WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Plenty Of Lass Kicking to Go Around (September, 11th 2018)

Last night was the blue brand of Smackdowns turn to deliver the last main roster content before the various battles taking place at this Sundays Hell in a Cell. Prior to her upcoming championship battle with now former comrade Becky Lynch, Charlotte has a different challenge in the form of the Ruthless Combatant Sonya Deville just days before. Plus while Maryse and Brie Bella will be in the same ring this Sunday as part of a mixed tag match, they aren’t waiting until San Antonio to beat the hell out of each other. Maryse is making her singles in ring return for the first time in seven years against the fellow former Divas Champion in the main event of the show!

The first women’s segment of the evening goes to Maryse, who is welcomed backstage by the Miz, who allows his wife some spotlight before she speaks with Kayla Braxton. Once Maryse steps before her husband and Kayla, Kayla goes on to remind the pairing that they are facing Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella this Sunday at Hell in a Cell, with the pair exchanging amusing looks between each other in response. Kayla notes that before that can go down, Maryse is stepping into the ring tonight against Brie Bella in what will be her first singles match in seven years. She wonders if Maryse is ready to go one on one with Brie Bella. Maryse wonders if Kayla is kidding, but chooses to respond anyway. She tells Kayla, and the WWE Universe, that while Daniel Bryan took three years to return to a WWE ring, it took her a five month space after giving birth. That fact alone makes her feel like she is definitely ready. When she goes out there she will make her husband proud and she will show her daughter that she can punch Brie Bella in the face. Miz then takes verbal digs at Daniel Bryan and his suggested relationship of convenience with Brie Bella, and after those shots, Kayla departs, leaving the amped up husband to kiss his wife.

The next moment sees Charlotte’s last match before Hell in a Cell take place, and it will be against Sonya Deville. The match was announced a few days before via WWE’s Twitter account, and the challenge was happily accepted by Deville. While its not for the championship, Deville will surely be looking to make a statement and possibly brutalize the champ before leaving Becky to pick up where she may have left off. Even with that a possibility, Charlotte steps out for the singles match, title around her waist and no accompaniment, unlike Sonya who has Mandy Rose by her side.

The bell rings and Sonya tries to outwit Charlotte with speed, trying to charge towards her, though the champion keeps up with some speedy evading. After evading for a second time, the two end up locking up. Charlotte turns this into a front facelock, though Sonya reverses into her own. Charlotte reverses back into her own, keeping ahold despite the rolling Sonya attempts after. Sonya manages to counter back into her own, though soon shoved to the mat by Charlotte. Charlotte applies a side headlock to follow though Sonya eventually makes an escape. A Standoff ensues between Charlotte and a cocky Sonya Deville before the next lock up, which sees Sonya take Charlotte down to the mat. Sonya jackknifes into a pin attempt, only getting a one count due to Charlotte lifting herself and Sonya off the mat. Charlotte attempts to backslide, but Sonya counters by pulling Charlotte’s hair and Charlotte loses her grip. Sonya takes advantage of switched momentum and aims kicks to Charlotte in a nearby corner. She then snapmares Charlotte into the rings center, connecting with a sliding knee to the champ after running the ropes. Sonya goes for her next pin attempt right after and gets a near fall.

Sonya seems to be readying a suplex when Charlotte suddenly counters into an unexpected small package pin, getting a one count on her opposition. Sonya comes back quickly with a knee to the gut and a singular forearm. Charlotte reverses her follow up irish whip, with Sonya floating over the upper body of Charlotte after running the ropes. She doesn’t even manage to get into a pin attempt as Charlotte lodges her knee into the back of Sonya’s neck instead. Charlotte runs the ropes but before she can charge back over to the opponent, she becomes distracted by the outside presence of Mandy Rose. Sonya takes advantage of this, connecting with a swift forearm that knocks Charlotte back to the ropes. Charlotte bounces off the ropes and uses the impact to head back towards Sonya, connecting with a boot that sends Sonya down. Sonya takes herself to ringside, in need of a moment to regroup as we go to a commercial break.

Sonya is rebounding post break back in the ring, having Charlotte struggle for some time in her abdominal stretch variation. Charlotte eventually breaks free, also kneeing Sonya. Charlotte rolls Sonya over, who rolls through, returning to an upright position to try and clothesline Charlotte, though missing. Charlotte connects with a back suplex after evasion, though this fires up Sonya, who comes back with some very fiery fists. Charlotte finds her own momentum as she hits back with chops to Sonya. Charlotte then blocks a corner attack by Sonya, hitting a backbreaker then an STO. Charlotte climbs up the ropes nearby and goes for her moonsault, though Sonya works smartly in raising her knees to counter Charlotte on the way down. Sonya rebounds from a slight stumble after and connects with a spinebuster to Charlotte, which scores her a near fall after.

After taking in the result, Sonya fires up again, striking Charlotte with multiple knee strikes into the midsection. She then breaks Charlotte’s irish whip reversal attempt and makes a nice transition into a headscissor and armbar combo. Charlotte channels sudden power, knocking Sonya into the ropes then powerbombing her to the canvas. Charlotte covers a floored Sonya after but its another near fall for the champ on Sonya as well. Charlotte isn’t waiting for Sonya to climb back to her feet and show more of a challenge to her, locking in the figure four into the figure eight within seconds, which leads to the former Absolution member tapping out. Charlotte wins the match.

Post match Charlotte celebrates her last victory before Hell in a Cell, going into the event strong after the win over Deville. With title in hand, she heads to the fans to celebrate, taking photos with some young children over at front row. The moment for these kids is soon ruined, as a dark haired woman in a black coat hooks Charlotte by the hair and punches her. The Woman then removes what was actually a wig, revealing that its none other than Becky Lynch. The furious former friend and upcoming foe of Charlotte leaps over the barrier and wastes no time sticking to her promise of damaging Charlotte’s arm, wrecking the champs feelgood moment as she delivers a single kick before she locks in the Disarmer on her on the ramp. Becky eventually releases and only has one last thing to say to her former comrade before departing completely, that its been two years too long since she held the gold shes looking to finally capture.

Cameras catch up not too long after with Becky Lynch, as does Kayla. She gets to stop Becky, trying to question her over her latest attack on Smackdowns Women’s Champion. Becky stops her near instantly. She said she was going to break her arm, she vowed it, and she will, after shes taken the Smackdown Women’s Title from her.

The Ravishing Russian is back for another week as well, accompanying Rusev and Aiden English who are set to compete against the Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) to find out which of the teams will advance to face the New Day on Sunday at Hell in a Cell for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. Adulation is surely in the air for Aiden, Rusev and Lana and all the Rusev Day supporters, as Rusev goes on to grab the win for the team, becoming the number one contenders to the championship titles.

Also under managing roles this week are Zelina and the newly babyface Carmella. R Truth, the newest associate of Carmella, and her Mixed Match Challenge II partner, is coming off a big win over former Intercontinental Champion The Miz, and after securing that in last weeks main event, hes looking to continue the new found momentum against Andrade Cien Almas. It isn’t so however as Andrade ends up getting the win.

And before we can get to Maryse’s return in her first singles match in seven years, and her first main event match, we also get a short segment with Naomi and Asuka, who appear to be a united pairing after Asuka saved her last week from Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Asuka is about to ask the question given by Kayla as to why she aided Naomi, but Naomi interrupts her with a simple tap. She shows her appreciation towards Asuka for having her back last week, but like Kayla asked, Why? Asuka calls the IIconics Mean and makes jokes over their accents. The two giggle over it, before Asuka adds that she finds it fun to punch the two of them. Naomi notices the sassiness from Asuka and tells her she can definitely feel the glow. Asuka misunderstands Naomi, and says she will go, but Naomi pulls her back close to her, correcting what Asuka thought she heard. Asuka soon realizes Naomi meant glow, but she aint competing tonight, because the Empress is hungry for food. Naomi invites her to dish out with her. Looks like them two are bonding over dinner (and plotting on beating the IIconics in between).

And now to the pre announced main event, Brie Bella vs Maryse. The match serves again as Maryses first singles match in seven years and Brie’s first singles match in two years, also 24 hours after Nikki made her singles in ring return. Brie is out, joined by Daniel Bryan, and Maryse is out to her own theme, joined by the Miz.

On several occasions post bell Brie struggles to get her hands on Maryse, as each time Maryse would bolt from the ring. She irks Brie quickly, who demands a mic. She decides to irk Maryse herself, calling Mrs Mizanin a coward. This sets off the Miz, who blasts Brie for calling his wife a coward. He says Brie doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as his wife, a two time Divas Champion who at one point was WWE’s longest reigning Divas Champion. He reminds everyone that Maryse is five months clear of giving birth, and adds that Brie nor the audience deserve the match. He declares that Brie’s main event is over as they are going to duke it out at Hell in a Cell instead. The It Couple begin to leave, neither noticing Brie charging after Maryse. She takes Maryse from the safety of her husband and drives her into the apron head first, then chucking her into the ring where she plans to further dish punishment. Miz is quick to run to the aid of Maryse, jumping on the apron to try and distract. Hes quickly bailing off when Bryan steps over, but as this goes on, Maryse sneaks a kick to Brie. Maryse covers Brie after the sneaky kick, getting a near fall on the fellow former Divas Champion.

Maryse threatens to deliver a punch to Brie, but ends up being roped into the Yes Lock by Brie in the midst of her threats. Ensuring his wife doesn’t tap to the Danielsons favorite submission, Miz is involved again, pulling Brie under the ropes and to the floor this time, leading to a DQ win for Brie Bella, ending the match. Within seconds, Bryan kicks off and pounds the Miz. The altercation between them ends with the Miz sending Bryan through the ropes, colliding with Brie whose knocked to the ground. As he shows care for Brie, checking up on her, Miz snatches him away from Brie and chucks the veteran into the steel steps. Brie takes kicks and punches from Maryse before she can even try and climb over to check on her husband. Maryse also sends Brie head first into the apron then throws her to the ring, but soon faces Bries fury once she hits the ring herself. Brie sends Maryse onto the mat via a Lou Thesz Press, raining down punches to Maryse before releasing herself from Maryse to try and scare off the Miz. Brie is ready to knock the Miz’s lights out when Maryse takes Brie by the hair, kicking her directly in the midsection then going for the french kiss DDT. Brie counters, leading to Maryse hitting the mat back first instead. Brie continues the earlier punches until Miz intervenes again, though Bryan returns to make the save. Brie manages to give Miz one fist to the face before Bryan clears him from the ring. The rival couple make it to the ramp then the stage to avoid any more of the Danielsons fury, until Hell comes in San Antonio on Sunday.

(Maryse and the Miz Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte vs Sonya Deville w/ Mandy Rose feat Becky Lynch)

(Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

(Aiden English and Rusev w/ Lana vs Cesaro and Sheamus; The New Day on Commentary)

(Aiden English, Rusev and Lana on Smackdown Fallout)

(R Truth w/ Carmella vs Andrade Cien Almas w/ Zelina Vega)

(Asuka and Naomi Backstage Segment)

(Maryse w/ the Miz vs Brie Bella w/ Daniel Bryan)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte vs Sonya: Minus the short number of miscues, i thought this was a good match and that it shows Sonya’s continual improvement. Sonya’s constant kick outs and comebacks against Charlotte did make her look like an actual pre PPV challenge, but the loss was inevitable. While Charlotte standing tall would have one assume shes losing on Sunday, that was ultimately reversed by Becky’s seize of momentum via the behind barricade attack/attack done from the crowd. Becky looked badass during the whole reveal and beyond, but the one issue i had was that i wish they instead would have had Charlotte look towards the camera and at Becky as she did her reveal, showing absolute shock and fear over Becky executing the attack before it spilled onto the ramp. Other than that i like how Becky has taken every opportunity to fearlessly go after Charlotte than hide from her, instead of hiding behind others and not doing the damage she wants to do to Charlotte that would soften her up for Hell in a Cell. I’m interested to see if Becky gets a whole new entrance and music on Sunday, even though we know shes used her current music before as a heel. I honestly feel like we could see a different style from Becky in the ring this Sunday as well and i truly hope the crowd are into the match and that the two absolutely deliver on Sunday.

Asuka and Naomi Segment: So Ive seen a lot of criticism over the new Asuka and Naomi alignment. I Can understand the thought that she may have been ruined by the main roster booking like a lot of NXT stars, especially because they just had her give in and have her streak ended by Charlotte when there were more creative ideas to potentially utilize at WrestleMania such as Asuka being protected by DQ via Carmella intervening as Miss Money in the Bank at the time, or Carmella failing her cash in if she cashed in on both so Asuka could still stay strong in some way (though i was against a failed cash in at the time because of Carmella being the 1st Miss Money in the Bank and because it would have been a historic moment to cash in successfully there). Or they could have just let Asuka go over and either continue as champion or be cashed in on so Mella could get more heel heat, but that moment came against Charlotte two nights later. There were so many ways they could have handled Asuka at WrestleMania so she didn’t lose her aura and credibility but nonetheless whats happened is in the history books. I am going to miss the Asuka we got in NXT and on RAW, even if her reigning supreme came at the expense of other talents timing wise, but i also like the idea of Asuka being more herself, because sometimes people connect with characters who are more themselves than what WWE want them to be. She can be her friendly, happy self, building a gradual bond with Naomi, and retain her badassery when in the ring on Smackdown so she doesn’t lose all her edge. That and no partnership lasts forever, ask the Legacy, Ask DX, Ask Team BAD, DIY. The Naomi and Asuka alignment right now is more likely to end down the line in Asuka turning, as she was rumored to a while back. Maybe this is a deliberate presentation of Asuka going downhill by suffering losses at Naomi’s side, or Naomi taking losses during their alignment makes Asuka feel like it wrecks the credibility she wants to rebuild, thus she turns and becomes an even more vicious Asuka than expected, maybe even getting a darker revamp and thus Naomi comes what Becky was, the one who gets betrayed from now on. I Get a toned down Asuka wrecks what Stardom built possibly and what WWE tried to continue with, but despite again missing what they built, im going to give this slightly different, more friendlier Asuka a chance.

Maryse vs Brie: Ill give Maryse and Brie much due respect. Neither have been in the ring singles wise for a long time, Maryse longer than Brie by many years yet were given the main event and the pressure that comes with it and to me, delivered. So the in ring stuff may have been limited offense wise, but the story worked well here. Miz and Maryse have been labelled cowards by the babyfaces and backed that up through Maryses continual avoidance of Brie and by the Miz continually assisting Maryse where needed on top of the rest of their heel tactics shown here. I Just hope that was the story WWE are trying to portray and they aren’t limiting Brie and Maryse due to Bries recent botches and out of fear that neither can do more than what they gave here. In this suggested Evolution/Revolution, its a chance for the women of the Divas era that are still existent in WWE now to show the numerous haters who have a belief that anyone who came from the Divas era “cant wrestle” can and that they can hold their own and perform to a level that they couldn’t show during their era because of the limited opportunities and because of how they were suggested by officials to perform because of their moniker. I Really do hope that Brie and Maryse show more offense on Sunday (though i do worry for Brie if she tries to dive again) and unless the feud ends this Sunday, then maybe we can see even more from them on Smackdown heading into a possible rematch at Evolution. I Dont know about you guys, but i do not want this feud to end on Sunday.

– Catherine


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