, out comes her former best friend turned nemesis Charlotte, title around her waist. She flashes the very gold Lynch is desperate to obtain from the ramp, then removes herself of the title and her jacket, charging into the ring and brawling back and forth with the unexpected enemy. Paige emerges on the ramp, calling out fellow members of the division, Lana, Naomi, Peyton, Billie, Asuka, Lana, Sonya, Mandy and Zelina to try and take control of the chaos. They all attempt to hold back the two in the midst of their flared up animosity, but even Naomi gets hurt as she tries to restrain Charlotte from battling more with Becky. Charlotte does a jumping firearm that takes Becky to the floor, and its only a short time later that Becky ends up being taken away from Charlotte, who is held back by the apron by Asuka, Lana and Naomi.

Lana and Zelina return later to redo their mixed tag from Summerslam that saw Andrade and Zelina win in what was Andrades second main roster PPV win and Zelina’s first. Counting the wins Andrade and Zelina already have over their respective foes, its now or never for Lana and the Babyface Bulgarian Brute to comeback from their setbacks, even if most have been through the interference’s done accidentally by Aiden English. Zelina finds the idea of facing them again laughable, and wants to remind the two on her way to the ring in a split screen promo that its all about Andrade. Lana and Rusev then emerge, but it wont be right away that Lana will be getting her hands on Zelina for her illegal pin at Summerslam, because Andrade is to start off against Rusev.

Lana steps in later, courtesy of being tagged in by Rusev. Using the fallen body of Andrade as a stepping stone, Lana charges over to Zelina and clotheslines her close to a corner. Lana does her husbands taunt in the middle of the ring, being joined by Rusev. Lana holds easily momentum over her heel opponent heading into the commercial break.

When we return however she is instead trying to regain momentum against Zelina, trying to clobber her back against a corner while Zelina is on her back. Lana frees herself of Zelina but is sent into the same corner by Zelina, who scores a step up kick to the face of the Ravishing Russian. Zelina puts Lana up against the ropes, teases a 619 but instead along the way she transitions into a brief choke. Zelina knees Lana back into the ring and connects with a hair mare before a pin attempt, one that ends in her getting a near fall on Lana. Zelina locks a crucifix and armbar combo on Lana while on her back, trying to overturn into a pin attempt a short time later that Lana counters by sitting on her. Lana gets a near fall, with Zelina countering into her own pin attempt, with a duplicated result.

Lana looks to head over to Rusev but is swung to the mat by Zelina. Zelina goes for a corner attack to Lana but is kicked along the way. Lana also gets to pie-face Andrade before trying to make the climb to Rusev. Zelina takes Lana by her feet along the way, beginning to drag Lana away from her husband. Lana kicks Zelina into a corner then makes her needed dash to Rusev, tagging him in with Almas also stepping in on behalf of Zelina. After Rusev gets momentum, Zelina tries getting involved but is taken down to the mat by a fired up Lana. Andrade is all set to smack Rusev with a steel chair he is sneaking into the ring until Aiden English pops up, removing the weapon from the ring. Following the aid of Aiden, Rusev hits a matchka kick to Andrade, eventually submitting him after to score the needed win for him and Lana. Rusev and Lana win the rematch.

And lastly, Carmella hasn’t forgotten about the gold she lost to Charlotte, asking for a rematch from Paige after taking verbal jabs from her over looking different without the title. Paige eventually gives Carmella a one on one match with Charlotte for the championship, set for next week, after interruption from a casually joking around R Truth.

(The Miz, Maryse and Daniel Bryan Segment; Brie Bella Returns to Smackdown Live)

(Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan on Smackdown Fallout)

(Naomi vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay)

(Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Paige and the Smackdown Women’s Division Segment)

(Charlotte, Lana, Asuka and Naomi on Smackdown Fallout)

(Rusev and Lana vs Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega feat Aiden English)

(Paige, Carmella and R Truth Backstage Segment)

(Rusev, Lana and Aiden English on Smackdown Fallout)

(Billie Kay and Peyton Royce on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Miz/Maryse/Brie/Daniel: Ive been saying for the past few days that Brie should be riding solo on Smackdown as a babyface and working with Daniel. It wouldn’t make sense to be with Nikki on the RAW brand after her interaction at Summerslam backstage with Daniel, confirming basically her frustrations at Maryse’s involvement in Miz’s match with Daniel. This was the best move, even though its unknown if shes a full time babyface on the brand or just returning for this particular feud. I’m glad this feud was allowed to happen and i fully expect Maryse to compete at HIAC this time as Brie wont need protecting unlike Nikki at WrestleMania. Plus its Brie and Maryse’s first match against each other in years so im excited to see what they can pull off when they come face to face.

Naomi vs Peyton: I Liked this match, even if shorter than expected. Im Okay with Peyton getting the win as her and Billie have been taking losses for a while, and had it not been for Becky and Charlotte feuding, i would have saw this as a way to sneak her into contention. Im fully expecting this to continue into next week, with Naomi facing either Peyton again or Billie with Nikki Cross debuting and saving Naomi from the IIconics wrath post match.

Becky/Charlotte Segment: I Still stand by what i feel and thats that there is no way right now that Becky is going to get booed. Even by outside crowds, outside of Brooklyn, she is cheered and its going to take a lot of work to reverse the situation. From actual fan footage it was clear that Charlotte was booed here, edited to be simmered by the WWE live on air. The promo by Becky was, and in no biased way, fantastic, other than the line where she complained about fans still selling out Summerslam instead of boycotting Charlotte’s match, which didn’t make sense to me because its also a match that Becky was initially selling as her big moment, and it was a match she was in. Boycotting the Summerslam match would have meant boycotting her match. C’mon Creative. I don’t expect WWE to change their ways and to keep Charlotte babyface regardless, and i do fear Becky will lose this feud, allowing for Charlotte to run through a heel Asuka later and whomever is a roadblock on her way to Rousey. If she does keep the title all the way to Survivor Series, then i expect the Becky/Charlotte tension to play into the rumored HW v HW match, with Becky contributing to costing Charlotte. But to me this feud screams hot enough to already enter Hell in a Cell, where we could see a more unexpectedly evil Becky develop that Charlotte struggles to combat. The next few weeks are either going to scream missed opportunity or scream absolute excitement.

Summerslam Mixed Tag Rematch: Im glad this match could have happened as Ive liked the feud and the first match at Summerslam, even if the Summerslam one and this one could have been better. I Applaud Lana and Zelina over doing different and unexpected spots here as well, and it made absolute sense for the babyfaces to win here, even if it was at Almas expense and not Zelinas as i initially thought. I Wouldn’t mind this feud becoming personal and heated but i cant see it going that route with Styles and Joe and Becky and Charlotte already taking that direction, even if it put investment in all of them as a result. I Wouldn’t mind Lana getting her first stipulated match outside of a PPV as a result either, getting a street fight with Vega but i don’t see that happening, even though Almas did appear to try and step up to levels of brutality by sneaking in the chair (though we can call it typical heel traits and finishes instead i guess). They could easily have Almas attack Rusev in ways Rusev had to Dolph Ziggler during his alignment with Summer Rae, taking this feud to an all new level, but again due to it feeling probably similar to some of the other Smackdown feuds, i see creative disallowing it. Either way, All is well on and in Rusev Day, and hopefully the feud doesn’t die out, along with the redeveloped alignment of Aiden and Rusev.

– Catherine


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