WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: War of Words. War of Unified Fronts. War of Couples (September, 4th 2018)

Welcome to this weeks Smackdown report as we head nearer to the time of WWE Hell in a Cell, just over a week away. Regardless, as promised Smackdown have caught up in the match additions for the PPV game, confirming their Smackdown Womens Championship Match for the event when Becky Lynch and Charlotte conduct separate interviews regarding their ongoing issues, plus we finally find out who will be gracious enough to help Naomi take on her current enemies in the IIconics, the continuation of the Danielsons vs the Mizanins and we learn whats next also for the title-less Princess of Staten Island (who is Still Money) Carmella.

First appearing this week are the Danielsons/Bryans/Bellas as Brie Bella, a day clear of her RAW in ring return, arrives on Smackdown alongside her husband Daniel Bryan, introduced by Renee who also made her return to commentary on Mondays episode of RAW. Upon the happy couple stepping inside the ring, Renee shows them some pre Smackdown footage which sees Maryse and the Miz taking the sneaky route of calling out Bryan and Brie with no one in sight in the arena, giving them the chance to punch their current enemies in the face with no one watching. With the enemy couple not answering the challenge, they’d go on to claim they are scared, and in turn, would leave.

Heading back to present day, Daniel shows no surprise over the antics of Miz and his wife, making the challenge to he and Brie when they weren’t even in the arena. Despite them labeling themselves as the It Couple, Daniel sees them as nothing other than cowards. Brie agrees with the hubby’s statement, but they aren’t going to do the coward thing and just talk. They are going to take action and not wait until Hell in a Cell thus Brie summons down to the ring the Miz and Maryse. They end up finding out from Renee that both Maryse and the Miz left the arena, again leaving them unsurprised. Out to address them in some form however are Andrade and Zelina.

Zelina accuses the other couple of crying and in turn thanks Renee for the footage replay of Maryse and the Miz, as it reminds Andrade of how fun it was to walk all over the Great Daniel Bryan. He feels ready to do that again. Zelina is all for the Bryan/Almas rematch, declaring her client is ready to finish what he started and they begin walking to the ring.

And we do officially get Bryan vs Almas Part II this week, this time with a slightly different outcome as Daniel overcomes the former NXT Champion. Post match, Brie also gets back at Zelina for her shenanigans in Bryan’s past match with Almas, kicking Zelina then giving her a running knee against the ropes. After the damage is dealt, Brie and Bryan have their attention turned to Miz and his also formally dressed wife, Maryse, dining out elsewhere in Detroit after not having their earlier challenge accepted. The couple have decided to take the night off and are dining out in a restaurant cleared exclusively for them, since they dont wish to dine with the people of Detroit. It looks like overall Bryan and Brie will be waiting until Hell in a Cell to get the pairing, and they give them their goodbyes. Bryan and Brie, discussing between each other, then end up leaving the ring.

Kayla Braxton catches Daniel and Brie walking through the backstage area, noticing they are leaving. She asks why Bryan and Brie are leaving, and Bryan responds that they’ve decided to head out to dinner. Brie hints further that they are off to pursue Miz and Maryse when she suggests they go to an Italian restaurant, exactly what Miz had said theme wise before. Daniel hopes the said place doesn’t have a dress code before he heads off with his wife.

Next is the next stage in the Becky Lynch v Charlotte story. Becky and Charlotte will be conducting an in time interview separate from each other at the orders of the Smackdown GM, Paige. Tom begins by questioning Charlotte, the Women’s Champion, asking her if shes been able to wrap her head around the dissolving of her friendship with Becky. Charlotte reflects on her title win at Summerslam, but knows she has lost her best friend in the process. She calls out to Becky, noting to her that she knew she felt it was her night, that she deserved it, she even thinks she deserved to win. But she shouldn’t have expected for her to give up on the Smackdown Women’s Title Opportunity for her. She asks her if she wanted to give up, to just lie down and let Becky pin her. She would have expected for Becky to do the exact same thing, to take that known opportunity and fight, instead of give it up in anothers place. She remembers the words Becky said sometime ago, on how she has to beat the best to be the best. Regardless of what Becky said, she lost, and now she finds it convenient that post loss shes throwing the blame on her.

Becky just simply asks Charlotte if shes done, or whether shes going to spend more of her time in the spotlight. Charlotte accuses Becky of trying to create a pity party, for doing so by accusing Charlotte of stealing her spotlight. Charlotte adds that even if Becky says she was put in her shadow, she doesn’t know how to be in someones shadow like she does. She may have looked at Becky as a pioneer, but she put herself in Charlotte’s shadow. Charlotte says all she could have simply done at Summerslam after putting her arms around her was to ask for an opportunity at the title. But instead she threw away a friendship spanning five years.

Becky is in complete disbelief at Charlotte’s words, at how she says she could have asked for an opportunity (and in the land of opportunity don’t you have to earn those anyway?). She tells her Royal Majesty Screw You, asking Charlotte if she looks like a charity case to her, asking if she looked the case when she stood above her with the title in hand last week. Charlotte alters what Becky’s saying, noting it was an attack from behind, a blindsiding. Becky’s reaction barely changes when Charlotte suggests to her to do it to her face. She doesn’t even hesitate to promise that she will give her a shot to the face, because shes done playing, instead now shes taking. She doesn’t care how that affects Charlotte or the Royal Bubble she lives in. She calls being the best friend of Charlotte a full time job, managing her insecurities, consistently reassuring her that she was good enough to carry a crown, her regal robes and most of all her last name. However her real opinion is that she overall believes Charlotte isn’t good enough to carry such. The only thing Becky cares about is taking her deserved spot, at the top of the Women’s Division, where she belongs. Charlotte is in her way and she doesn’t care how many times she has to drop her where she stands, because come Hell in a Cell the title is coming home to her, to be with her.

Charlotte just applauds with much sarcasm Becky’s courageous words. Shes seeing the straight fire that Becky has talked about for a long time, and shes finally glad to see it because shes granting her wish, to give her the title match she wants at Hell in a Cell. She vows that in two weeks, when she looks across the ring at Lynch, she wont be looking at her best friend, the woman she spent each and every day with traveling the world. Her best friend was never second best, but she was in the ring. Becky calls the claim from the former ally and title holder delusional, and as Tom tries to close things out, Becky has one last shout out for Charlotte, to keep the title warm for her because after Hell in a Cell is done, she will never see it again.

Its straight from there to another women’s related moment as Naomi is set to take on Peyton Royce. The match comes after the Former Smackdown Women’s Champion suffered two losses in a row, back to back, against Royce and then Kay last week. She has since been turning to her twitter to declare that she needs some trusting assistance, reaching out to Natalya, to Asuka, to former Team BAD comrade Tamina to even former WWE Women’s Superstars Cameron and Summer Rae. But at this time it looks like no one has come to join her side, as Naomi heads out to the ring alone, watching Peyton Royce come down to the ring with her plus one, additionally meaning trouble afoot.

When the bell rings, Peyton turns to Billie, surely trading laughs over the presence of their opponent. Naomi is quick to fire back at the mockery, striking Peyton. She throws forearm after forearm after at Peyton by a corner, and though she chooses to step away to avoid a DQ, she may soon be triggered again as Peyton slaps the former women’s champion in the face. She strikes Naomi at the back of her left shoulder, sending her crashing to the mat. She then beats down on Naomi with plenty forearms to her grounded foe, and after taking her off the mat, she hits with some punches to the midsection. Peyton forearms Naomi to follow, sending her toward the ropes. She chokes Naomi against the bottom/lowest rope with her knee, with Billie also getting a cheeky shot at Naomi from ringside while the ref focuses on Peyton.

Peyton mocks Naomi over having no friends, attempting a roundhouse after to the foe, who evades then attempts her own. Peyton is as quick with her agility, avoiding the duplicated move, though Naomi takes advantage of the ducked position of Peyton to hit a knee strike. Naomi then slides under the bottom rope and kicks Billie. She takes herself from the apron to avoid an attempted attack from Peyton, tripping her to the mat. Naomi then climbs to the apron, shoulder tackling Peyton between the ropes. She sunset flips back to the ring, rolling Peyton over in turn and pinning the NXT Alumni. Naomi wins the match.

Theres not even a decent celebration for Naomi post match, as the known viciousness of Peyton as well as Billie reveals itself. The duo continually tag up on Naomi and beat her down. Luckily for Naomi however, someone has heard her plea, as out comes someone both Billie and Peyton are familiar with to even up the numbers, Asuka! The former NXT Women’s Champion attacks both Billie and Peyton, clearing the heel competitors eventually from the ring. She then goes to check up on Naomi, helping the beaten up fellow competitor and ensuring her protection in the process while watching Billie and Peyton disappear from view.

A Little later, the Miz and Maryse have returned from the date night to Smackdown Live, appearing before Paige backstage. Miz goes on to inform Paige upon appearing that they were there earlier in the night, evident from their call out video and they have cut their date night short. Maryse says they want Daniel and Brie tonight. However they find out that Brie and Daniel also left earlier in the night, and act unsurprised over the matter. Miz declares they are afraid of the hardest hitting couple in WWE. However Paige announces that the Miz does have a match, even if their wanted opponents have departed and if they try and leave, then they shouldn’t expect to come back….at all.

Speaking of Maryse, she has heeded Paige’s words and stayed in the building with the Miz. She is approached by R Truth, who believes Maryse is Carmella. She is offended that Truth mistook her for Carmella, who she views as Staten Island trash. The Miz then approaches at the side of his wife, trying to understand the situation. R Truth wants a match with Carmella, still believing Maryse is Carmella. Apparently, she cant handle the truth, he says, looking Maryse up and down. Miz warns him not to talk to his wife like that, and this further confuses Truth, asking if he married Carmella. Miz continues to warn Truth to watch his mouth, then stops to reflect on the past, to when they last teamed up. Truth remembers that as being seven years ago. Miz says that was when the fellow superstar was last relevant, calling him a joke that he didn’t even know still worked for them. Truth just concludes by saying he doesn’t know what Carmella sees in him, and Miz and Maryses reaction is ours exactly.

In addition to that development, Lana is also on the show this week. She accompanies Rusev and Aiden as they take on Sanity and the Usos in a Triple Threat, with the winner getting Cesaro and Sheamus next week in the semis of the tag team tournament. All was well in Rusev Day, as Rusev and Aiden took the win, and should they go through Cesaro and Sheamus next week, they will get the New Day at Hell in a Cell.

Back to the prior situation with Truth, and Truth luckily finds Carmella, Tye at his side. Having been noted by Carmella herself that it is her, Truth wants to come to a truce. Hes got himself a match with the Miz and he wants Carmella to join him out there to deal with “the other Carmella” (Maryse). She may not seem up for it, until he tells her about Maryses remarks about her. This enrages Carmella. Tye asks what exactly Truth is doing, to which Truth concludes, that hes showing Tye how to get into the main event of Smackdown.

Carmella ends up accompanying Truth to his main event match, joining in his sing along entrance. The match sees R Truth gain a big win over Miz, who ended up distracted by an appearing Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. Post match, the duo of Maryse and Miz are pursued by Brie and Bryan, with Zelina and Almas running down to try and save their fellow heels. Instead they end up in a Yes Lock each, courtesy of Brie and Bryan, while Miz and Maryse choose to back off upon witnessing what may be them come Hell in a Cell.

(Renee Young, Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega Segment)

(Daniel Bryan w/ Brie Bella vs Andrade Cien Almas w/ Zelina Vega feat The Miz and Maryse)

(Becky Lynch and Charlotte Segment)

(Naomi vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay; Asuka returns)

(Paige, Maryse and the Miz Backstage Segment)

(R Truth, Maryse and the Miz Backstage Segment)

(The Usos vs Rusev and Aiden English w/ Lana vs Sanity)

(Tye Dillinger, Carmella and R Truth Backstage Segment)

(R Truth vs the Miz w/ Maryse feat Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega)

(Naomi on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte/Becky Segment: Charlotte has stepped up her promo game during her time on the main roster evidently, and to me, this was one of my favorite promos from her since before Survivor Series 2016 where she allocated herself as RAWs Team Captain. I Liked the tone between her and Becky and while we’ve seen these type of sit down promos before, i thought it worked excellently here. We could have had another Becky overwhelming Charlotte moment, but we got this fitted in to ensure one of the hottest Smackdown feuds was escalated while others also made the card on this weeks Smackdown. And best of all, we have our confirmation match for Hell in a Cell. Sure, its not in the Cell, which im gutted about, but as noted by a Twitter follower, this could easily be a match series incoming, and starting right off with HIAC admittedly makes it a tough act to follow. Maybe we’ll get them in a steel cage down the line as Becky’s hatred at being unable to take the championship from Charlotte grows?

Naomi vs Peyton: With everything else fitted onto the card, this was understandably short, but i do like the exchanges between the two when they do face off, and to me Naomi works better against Peyton out of the two IIconic Members. I’m also happy to see that they let this match introduce what a lot of people engaged in this feud were hoping for, for the IIconics to attack to prepare for someone to make the save, which turned out to be Asuka. It may be less surprising considering she has been absent and missing from Smackdown for some time, and in need of some sort of rebuild, but im happy for her as she now actually has to be rebuilt from scratch after going from a 500+ day reign in NXT, graduating and abdicating undefeated, dominating the best names later on the main roster, to sacrificing her streak for the current women’s champion to then making herself vulnerable easily for distractions and sacrificing her aura and her ability to fight through anything for Carmella. I Honestly don’t mind if they retain the badassery shes known for or introduce a more kind hearted and friendlier personality that creates a genuine bond between her and Naomi (as something fresh) because she is known to be very charismatic. Im gutted it wasn’t Tamina or Nikki Cross, though i guess i should be unsurprised since Cross has her own feud coming in NXT and the former superstars Naomi was calling on weren’t even set on coming back in the first place and have their own endeavors. The Naomi/Asuka alliance is heading to Australia and im excited to see this match over what RAW has introduced women’s wise for Melbourne currently to be fair. My expectations are for the heels to get the hometown win at Naomi’s expense while protecting a possibly newly built streak of Asuka, or the babyfaces win so Asuka can redevelop her badassery. Either way this is something thats going to be built over the next month and im intrigued to see how they go about it.

– Catherine


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