IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Impact Welcome the Reina De Reinas Champion On Visit to Mexico (September, 20th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks IMPACT Wrestling report, and this week the content taped from their recent tapings in Mexico comes to air. As part of that, the IMPACT Audience (and Alisha Edwards) are introduced to the current AAA Reina De Reinas Champion Faby Apache, who remains champion despite her defeat to Lady Shani at AAA’s TripleMania Pay Per View (as it was a hair vs mask match with no title implications). On AAA Television, Faby has regained momentum since the big loss by defeating her rival, and brings that momentum in her IMPACT Wrestling debut against a much competitive Alisha Edwards, and should that momentum work in her favor, she may seek more than just a one time showcase…

Before we see Fabys IMPACT Showcase, another champion graces the television screens with her presence, Tessa Blanchard. Unfortunately her presence isn’t a welcoming one for Chik Tormenta, who has her belongings moved in the locker room by Tessa as soon as shes arrived. She demands Tormenta out of the locker room and it appears Faby had taken notice. Upon seeing the Luchadora dismissed, she steps up to Tessa over her disrespect. She asks, in her own language, what Tessa’s problem is. Tessa rises from where shes once seated and makes it clear that shes the champion around here, and shes probably got a better locker room anyways. She dismisses herself before Faby can give her a much longer mouthful on respect.

From there the next Knockouts moment happens to be Fabys first match on IMPACT Television. Her Opponent is, as noted, Alisha Edwards, who has some momentum coming off her recent victory against Katarina, even if it was through outside shenanigans. Alisha heads to the ring for her match, followed by the AAA Reina De Reinas Champion, Faby Apache, who is a welcome face in Mexico, much for her long tenured work in the company.

Faby locks a waistlock on Alisha to begin with, with Alisha soon reversing into her own. Faby takes Alisha down by her leg and begins to stretch the right leg while Alisha is on the mat. Alisha gets out and goes for an arm wringer, but Faby reverses that. Alisha has another reversal but Faby twists and arm drags Alisha in another quick counter. She sweeps Alisha to the mat, followed immediately with a pin attempt that Alisha swiftly escapes from. Alisha mimics Faby with her own trip up strategy and pin attempt, with Faby also speedily getting loose from it. Theres a standoff between the competitive two before Pro Faby chants ring out before their next in ring engagement.

Faby teases doing a test of strength with Alisha, who reaches out in preparation. Instead Faby sneaks a shot to Alisha, who comes back with a kick to the side of the rear. Faby hits back with her own, then both fire chops at each other. Faby gets the upper hand as she adds kicks, following with a snapmare and basement dropkick. Faby takes Alisha off her feet and slams her back onto the mat, connecting with a singular leg drop after which is followed by the next pin attempt of the match. Faby gets a near fall on Alisha. Faby whips Alisha to the ropes, connects with a drop toe hold, followed by locking in the surfboard submission. Alisha breaks out, but only by landing face first on the mat. Faby whips Alisha to an opposite corner, attempting to attack her against it only to take a back elbow. Alisha climbs onto both of Fabys shoulders and connects with a flying headscissor. Coming off the headscissor, she returns to an upright position and fires forearms at Faby, dodging also a clothesline coming off Faby reversing an irish whip. Alisha rolls up Faby, which gets her a near fall.

Alisha sends Faby head first into a turnbuckle, whipping her to an opposite one only to be booted as she looks for follow up offense. Faby proceeds with her next cover and gets a near fall. Faby looks for a underhook suplex but Alisha gets loose, ducking under a clothesline and running the ropes. She runs towards Faby and locks in an octopus hold. Faby climbs to the ropes while Alisha’s hold remains intact, forcing Alisha to release in turn. Alisha fires back with forearms again, taking Faby down also with a clothesline. Alisha connects with a reverse STO, getting a near fall on Faby. Alisha climbs to the top rope and goes for a crossbody, landing on Faby who immediately throws her off upon Alisha connecting. Faby boots Alisha when back on her feet then connects with a sit out powerbomb to take the win. Faby Apache wins the match.

Post match, Josh is in the ring to congratulate Faby on her victory. He asks Faby for her comments on the victory over Alisha and her comments also on what went down in the locker room between her and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard. Faby has a translator on hand for her to translate what Josh said prior, then proceeds with her answer in her language. The translator tells Josh that what she said exactly is that shes been representing women’s wrestling all around the world and she wants to face Tessa Blanchard because she views Tessa as a new girl who thinks she is everything. Josh declares that Faby has laid out a challenge to their Knockouts Champion and after congratulating Faby on her victory in the IMPACT ring, she departs.

Backstage later on in the show as well is Scarlett Bordeaux by her lonesome. The Smokeshow wants boys and girls to listen up, because next week she has an announcement that will not want to be missed.

And there’s also a promo package that highlights the latest in the Allie and Su Yung feud, giving away that the feud that has been going on for a fairly long time is far from over. Allie is sticking to her statement, that she promises to save and protect anyone who is targeted by Su Yung, to prevent any of the former champions victims from being sealed in the coffin that took Madison and Rosemary away from the Knockouts Division, even if it means saving Tessa Blanchard. Regardless Tessa is still adamant she didn’t need Allie’s help against the divisions tormentor, because shes the Knockouts Champion.

(Chik Tormenta, Tessa Blanchard and Faby Apache Backstage Segment)

(Alisha Edwards vs Faby Apache)

(Scarlett Bordeaux Backstage Segment)

(Su Yung, Allie and Tessa Blanchard Promo)

Thoughts On This Match:
When the Mexican tapings came about, i had a feeling AAA Talent would work it considering there were no AAA Shows going on at the time (i don’t think there were anyway?) but i admit i found myself surprised that Faby worked these tapings. I’m Ok with this because Faby has been representing in Mexico for years and is highly recognized there so she will get the recognition off the crowd at the Mexican tapings for all that shes done and because it feels to me like it was an opportunity well taken for a one time Faby vs Tessa showdown without affecting the positions of any Knockouts looking to challenge at Bound for Glory because this wont go on for an extensive time (slight spoiler…). I Dont know if its Fabys expertise and veteran guidance or just Alisha stepping up once again but i felt this was Alisha’s best singles match on Impact this year or maybe even overall on Impact Television, coming off strong even in defeat. Alisha does seem like enhancement right now but shes getting stronger with each opportunity and still getting Television time, and i don’t expect her to fade out either. I Really enjoyed how Alisha worked here and already have high expectations for Faby vs Tessa, which is set for next week per Impacts Twitter account.

– Catherine


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