WWE NXT RESULTS: LeRae Sets Out to Prove Evans Wrong (October, 3rd 2018)

Last week on NXT, we found out that the NXT Women’s Championship is Evolution bound. The Gold held currently by Kairi Sane is to be defended at the All Women’s Pay Per View, and unlucky for the Pirate Princess, shes to meet Shayna Baszler, or a more rougher, tougher, more vicious Baszler over the championship. This week we get a look in at the Queen of Spades preparations for this big battle, plus coming out of another recent confrontation, Candice LeRae will battle Lacey Evans. And there’s more.

NXT opens with Nikki Cross who is calling out Bianca Belair in a dimly lit smoke filled area backstage. She hopes Bianca isn’t afraid of their next encounter, and she then goes on to the other topic shes been a focal point of. Cross has been concealing the identity of the person who attacked Aleister Black, and continuously says she knows who has done it. She makes this clear over and over to the camera, cackling and breathing heavily into the camera to end the segment.

We then go to the opening match, happening to be women’s action as Candice LeRae takes on Lacey Evans, a week clear of Evans appearing before Candice and her husband and mocking them. Candice is out first, and to a new entrance theme, followed by the entrance of Lacey Evans. Candice has to put aside her husbands continual defeats and the mental effect that has come from such, squaring up to the much taller Lacey after the bell is rung.

Candice knocks a mocking Lacey’s hand away and a shoving match ensues between the two ladies. An aggressive lock up follows between the two, which leads to Lacey also aggressively taking Candice to the mat. Candice gets herself back up, pushing Lacey with might before managing to also get her to the mat. Lacey finally gets herself free of Candice by getting Candice into a corner, and takes the chance to aim offense post break off, only for it to miss Candice, who has moved from the corner. Candice gives Lacey a single chop then fires her face first into an opposite corner turnbuckle. She does the same in another corner to Lacey, before being thrown to the apron per the opponents counter. Candice stays upright on the apron, jumps through the ropes and connects with a move that plants Lacey, enough to get a one count however.

Lacey drives Candice to a corner just as Candice gets ahold of her. Lacey receives a boot to the face from Candice shortly afterward, but moves out of the way of Candice’s aerial assault. Candice rolls through rather than take a crash landing. However any momentum she attempts to further gain comes crashing down as Candice runs directly into a hard running shoulder block by Lacey. Lacey takes Candice, planting her against the bottom turnbuckle, also kicking her against the particular corner. Lacey connects after with a bronco buster, attempting not too long later away from the corner to capitalize with a pin attempt, only getting a near fall however on Mrs Gargano.

Lacey gets cocky post pin attempt, doing a headscissor takeover out of the corner, keeping the headscissor locked in while Candice is grounded to the mat after while doing push ups. Candice breaks out but ends up sent face first to the mat by Lacey. Shes sent back to the mat again after a brief headlock, also taking a knee from Lacey which gets Lacey a near fall. Lacey reverts back to a headlock, trying to ensure the referee doesn’t see her sneakily tugging at Candice’s hair along the way, which eventually gets noticed. Candice arm drags out of Lacey’s hold to free herself, and boots Lacey while in a corner before she can be subjected to retaliating offense. Candice lifts Lacey to the apron, swept to the mat by Lacey upon freeing herself of the corner. Candice rebounds quick, moving away from the target zone of Lacey’s springboard elbow drop. Lacey eventually picks herself up, managing to block a kick from Candice. Shes back on the mat soon however as Lacey is subjected to a countering enziguiri from Candice.

Its Candice’s turn to fire back, as she delivers forearms to Lacey. She blocks a kick attempted by Lacey, striking her leg also from behind. Candice continues the momentum with a low dropkick and running back elbow in a far corner to Lacey. After snapmaring Lacey from the corner and out, Candice climbs the ropes, connecting with a jumping DDT off the second rope. Despite all offense given, Lacey remains in the match, kicking out of Mrs Gargano’s following pin attempt at two. Candice sets up for a potential Unprettier but is pushed to the nearest corner by Lacey, who then throws her a distance away. Lacey gets chance to rest in a corner while Candice is down, but instead makes the mistake of pepping up Candice, insulting her and her husband. Candice fires up, rapidly attacking Lacey against the corner. She is restrained by the referee continually and when shes about to return to unleash on Lacey again, she steps into the Knockout blow, the Woman’s Right from Lacey. Lacey covers Candice and takes the win following the blow. Lacey wins the match.

The next women’s related moment takes a deep look at Shayna Baszlers preparation for her next collision with Kairi Sane, which takes place not at the usual NXT Takeover, but at WWE Evolution. Shayna has hit her fight camp to prepare, and in between she has words to describe all that is coming. She makes it clear that her mentality has changed between the time she was working the Mae Young Classic with Kairi to now. She admits she got too comfortable, and the fight and training camp shes going through on route to Evolution is far more grueling than what any of the girls in NXT work through. As clips of her training surface, Shayna notes how women’s wrestling has evolved, and at Evolution, Kairi will learn that she has evolved too.

We also lastly hear from Bianca Belair, who is set to meet Nikki Cross again in a few weeks in another singles match coming out of the chaotic conclusion of the last. Shes interviewed in the backstage area by Cathy Kelley, who is ordered to call her Miss Belair. Cathy corrects herself then informs her that Nikki Cross has made it clear to William Regal, NXTs General Manager, that she wants a rematch and that she wants to play. Bianca’s response is that she isn’t here to play, and second of all its not about what the scraggly haired upcoming opponent wants, but about what she wants. Shes still Undefeated, and to her, it wont be changing anytime soon. But she knows shes going to have to go through her, so now shes not only going to have to defeat her, but embarrass her. But in the end, she will still remain Undefeated.

(Candice LeRae vs Lacey Evans)

(Shayna Baszler Segment)

(Lacey Evans Post Show Segment 2.31 – 3.13)

Thoughts On This Match:
This match was a good example of representing heat between enemies with the pacing and with the fire the two both let out throughout. I Wasn’t surprised that Candice lost however, as NXT continues to play up the story that the Gargano’s cant catch a break. They come so close with momentum and then something knocks them down. Whether this turns both heel im not sure, but when Candice was first signed, i wouldn’t have expected Lacey of all people to go over her, though its good also that the talent of her and Bianca are being noticed and protected to a point. But there can easily be a rubber match between both, as we saw when Lacey and Kairi were feuding. But right now it does seem NXT are protecting Lacey and Bianca’s momentum for something.

– Catherine


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