WWE NXT RESULTS: Team Fashionista Take Their Issues with Fellow Stars to the Ring (September, 19th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks NXT report, which is the culmination of the last NXT Tapings before last nights took place. Its been a fair while since womens tag team action has happened in NXT Central of Full Sail, and it happens on this weeks episode as Aliyah and Lacey Evans take on Dakota Kai and most recent arrival to the NXT Roster Deonna Purrazzo coming out of a tense backstage argument between the sides. And….its opening the show!

Out first is Dakota Kai for the opening bout of this weeks episode, then Deonna Purrazzo making her first Full Sail Appearance since being signed. Aliyah is then out next, being the first of the heels to enter then Lacey Evans lastly, joining her fellow villainess for tag team combat. Starting for each side is Deonna and Lacey, who have never faced each other inside a WWE Ring.

Deonna begins with an arm wringer reversal, reversed by Lacey. Deonna rolls while in Lacey’s grasp, rolls over Lacey after getting her to the mat and applies a side headlock. Deonna switches to a side headlock takedown after both end up getting up from the mat, keeping it in despite Lacey clawing at her jaw. Lacey counters into a headscissor, though Deonna ends up impressively floating out, to the surprise and chagrin of the “Lady of NXT”. Lacey tries to rebound, going for a running clothesline but Deonna avoids and wraps her in a waistlock. Lacey overturns into a headlock takedown, this time with Deonna countering into a headscissor. Lacey tries to mimic Deonna’s earlier strategy to attempt her escape but it falls flat. Lacey kicks Deonna in the face to escape her hold, and then after the shot, she tags Aliyah into the match.

Lacey assists in delivering a double kick alongside Aliyah to Deonna before stepping out to let Aliyah deal with the new signing. Aliyah arm drags Deonna, then adds on a kick. She gives her another kick, then attempting a knee that Deonna blocks. Deonna sends the front of Aliyahs body straight to the mat, kicking her hard in the side of the head before proceeding over to Kai, tagging in the tag team partner to do her own work. Once in, Kai shows Aliyah her own kick which floors Aliyah instantly. Kai covers, but only gets a one count in the first pin attempt of the match. Kai stays gripped to Aliyah while moving to her own side of the ring to let Deonna tag in. Deonna does tag in, targeting the left arm of Aliyah once in. Aliyah gets Deonna by her hair and drives her into the heels corner in her attempt to overturn momentum, also close enough to Lacey for Lacey to tag.

Lacey yanks Deonna out of her corner after Aliyah delivers one last knee, taunting while readying for her next move only for Deonna to thwart her plans and fire offense at her. Lacey comes back immediately with a boot into the midsection of Deonna, then irish whipping her to the ropes. Deonna runs back, elevated in the center by Lacey. Deonna attempts to go for an armbar, with Lacey pushing her toward the heel corner to ensure her release. Deonna helps herself up but has her back turned to Lacey, who forearms her from behind. Lacey aims shots to the back of Deonna to follow, then after showing clear bitterness towards Deonna for trying to hurt her arm, she allows Aliyah in to deliver punishment. Aliyah is just as vicious as Lacey once back in the ring, firing plenty forearms to Deonna. She tags Lacey back in, gripping Deonna by her hair from ringside and tearing at Deonna’s hair for a fairly long time before Lacey gets to follow up with her bronco buster. Lacey takes Deonna from the corner and covers, getting a near fall.

Aliyah tags back in, only hitting a minor amount of offense before trying to pin Deonna, who kicks out quick. Deonna has her left arm bent by Aliyah, but she tries to power over to her partner regardless. Aliyah kicks away the hand of Kai, then begins to push Deonna back toward the heel side. Lacey steps back in quick and sneaks kicks to Deonna before returning to the outside before the referee can turn his attention back to the competition. Aliyah goes for a pin attempt on Deonna again, getting a near fall due to Kai running in and breaking up the attempt. Lacey tags back in, swinging Deonna back to the mat after she takes a few shots from Aliyah. Lacey attempts revenge for Deonna’s earlier armbar, driving her knee into Deonna’s left arm. After the single attempt, she tries to pin Deonna, resulting again in a near fall.

Lacey applies pressure to Deonna’s left arm, only brief as Aliyah tags back in, separating Lacey’s hold by attacking Deonna herself. Aliyah chokes Deonna against the second rope, then arm drags her near the center of the ring. Aliyah goes back to targeting Deonna’s left arm but Deonna eventually counters with an arm drag. She tries to stop Deonna from climbing to Kai but is kicked to the other side of the ring upon her attempt. Deonna then makes a successful and awaited tag to Kai, who has many forearms and kicks to give to Aliyah. She delivers a double face-wash to Aliyah, attempting to cover a short time after but Lacey runs in and breaks it at a count of two. Aliyah sets up for a potential suplex but Kai slips free, then rolling Aliyah from the ropes. She doesn’t notice a tag made by Aliyah to Lacey along the way and ends up taking Lacey’s brutal KO punch, the woman’s right. The move does its job in KO’ing Kai, allowing for Lacey to get the pin. Lacey and Aliyah win the match.

Theres also a segment that continues to dig in as to who Aleister Blacks attacker might be, involving this time Candice LeRae. Candice says she saw nothing like Kairi and like Kassius but the traits of the current NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa scream attacker to her. Regal wants to delve a little further, asking Candice as to where her husband was at the time the former NXT Champion was attacked, especially considering how much he has fallen apart lately. She recalls being told to sit tight in the locker room after Regal had announced Ciampa vs Black vs Gargano for the Prior Takeover by her husband, who had told her he was cleaning up and after that they drove off home together. Regal dismisses Candice after the last statement.

(Dakota Kai and Deonna Purrazzo vs Aliyah and Lacey Evans)

Thoughts On This Match:
So from the spoilers for the next tapings, it looks like Aliyah and Lacey aren’t going forward as an alliance which im gutted about, but its interesting that they seem to be protecting Lacey and Bianca from losses as of late. Without looking at the spoilers, one would have thought that this match would have seen Kai and Purrazzo go over, especially with the hype surely surrounding Purrazzo as one of the biggest female signings lately and because thats how it usually goes in NXT with those who have big time hype, they are pushed into a big role fairly quickly much of the time. Lacey and Aliyah winning this was refreshing, giving Aliyah her first win in a long while as a result. At the moment im convinced this was to elevate Lacey who Triple H may see as someone about to become a big part of the division alongside Bianca, while sympathetically awarding Aliyah her first win in a while. I Wouldn’t mind seeing Lacey and Aliyah work together again.

– Catherine


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